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27 Jan 2020

Motel fantasy

what I wish would happen when I am in a hotel travelling for work


4 minute read

I tend to travel for work a lot and spend a lot of evenings in my hotel or in a bar / restaurant with a table for 1. I fantasise about meeting a dominant / assertive woman and for her to use me for her pleasure. Anyone like the sound of the following? The motel room fantasy: We exchange message on here and I give you the details of my hotel room. I get prepared and showered and assume the position you have ordered me to take - kneeling on the floor of my hotel room, naked, blindfolded and wearing a collar and lead. I hear your car pull up and am shaking with anticipation as I hear you approach my room door. I have left the door slightly ajar so you know you have the right room. I tense as I hear the door open and you laugh as you walk in. "I never thought you would actually do this" I hear you say. Then the fun begins. I feel your hands around my neck and shoulders. "You better please me boy" her command. I hear her lifting up your skirt and sitting on the bed next to me. She pulls the chain so that I have no choice but to move towards her. I feel my cheek on your thigh as you pull my head between your legs. My natural reaction is to start licking and teasing her labia and clit. I hear her gasp with pleasure as I work away, pushing my face into her and making it hard to breath. Finally she tenses and begins to get close to climax and finally cum. Straight after, you push me back and you stand up. You order me to get off of me knees and stand in front of you. You tell me you have a reward for me. I feel your hands on my hard and throbbing cock. My mind fills with dreams of the pleasure to come. However, the next thing I feel is you knee me in the testicles hard twice. I drop to the floor as you leave the room chuckling to yourself... She message me 5 minutes later with a picture she took of me on my knees. The text tells me I have passed the test and must promise to buy her a drink next time I am in town. Otherwise the picture gets shared .... The bar fantasy: So, here I sit, nervous as hell. I've got everything as ordered. The time is right, I have got her a glass of red wine and placed it on my table in the back corner of the bar along with my own drink. 10 minutes later and still no sign of anyone coming. I have no idea what she looks like having been blindfolded on our previous meet. The anticipation levels are killing me. 5 minutes later a woman walks into the bar and makes straight for my table. She looks stunning and I begin to get really excited. She promised me she would make me cum when we meet. She sits opposite me "Are you tom?" When I confirm this, she smiles and hands me 2 rings on a cable and says "go to the bathroom and put these on your cock, one at the base, the other near the head, leave the cable out so I can get to it". Who am I to refuse. Off I go and fit the device. I get so hard doing this and have trouble getting my erect cock back in my trousers. It's going to show what I walk back out for sure. The knowing smile on her face says it all as I sit down. "Give me the cable" she demands. She moves to sit next to me and plugs the cable into something in her bag. Next thing I know stinging electric currents are passing through my cock. I gasp in shock. Putting your hand on my thigh she orders me to be quiet. I try to act casual and take a sip of my pint. Just at that point she ramps up the current and I get a larger pulse of electricity through my cock. I try not to moan as the current becomes a long wave of vibrations. This is actually pleasurable, too pleasurable as the vibrations get more intense. Surely this machine cannot make me cum? Sensing my reaction, she massages my thigh and increased the power. The sensations gets too much and before I can resist I cum in my pants in a bar. Someone much have noticed, I am flushed and moan quietly. I hear her giggle as she unplugs the device, finishes her drink and leave the bar. I look down and start to panic when I see the wet patch on my jeans slowly spreading as the cum soaks through. I is going to be a long walk home....

Tags: blindfold, femdom

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