Written by Anonymous


My last carpark story made me think of another recent first date with a much younger lady, maybe 25. We met at a cafe mid afternoon when most of the punters were gone. She walked in wearing a stretch knit skirt, and some kind of sleeveless top with spaghetti straps which I can never remember the name of. In any case, the combo nicely showed off her very toned and significant curves. I'd say 36D maybe.

As per all good first dates, the chat turned to sex and what we each liked doing. We drank up and I thought, that was a nice date but I wonder if we will ever meet again. After all there was quite an age gap. We stopped at pedestrian lights, no one else was around. My heart suddenly pounded. I asked if I could feel her butt. She very matter of fact said yes, like I had asked the time. I'm a butt man and she had a great butt: narrow yet shapely, very firm and sitting high in the air (perky?). I ran my hand over and gave it a squeeze. Next minute she asked if I had a condom! I thought jesus that's moving quick even for me! I don't , I said, and anyway we can't fuck in a carpark in broad daylight! But I guess we can make out, I said, smiling.

We got inside her mum's luxury car. I said, show me your panties. They were just the kind I like - the invisible thong kind made of some sort of cotton spandex or whatever. I prefer these to lace which don't show camel toes or wet spots (both of which turn me on big time).

Her pussy was ready for some loving. It was a pity there wasn't more room to discreetly go down on her. I lovingly stroked her clit while we deep French kissed, both of us looking out to make sure the coast was clear. Then she reclined her seat and said in no uncertain terms to 'finger fuck me hard'. I do like to please so I obeyed. She was creaming on my fingers. Do you want another one in, I asked. She nodded and finger three joined one and two. I was so fucking turned on. She came. We kissed deeply. She pulled up her knickers. I had a realisation and said, you haven't shown me your tits yet. Haven't I? She looked around to see no one was standing nearby getting off - or packing their shopping in the boot - and flopped them out. I said, those must be fake. She said certainly not. I said, god they defy gravity, wow. I gave them a good squeeze then sucked on the left nipple which was closest to me for a minute. She groaned. She had perfect pink nipples - which were not too big or small - and areolae (spelling?).

Right I guess I better be getting back to work, I said. She somewhat nonchalantly said, cool. And that was that. Definitely beats working, I thought. More so than golf or fishing. Happy days...