Like a lot of things these days, it all started in a chat room, people feel safe behind a keyboard, they can be who they want to be, not who they really are (in a lot of cases). My preference is to be real, the real me. Drop the mask, my wife keeps telling me, if they can’t handle the real you then it’s their problem not yours.

So here I am, the real me, like me hate me wanna fuck me? I’m good with that. I don’t have a filter between my brain and my mouth, I just say what’s on my mind. And, for the most part, my mind is on sex. I enjoy sex, I love having sex with my wife, I love making love to my wife (yes there is a difference) I also happen to enjoy having sex with other women. I have a hall pass, why not use it? How do I use it? I go online, I find people to talk to, I love talking so why not?

Some chat rooms can be very cliquey, hard to break into the popular people group, hey that’s ok I’ll just sit on the edge and dip my toes in from time to time, but be myself. There’s no need for me to bullshit anyone, just be me, not everyone’s cup of tea. There’s some really awesome folk in the room, guys as well as girls. I wander in (figuratively speaking of course) say my hellos and have a look at the chat, do I have anything to add or do I have something funny to say. Time, mood, moment is the key. Is it the right time for one of my funny stories (I think they’re funny). Are they in the mood for me? Is the moment right for me to talk about what I’ve done?

She’s here, awesome! We’ve been talking off and on for a while now in the room and PM, we’re both free agents, both got hall passes and I’ve got a week off coming up. I talked it over with my wife, she’s all good for me to bugger off for a week, so long as I fill her in on all the juicy details, so I send off a private message. “Hey Susan, what are you up to next week? I’ve got a week off and I’m in the mood for a road trip, I was thinking about coming up that way and actually meet up with some of these people I chat to, are you all good with that?” I hit send and nervously await her response, what’s the worst that can happen? Yes or no, never hurt anyone. Oh look, a response. “Hey you, not up to much, it would be great to actually meet up.” “Awesome! Let’s get together then, I’ll let you know when I’m going to be in the area”

Car or camper? Campers easier on diesel, got a bed if I get tired or get lucky along the way, no accommodation necessary and it’s got some really fun stuff in the back or on top. Stocks, cross, my toy bag, canes of assorted width, floggers and paddles.