Well, gotta feed the machine right? Besides which, first meet, no play, that’s always been the rule. Get to know each other? Been doing a lot of that online already, but now it’s different, now she’s sitting right there beside me, now what?

Ok food is good, gives me a chance to calm down. Ok I haven’t lived a completely sheltered life, I’ve seen some stuff, done some stuff (deployed to a war zone for fucks sake) but nothing I’ve ever done has prepared me for this but I’m here, this is it, I’m going in, watch my back! Nope you’re on your own here mate, time to show her that what she got online is what she’s gonna get in real life...don’

Small talk has never been my forte, but I tend to talk lots when I’m nervous, careful not to say the wrong thing. Hang on...there’s a hand on my knee, she’s smiling, that’s a good sign right? Stop staring at her boobs! Eyes up here buddy. It’s not my fault, I like boobs, she knows that and she’s dressed to show them off. Ok a quick glance down...hard nipple showing (, look up. Sly grin, a twinkle in her eye while she eats, that hand moving up my thigh until she gets to my dick, that grin gets bigger. Glad I wore loose shorts, could get a little embarrassing when I stood up.

How far is this going? No idea, just go with the flow. Yes I know, first meeting and all that, but is it really? Dicks starting to take over the thinking, how unusual. Been talking online for some time, so technically it’s not the first meeting, just first meeting in the flesh and yum, what flesh. Is she doing what I think she’s doing? Undoing my fly, probably just to check I haven’t stuffed socks in my shorts . We’re out in public and she’s got her hand inside my fly, kinky bitch. No wonder we get along so well.

Look around, nope no one knows what’s going on, or else they’re used to it cause no one is paying any attention. Cold air on my dick! Well on the head cause her hand is wrapped around the rest. She thinks she’s in control huh? News for her