Written by Anonymous


Normally I don’t fuck on first dates, I like to take my time and savour things, get to know the person I’m meeting. It gives us both a chance to go away and think about it, is there an attraction there? In this case, there was definitely a mental attraction, we’d chatted back and forth for a while and exchanged pics, talked on the phone a couple of times but in the flesh is always so different.

And now? Now, I’ve got a condom on, she’s up against the wall, skirt hiked up, legs apart, wet and definitely willing so it’s looking a lot like I’m going to be in the flesh, she’s pushing her ass back feeling for me but she hasn’t moved her hands like a good girl and good girls get rewarded. I reach up and grab a hold of a handful of her hair, leaning into her ear I ask her “Is this what you really want, to be taken like a bitch in heat, you want my hard cock inside you?” She hisses back at me “yes, just get that thing inside me before someone catches us”

Pulling harder on her hair gets me a moan, as I slide into her. It’s like putting my cock into a warm apple pie. Leaning into her, pushes her breasts up against the brick wall, she’s trying to push back at me to hurry things along, don’t want to get caught now do we? Movement out of the corner of my eye, oops, we’ve got an audience. Slowly he reaches into his pocket, pulls out his phone. Going to call the cops? He’s grinning, so I guess not. He’s recording us, awesome! Next he unzips his pants, pulling out his already hard cock, starts to jerk off while recording us so I start to slowly fuck. At the same time, I whisper in her ear that we’ve got an audience, I ease off leaning on her back enough that she can turn her head and see him standing there, phone in one hand, hard cock in the other, stroking in time with mine as if he’s also fucking her....he wishes. “Please, can l turn around so I can watch him watching us?”

It’s a fair request. She bends at the waist, with her feet apart, the only thing stopping her falling is the grip I have on her hips, and her hands on her knees. We’re both watching him, stroking in time with me, he’s loving our show but then I get a little surprise. She takes a hand off her knee and gives him the ‘come over here with that’ finger. Ok so I knew she liked cock, but I don’t know this guy and I’m pretty sure she doesn’t either but he has a quick look behind him and comes over, his cock still out of his jeans. I know I’m not big ‘down there’ but his cock made mine look minuscule