Written by Anonymous


I was laying in bed one morning, I had been left at home alone again though I didn't mind, I was enjoying the lie in. I had been on ks for a while but hadn't met up with anyone, I signed up because I wanted to meet like minded ladies but that was proving easier said than done, no worries though I still enjoyed checking out what the site had to offer and showing off my hot pics. A message popped up in my inbox, a guy messaging me saying that he has wanted me for ages, along with a pic of a very nice looking cock, I replied that he might hurt me, the convo went on for a little bit, he said we won't know till we try, he could come and fuck me then leave.. I don't know what got into me that morning but I thought fuck it why not and gave him my address and phone number. My heart was pounding out of my chest when it sunk in what I had done but it was done so I just had to go with it.. we had been talking about what I would wear, I chose an outfit and got in the shower and realised despite my nervous anticipation my pussy was so damn wet and it just wouldn't stop streaming slippery hot juice so in the end I gave up and got out and put on a front opening bra and a short dress that zipped down the front and a pair of wedges, I didn't bother with panties as they would have been a mess by the time he had gotten here! He arrived and I went out to his car to meet him, he followed me inside to my room. I sat down on the bed and opened my legs to expose my wet horny pussy, the look on his face was enough to tell me he liked what he saw, I unzipped the front of my dress and undone my bra, he didn't waste any time fingering my pussy into an even wetter mess while he kissed me and nibbled my nipples to the point it almost hurt, I gasped but all it did was make my pussy even wetter, even more so when he fingered my ass. I don't remember being that wet before, it was insane. Before I knew it I was cumming, damn I wanted him to fuck me so I handed him a rubber, his cock was so fat I wasn't sure he would get it on but he made it fit and he started giving me a good fucking, I felt so naughty fucking a stranger in my bed, it just added to the excitement and I just loved cumming on his huge cock, it felt amazing! We were doing it doggy style then I stopped to check out the window as I thought I heard a vehicle and came back to him for more but realised he had cum, he took off the rubber and I started sucking his cock till it was hard again it was an effort to get his fat hard cock in my mouth but I think he appreciated it, it wasn't long before he cum in my mouth, he got dressed and went to leave just as my man was coming up the rd, that was close! I had no idea what I was getting myself into that day but it was the start of many fun outdoor and car adventures of a hot milf and her naughty fuck toy toy boy, once lockdown is over, watch out world!