Written by Lena


I am not a member of KS personally to meet other girls but I don't for a minute want to negate any other females enjoyment of the contacts they make through KS. As a 38 year old married bi women I like to meet other girls where there is a natural attraction and sexual chemistry that brings us together. I have been asked by straight friends who know i am bi how do I meet girls and how do I know they are bi or not. If any of you bi or bi curious ladies are reading this I hope it helps.

When I go out and even with my husband especially to a place on our own but where I have the feeling there will be other females it is a balance of how to dress and interact. I am a beauty therapist by occupation so I know how to apply nice make up. I am curvy but not overweight and fortunately gravity hasn't yet taken over my boobs so can get away with bra less if I want to. Dressing sexy is not about the shortest skirt as it can often lead to the assumption of a bit slutty. That comes after hehe. When meeting other girls or attracting them it is the waist up we see first. Therefore if I want to look sexy it may just mean an extra button or two undone on my blouse with a hint of bra showing or if not plenty of natural cleavage, not pushed up. Or if it in the summer and at a more casual place going without a bra feels great but with a firm shaped blouse under the bust so as to keep my boobs up and out. A tank top without a bra can look a bit slutty but a T shirt without looks great. I dress like this both for me and my husband.

I have no hesitation in looking to attract other married women or that I won't approach them if there is a natural vibe. Two thirds of my encounters have been with married women, some initially straight and some bi. Turning a straight girl bi is such an amazing experience. It is no secret that as females when we look nice and know we are looking sexy that we like being told how nice we look, especially from our partners.

I am happy when out to go up to the bar to get a drink, it is the perfect place to linger while waiting to be served. Just recently in late February my husband and I were having drinks before a meal and I was at the bar. I had on a nice blouse and mid length skirt but the blouse was definitely open a wee bit low and getting a few looks from both sexes, when the girl next to me also waiting did exactly what I do, she leaned in towards me, not close enough to be a whisper but close enough just for me to hear and said " I love how you are wearing your top". For a girl to notice and then say something about how you look is a very clear suggestion that you appeal to her. My response after saying thank you, is how I thought my blouse would look even nicer on her with her lovely breasts inside. From that we left the bar and went back to our respective partners. We soon sat down for our meal and had just finished when the same girl walked past me obviously heading to the toilets and gave me a huge smile as she walked past. I waited about 30 seconds and followed her. She was just freshening up when I walked in.

We introduced ourselves just as meeting for the first time. She said I have never said this to a women before but I find you very attractive. Even though not strikingly attractive herself she certainly appealed to me so I was happy to say that I was equally attracted to her. I suggested we should meet for a wine to get to know each other and exchanged cell phone numbers. It was Monday when I sent her a txt telling her I had been thinking about her all weekend and that it would be nice if the two of us could meet.

We had arranged to meet for an afternoon at a wine bar the following Thursday being the day I had off work. After a few pleasantries and a bit about our lives I told her that if she hadn't guessed I was bi and like being with a women and men equally. She said she hoped i was and admitted she had a bi experience when she was a teen but not since and that I had stirred her curiousness to go there again. She said she wanted to keep things private between us but we should arrange to meet and that I could come to her home that afternoon if I was able as she was on her own for a few days.

We left the wine bar and drove separately to her home. I rang my husband and told him who I had met up with the girl from the restaurant and was going to her place. He knows how I am and never questions my adventures. I suggested he should be home for our children at the end of the day and that I could be late.

When I arrived at her home she opened the door and had already changed in to a long casual cotton dress with nothing underneath and with every button undone down to her naval she was tanned and slim. She looked amazing and told her I felt over dressed now, inside the door we hugged and kissed while she undid the buttons on my dress all the way down, then she opened hers revealing her nakedness underneath. As our skin touched the sexual chemistry took over. We went to her bedroom where she said "I am yours, but be gentle".

The rest from here requires very little imagination but so like many of my encounters it all started from dressing to appeal with a small amount of flirtatious interaction. I have had it done to me numerous times and can assure any reader here there are just as many bi or bi curious we meet in our every day lives as there are straight ones, it just a matter of putting out the signals in a feminine way.

My new friend who is no longer just bi curious and is open for exploring her new found sexuality at a completely different level. Soon she will be experiencing enjoyment like she never imagined, a threesome with another close friend is next.