This was turning into quite the fun day. Meeting Christine in the flesh turned into an alleyway encounter with a random stranger. Now we’ve walked into a restaurant for lunch and Christine still has mine and our friends cum on her chest and we’re being watched by our waitress (Gayle) while I finger Christine, exhibitionism at its finest.

Christine is grinning like a Cheshire Cat who ate the cream, Gayle comes over with our coffees. As she places our coffee down, I can see her looking down Christine’s blouse and she places a napkin down, on it is a phone number, under it is a message “text me soon, G”

Christine messages her “Hope you enjoyed the show, loved you watching us” A response comes back “That was so hot, are you staying long?” Christine looks at me, I tell her we’re leaving in 15 minutes as I have plans for her. Christine passes the message on, adding that she and I both thought Gayle was very cute. “What are you up to after this? I finish in an hour, if possible I’d love to join you guys” I think about it for a split second, grinning at Christine and I shrug, Christine messages Gayle back with her address.

After settling up and walking out, we both burst out laughing unable to believe the day we’re having, all thanks to a chat room. It doesn’t take long to get to Christine’s place, I park behind her and follow her inside. We’ve barely sat down and her phone dings “Gayle’s finished early you ok if she comes over?” I just look at her deadpan, arching one eyebrow. Christine messages her back to come over.

A short time later, a knock at the door. Christine emerges from the kitchen, stark fucking naked! She pulls the door open, thankfully it’s Gayle on the other side and not some very surprised courier. I’m sitting on the couch pinching myself to make sure I haven’t fallen asleep on the side of the road. Christine and Gayle walk in, both of them grinning now. Gayle goes to sit down, Christine stops her and turns her to face me. “I’ve been looking at your piercings all afternoon wondering what they look like now I want to see them. But I have a rule, you can’t touch anyone until you’re wearing what Christine is wearing (nothing)” Gayle starts to unbutton her blouse, Christine stops her and pushes her hands out of the way, taking over and slowly unbuttons Gayle’s blouse. I can see Gayle itching to touch Christine but she just grins, thankfully she’s not wearing a lot. Jacket, blouse, skirt, g string soon join each other on the floor. Two very naked women are soon facing me, Christine is behind Gayle running her fingertips anywhere she likes but ever so softly, no rushing going on here.