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"New contact, new adventure!"
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Travel for work allows me the opportunity to explore new sexual adventures and experiences. My most recent didn’t disappoint. With a wink and a reply, I made contact on KS with a couple who were interested in a meeting. We swapped a few messages that saw an evening planned. I would play with wife alone and then hubby return and watch or join in, mood dependent. As I sat in my motel room, a jumble of tensions playing against each other. Nervous, excited, expectant, and goodness knows what else. Part of the fun is that nervous expectation. The knock on the door. First impression. The knock came, and I opened the door to a warm and friendly couple. K was an attractive woman, and I could tell that I wasn’t the most nervous. She said little initially, allowing B and myself to chat and make introductions. Over some wine we all relaxed and shared in some conversation and laughs. Then an awkward silence, broken by B asking K, “You ok for me to leave?” With a nervous laugh, K explained that they had agreed on a safe word, that if she said it, it was a no go. Thankfully for me, the safe word wasn’t used and B made his exit, my room key in hand. In our conversations before meeting, K had shared that she like passionate and sensual. With the lights lowered, we stood in front of each other. I looked her in the eyes and started moving my hands slowly down her sides and over her hips. I kissed her neck as my hands found her lovely ass cheeks. As I massaged her ass, my kissing moved from her neck to her chin and cheeks. I sensed her noticeably relax, as her lips found mine and we shared in a serious of passionate kisses. She’s a great kisser. My hands explored under her dress and discovered that she hadn’t worn any lingerie. I felt myself getting harder in anticipation. I pulled away from our kisses and lifted her dress up over her head, revealing a body that I craved to devour. We moved to the bed. Laying K on her back, I kiss down her body to her smooth and inviting pussy. She has a lovely set of pussy lips that peak out, craving to be played with. I run my hands over her thighs and hips as I kiss my way around and then over her pussy. I love the encouragement of a woman’s moan. Taking my time, I kiss, lick and explore every part of her pussy. Kissing and sucking on her clit, running my tongue up and downs it full length, dipping my tongue inside her. I felt her pushing to meet me. Her hands finding my head, she runs her hands through my hair. I move one finger to her pussy entrance, feeling the wetness. I slide it in while still working on her clit. Her moans tell me I’m hitting the spot. “I want you in me!” K moans. I slowly move up the bed, still between her legs, kissing her body as I go. I stop and spend some time nibbling and sucking on her nipples. She has nice hard and inviting nipples. I kneel between her legs and slowly run my cock head up and down her pussy, focusing special time and attention on her clit. “I want you in me” K moaned again. I slowly enter her. She’s so wet, I slide in with no resistance. She is warm and tight. Feels so good. With a slow and steady pace, we enjoy the shared pleasure penetration brings. My hands running over her thighs and hips. One of her hands is grabbing my thigh, the other is rubbing her own clit. Such a hot sight. It isn’t long before K’s body is making it clear she is close to cumming. I can feel her tightening up, the pace of her finger on her clit increases. She is pushing to meet my cock as I slide into her. AND with a deep moan and arching of her back, K cums, nearly pushing me out. There is great pleasure in both watching and feeling a woman cum. As she came down from her orgasm, I slide out of her and we lay next to each other, hands roving and lips exploring. After a short time, she rolled on her side and got me to stand by the bed. She took my cock in hand and then into her mouth. What a feeling. With lips, tongue and mouth working in unison, she made me feel so good. I could have held her head, running my hands through her hair, all night. What a feeling. Mouth on cock. But there was more to experience. I moved her around so I could take her from behind. With firm hands on her hips, I glided my cock into her warm and moist pussy. Damn it felt good. With a steady pace, our body’s meet with that wonderful slapping sound of flesh on flesh. She had me so hard, she felt so good. Her words of encouragement spurring me on. It wasn’t to long before I felt my own orgasm building. I slowed my pace and lengthened my thrusts until I exploded inside K. What a release, what a feeling. As her pussy milked me, every last drop. We stayed connected for a time, my cock slowly softening and sliding from her. We crawled onto the bed together, enjoying a closeness, flesh on flesh, side by side. As we came down from the sexual high, our hands roamed, lips exploring. It was the mix of sensual and passionate she had wanted. With a click of the door and a “What’s going on here?”, B re-joined us. He stripped down and quickly joined us on the bed. I held back as he explored his wife’s body, and all that we had done together. As she rode him, I caressed her asshole, lubricated by our juices that B’s cock was using for lubrication. As he lay between her legs, enjoying the pussy that only a half hour ago I was inside, I kissed and played with her neck, shoulders and chest. We ended up all sitting around naked for at least another 45min, just chatting and sharing life, and experiences. In my mind, planning the next meeting, and all the things we could enjoy together. I was pleased to meet K & B. I was grateful to explore new sexual adventures and experiences with them (especially K). Can’t wait for the next opportunity for a work trip to remember.

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