We met for the first time in the Foyer of my hotel. We had talked long distance and video chatted. It wasn’t a playdate, that had been made clear days earlier, but we were both looking forward to a night of drinks, music and dancing.

When I first saw her face to face I struggled to contain my pleasure….. She was gorgeous, vibrant, smiling, her dress cut low. I have long suffered from a lack of self confidence although I usually hide it well. There was a sudden resurgence.. This gorgeous woman wanted to meet me? I was in a state of disbelief. We said hello and hugged… she was so soft, smooth and her hair smelled amazingly good.

We went upstairs to get to know one another, drank, talked and laughed, oh my God how we laughed…. It was an upward spiral of hilarity and fun, she was vivacious and sparkling … we connected at so many levels…. the drinks continued to flow and we talked up a storm before deciding to go out on the town.

We stopped at a few bars, drank and laughed some more until we found one which had music we both liked…. We sat outside where it was cooler…. Then went inside and danced. We moved well together eyes locked and smiling. After a time we went to the outside seats… we kissed. Her lips so soft and inviting… I melted not believing my luck that I was out with this astonishing woman. One of the appealing things was that she didn’t seem to know just how attractive she was… she thought she was quite ordinary….

In my head I regretted the we would not get to play, but I was having more fun than I had for years… our connection was strong and we enjoyed the same things. The kissing became more intense, we drank and danced some more before going back to the hotel.

We got takeaways on the way back because we had forgotten to eat. Half way through our food she decided to go to bed.

She stood and her dress slid to the floor… my eyes drank her in… such beautiful smooth skin… her naked body in front of me.

I knew we couldn’t play but damn the gentleman in me was sorely tempted.

She climbed into bed and I went in after her, laying on my back beside her, she snuggled in close and kissed me, her hands roaming over my body. I was still wearing my underwear, she tugged at the underwear and fondled my cock, I tried to move her hand away but she was insistent.

She pulled my underwear down and climbed on top of me. I asked her if she was sure, in response she slid onto me, her pussy hot, wet, tight and gripping my cock!

She moaned and started to move her hips.

My limit of control had been reached… I pushed her off… I didn’t want to cum too quickly, I wanted to experience all of her… we kissed passionately as my fingers slid inside her. Her moans became louder, more intense as she suddenly came..

The sounds of her passion ramped up my excitement, conscious thought escaping me as I began to react at a more primal level. She bit my chest, I reveled in it, fingers working to bring her to orgasm again.

It was an upward spiral of passion just like the laughter earlier… I bit her nipple….she moaned and came again, she scratched my back with her nails, we were noisy, sweaty, frantically running our hands over each other’s bodies, but I wouldn’t let her have my cock yet. I needed to wait, savour the moment. Her orgasms were fantastic.. I loved making her cum, I wanted to do it again and again….and I did….

She sucked my cock…. Oh my God she had such a soft mouth… I ached to cum but held back.. I could wait...... Eventually though she was worn out… the drink, the dancing, the orgasms…. She drifted off to sleep… and I followed shortly after.

Only four hours later I felt someone warm and soft snuggled next to me… I turned into her, we kissed gently, but the kisses very quickly turned passionate, she reached down and felt my rigid cock… my fingers entered her again as our lips were locked….

She was wet, slippery, inviting. She moaned deeply and I lost what little control I still had.

I rolled on top of her and thrust deep inside… my eyes locked with hers … my hand found her throat… I saw the excited look in her eyes and her moans became louder… her eyes wide and round as I took control. I turned her over, pulled her up to her knees and entered her roughly from behind, hand on her hips pulling her to meet my thrusts. Her face buried in the pillow… loud moans of passion as I slammed into her…. She was excitement personified….

Then…. There was a loud banging from the other side of the wall…. It seemed that our intensity had carried through to the other room… an annoyed neighbor wanted us to be quiet…. I checked the time… it had just gone 6.00 am… oops..

We laughed and carried on as quietly as possible, hands, mouths bodies exploring each other, this fiery woman ignited me in a way that had rarely happened before, and I could see in her eyes that the feeling was mutual….. I growled deep inside my chest as she bit me, as our lips met again in rough slippery passion. She arched against me as she came again….

More banging through the wall…. Bugger… we had become loud again….

Our sweaty passion slowed to a more gentle exploration as the night and morning caught up with us…. I still hadn’t cum, but it was irrelevant as I was having an Intense experience which was sure to stay with me.

Checkout time was approaching so we moved to the enormous bathroom…. She was a picture of loveliness as I watched her shower….. I palmed something from my bag and joined her in the oversized shower…

We kissed again and my soapy hands roamed over her body… hers across mine… the passion ignited again almost instantly.. I fucked her in the shower, water splashing down on us…. I pulled out… and then…

Took her throat in my hand and pinned her to the shower wall… her eyes were wild with excitement… I then turned on the object I had bought into the shower with me… a small but powerful bullet vibrator… as I held her against the wall with one hand… the other reached between her legs and held the small vibrator on her clit..

Her eyes went wide her body pushing against my hand and her excitement peaked again…. I locked eyes with her and told her to cum now…. She did…. Explosively… her legs weak I held her, her orgasm shuddered through her as she exclaimed “Fuck, Fuck, Fuck” over and over again…

She sank to her knees in the shower… the warm water pounding down on both of us… I honestly thought I was too tired to cum at this point, but as she took me in her mouth she was about to prove me wrong. Her lips were soft around the head of my cock as she sucked me, hand tightly gripping the base of my cock, other hand caressing my balls… she took me entire length in her mouth the pressure of her lips and tongue driving every other thought out of my mind…. The pleasure was a new level of intensity for me. My entire body tensed, my legs locking as the muscles tensed….. Her rhythm became faster, faster, and faster still…. I couldn’t hold back any more.. My orgasm when it came was mind shattering…. WTF! My legs felt like jelly as she sucked and gulped my cum, swallowing it all.

I pulled her up to me and kissed her… tasting my cum on her tongue and mouth.

Physically I was spent, but the mental connection was still there…. Powerful… as we checked out we had lunch together..... Eye contact and words alone enough to rekindle the passion of the night before...

When we parted I knew that I could not wait to see this woman again, any lingering traces of my lack of self confidence had flown to the winds, I felt that if I could connect with a woman like this then I could do anything... …. The fire was so bright it burned!

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