This was many years ago, while I was travelling around Europe. Like my other story, it was in Frankfurt. My trusty guide handbook of adult XXXX of places available, came up trumps again.

This was listed as an internet café, showing porn.

Upon entering, I was struck by the size of it. It was like a warehouse. I'm hopeless at determining size, but it would've been about 20 paces across from each wall.

Now I've been to a few XXXX video lounges, but never an internet café, so wasn't sure what to expect. Image a small computer desk, with the back of the desk against the wall. Then imagine, desks all around the exterior walls of this building. No spaces between the desks. A computer on every desk. There would've been ?????say 15 desks on each wall??? I didn't count.

Now at each desk, was a guy sitting in a chair, watching porn. I figured out, they couldn't watch porn at home, so they'd come here and visit websites they enjoyed.

I just wandered around the place, and could see over the guys shoulders the porn he was viewing. The majority of guys were stroking their cocks. They knew I was looking over their shoulders, but didn't care. They themselves were surrounded by guys with their cocks out, so what the hell.

The funny thing was, they'd be dealing to their erection, next minute the screen saver would kick in, and they had to wiggle the mouse to get the screen back up. I thought I could hire myself out as a mouse wiggler!!!!

Now, me being interested in guys, this was a bit of a turn on. I never touched anyone, but didn't need to. I was just happy enjoying the show.

Now everyone has their own device and can check out porn at will.