So I just happened to be looking through the computer and I came across a live cam of a couple of guys. Both on separate screens. They were both wanking themselves so hard I thought their time was almost over until my messenger popped up. Both saw that I had just come online and saw that I was watching them. I didn't realise that they could see but I was on my own so I thought I would quickly have a play.

I thought it only fair that given I was watching them that I should give them a show too, so I set up my camera and took my clothes off. They were sending me messages but I didn't want to talk I just wanted to watch and play ... I had already gotten out one of my toys and started playing with that too. As I watched them both I could see that they were wanking themselves faster and faster. Because I was into it so much I didn't hear the front door open. By this time I was moaning. I was so naughty. I was on my own, at home, watching two guys wanking themselves off watching me play with myself.

My legs were spread and looking at my camera I could see what they were seeing and I must admit it looked pretty good. If only that toy was my husband's cock.

The next minute I heard a male's voice say hello. Fuck. It was my husband. He walked straight into the bedroom. He saw exactly what I was doing and the guys on camera wanking themselves. I thought he'd be upset but he smiled and asked me what was going on..... even though he could quite clearly see!

I told him that I was really horny. I was so excited and couldn't wait until he got home so I thought I would start. He said that it was completely OK as he started undoing his pants. I could already see that he was rock hard instantly. He pulled his hard cock out and bent me over the end of the bed. The other guys could see what was happening and enjoyed watching me getting fucked. They wanted it to be them fucking me and my husband knew that which made it even more exciting.

Fuck my husband was hard. He was amazing. He pushed his fucken hard cock into my hot and very very wet pussy. I could tell that this is what my husband wanted..... I could also see that the guys on the screen were both ready to cum and that's what they started to do. They both exploded, wanking their cocks hard and fast. My husband could see that it was turning me on to the point of ecstasy and that made him want to cum as well. Just as I could feel my pussy getting tighter and tighter around his amazing cock I could feel him cumming. We both came at once. I was screaming it was so amazing. As we both slowly finished, we lay down together. I finally got to welcome him home and ask him how his day was....