My live in lover is younger than I am and we have now been together for 6 months. She's my Dom mistress and Im her Sub slut. The thing that keeps our romance fresh is we love playing games. She enjoys the anguish of sending me out to be used by others and not know whats happening to me. I love the dominating nature of her fucking when I come home and tell her about every juicy detail of the adventure.

We have now added Skype to our adventures, this way she can watch me being taken and me and my partners can watch her playing with her pussy and orgasming.

She has recently added males as well as females to the people and groups who she loans me too. Her new depravity is cleaning my pussy and tasting the cream pies when I get sent back home. I was married before so having sex with guys isn't a turn off for me, though I prefer making love or fucking with girls.

I will post more stories about my adventures if this is of an interest to all of you?

Here is a bit more for all the wet pussy's out there.

How I found my live in lover. I was sitting in the business class lounge about to go on a long flight to Asia, being bored I was fantasising about the trim girl that was sitting opposite me in the lounge. She had a very short skirt on and when she moved her legs I could see she was wearing black stocking that finished mid thigh. I was doing my best to secretly gently rub my pussy through my trousers under the newspaper I had on my lap.

My day became a dream when I found she was sitting next to me in the back row of business class. We introduced ourselves and settled in for the very long flight to Singapore. After lunch and a few wines she started to watch a movie and i dozed off to sleep, the crew had pulled the window shades and dimmed the cabin lights and covered me up with a blanket. I slowly came awake and realised that my traveling companion was I thought touching herself under her blanket. I then became absolutely sure when I saw her take her hand from under the blanket and smell her finger.

OMG I was so turned on but had know idea what I could do about it, so not to surreptitiously I undid my trousers and slid my hand down into my own soaking pussy.

I was so turned on with my heart pounding and my pussy throbbing it took me about 3 minutes to orgasm. I opened my eyes and found her staring straight into them. She reached over the very wide arm rest and took my hand from under my blanket and put my fingers up to her nose to smell my arousal. She licked the juice of the two fingers that had been inside me and slipped my hand under her blanket and into her dripping wet cunt. She had no panties on and with her other hand passed me her knickers so I could smell her as we played. This was my introduction to the sex games that she loves to play. And it hasn't stopped since. xxxx