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Wife Saves the Stag do

"Plans go South and Wife Saves my Ass"
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Not long ago, I was transferred to a town in the states for work. It was a pretty good neighbourhood, but with very few less coloured people. I started my temporary position trying to lift operations. The staff were great and gave me the nickname Little Snowy as I was smaller white fella compared to these big men. 3 months went by and 1 of the guys was about to get married. STAG DO ! They invited me and I was keen on making some mates, so I said absolutely. Everyone was given a job to help plan the night, and my job was to arrange a white stripper that would put on a real show. They said it was easier for white guy to find one as usually they said no to them. The main floor manager handed me $2000 and said it's on me to sort it. I told my wife and she agreed I needed to do it to boost morale. That night, my wife helped me scout some bars and clubs looking for a willing woman. We got talking to a woman who was keen, and very beautiful. She requested half of the money up front so she could use some of the money to get dolled up, waxed, an outfit etc. My wife said that's fine, and we got her personal details and agreed to pay her 3 days before the night. I went back to work and told the guys it was all sorted which made them very happy. 3 days before we met the girl at the same bar and paid her the $1000, and gave her the address. The day of the stag do, we phoned her to check everything was ok, a guy picked up and yelled " SHE'S NOT A DAMN STRIPPER AND YOU'RE NOT GETTING YA MONEY BACK" Not only had we been scammed, here we were with 3 hours to go and not enough money or time to find a replacement. My wife felt just as shit as me as she approved the girl aswell. She said there was only 1 thing we could do. She was going to have to take her place. I reluctantly agreed as I knew these fellas could get wild. She said we would have to take the risk or I'd be labelled a thief and likely get dealt to. We arrived at one of their houses and the plan was for 2hrs into the night, my wife would arrive and spend half an hour serving drinks topless, followed by half an hour strip tease and toy show, another half hour giving lap dancers to the stag and his best man and the last half hour a full nude drinks serving. The night was going well, the drinks were flowing and the room was full of weed smoke from the guys smoking massive joints. Right on time, she walked in the door. The guys had never met her so didn't have a clue she was my wife. She looked bloody stunning. Short leather skirt, white boob tube, thigh high boots with stockings and suspenders, and had done her hair in schoolgirl type pig tails. The guys went crazy over her. She strutted in as if she owned them all and sat them down. They did as they were told ! First song came on and she stripped her boob tube and bra off showing her well oiled amazing breasts. She walked into the kitchen and grabbed some beers and started handing them round. Once they all had beers, she started the full strip tease which drove them crazy, especially when she whipped out her vibrator. She gently moved around on the floor with such grace, teasing them all. It was lap dance time, the main guy pulled me aside and said not to worry about what was going to happen as they would know exactly what they're up for for $2000. My heart sank, I just clicked, and my wife didnt have a clue. She started the lap dance on the stag and before I could say anything, he had his big black dick down her throat. Funny thing was, she seemed to be enjoying it a bit too much. She is amazing and giving head and she was giving it everything she had. They had other plans though. One of them stood behind her with his bare cock aimed at her pussy and drove it in. She went crazy with lust and started pushing back. Hours went by where all 18 guys were using her as a paid fuck toy. Her mouth pussy and ass were all completely savaged. None were protected, all bareback and all blowing their monster loads into her well abused holes. She had cum flowing out of everywhere, in her hair, on her tits. About 3 hours went by and she was going fine, and there was a knock at the door. I went and opened it, and there was another 8 or 9 guys there saying they were invited to white girl gangbang. Before I could say anything, the pushed past me and made their way in and went in to have a turn and there was nothing I could do. She was used for another 2 hours before finally saying no more. Everything was too sore and stretched and she had to call it a night. I explained that the agreement was for me to drive her home, so we said goodnight, helped my worn out cum filled wife to the car and drove home. I hadnt even kissed my wife, but watching her in complete lust mode made my dick rock hard. I think she knew, because she asked me if she wanted to fuck me before or after she showered. I grabbed her waist, pulled her close and fucked her as hard as I could, not that I was any match for the big black monsters that hammered all her holes earlier. I thought she would be angry but she explained she had the time of her life, and wanted to do it again. I explained that it was hot watching her be a complete slut and as long I was there to watch or be part of it. The guys eventually figured out she was my wife and couldnt believe I let it happen. A few of them came over some nights for a theeesome, foursome and we had 1 more farewell 8 man gangbang before I finished my stint and we were shifted back.
Wet Wife, Hubby and Hung Oral Master

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