Chapter 2.

The idea of her being used and abused (on her terms of course) by multiple men excited me no end. I slowly introduced the idea to her but without much success. As much as I assured her she would be safe and respected, the jump from one other guy and me to multiple guys just seemed a bridge too much for her to cross. We toyed with the idea both literally and figuratively but the actuality just brought up too much resistance.

I knew she would love it I just needed the right situation. So I concocted a party where I invited our loosest friends and asked them to bring some of their loosest friends. Sprinkled into the mix I invited a few of the fine specimens she had collected over the last year or so. The party was a blast. The most openly sexual party you could hope for without being a swingers party. There were topless girls in the pool and some next level grinding on the dance floor. Midway into the night after a few tequila shots I untangled Lucie from two guys on the dance floor, one guy we knew and one just a tag along stud who seemed smitten with her arse. I snuck her upstairs and pushed her up against our bedroom wall. I lifted her dress and pulled her undies aside to discover her juices literally running out of her. Perfect I thought. I opened my drawer with my kit ready and quickly placed the blindfold on. Then slipped her out of her dress and undies and lay her face down on the bed. Swiftly I tied her hands above her head to the head board and feet to the corners of the bed. Stepping back I took a few photos on my phone and then whispered in her ear that I would be back. She didn’t reply as I think the mixture of the alcohol and the situation was confusing her. I went back downstairs and found one of her regulars. He would be a good start. I pulled out my phone and showed him the pictures and pointed upstairs. He didn’t need to be asked twice. I sat back with a drink and let my mind wander as to what was happening upstairs. I waited for about five minutes then I shifted around to find the next appropriate guy and repeated the procedure. Again I sat back and just savoured the moment. I had intended just to stop at two guys but I saw one of her favourites studs chatting with another couple I hadn’t met. I tried to pull him aside but they were too curious at the interruption and next thing I knew the three of them were heading up stairs. Must have been the alcohol as I also showed the new guy who had taken a liking to Lucie on the dance floor and he shot up the stairs as well. I sat down again trying to imagine the scene but just was too curious so snuck upstairs for a peek. The door was ajar when I got there. Another couple who were quite good friends of ours were standing at the door mouths open! I squeezed past to check out the scene. Lucie was still blindfolded but her hands were untied and she was on all fours. Behind her one guy was taking her from behind and another was kneeling on the bed getting his dick sucked. There was cum already running down her legs and the bed was wet from a squirt. Another was climbing onto the bed dick in hand while the couple from downstairs were on our bedroom couch and she was jerking him off as they watched the scene unfold. Lucie was just in full freedom mode and choked and spluttered as the second cock found its way into her mouth. The guy fucking her from behind started to grunt and pulled out a dripping cock and proceeded to spurt all over her back. He was quickly replaced by the new guy who mopped up some of the fresh cum from her back with his fingers and pushed one then two cum dripping fingers into her arse as he continued to plough her from behind. The sounds lifted to the next level and I was bursting in my pants. I took my eyes off the scene to check the couple on the couch. She was now sucking on his cock as he continued to watch Lucie in full slut mode. The couple at the door hadn’t moved, transfixed to the scene. The guys on the bed swapped ends until the new guy couldn’t hold back blasted with a yell, all over her face and mouth. That pushed the guy from behind to grunt and spasm into her dripping pussy another load. Her fingers found her now double load soaked pussy and preceded to squirt again douching the bed with her juices and their cum. The guy on the couch groaned and finished in his wife’s mouth. It was an incredible scene and for a second it was still and timeless. Then unexpectedly the woman from the couch got up with cum dribbling out of her mouth and went over and french kissed Lucie. So fucken hot and beyond what I could even have imagined. Then just like that everyone was gone. I helped Lucie up and into the shower. She had the biggest smile on her face you could imagine, so proud of herself. I found her a new dress and headed back downstairs, for her to re-enter the party not knowing who had just fucked her and who had watched.