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Weekend with Lucie

"the coming of age of a Hotwife"
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Published 1 year ago
Chapter 1. It all started when I arrived home form work one day and my wife Lucie had decided she couldn’t wait for me. I opened the front door to the sound that I know only so well, my wife orgasming. Peering into the bedroom so not to disturb there she was face down on the bed, grinding onto a pillow with her favourite dildo deeply embeded. She was far too far gone to even notice and I thought for a moment how exciting it would have been to be the plumber arriving at a job to discover this scene. I undressed and was hard before I got to the edge of the bed. She became aware I was there and being in full animalistic mode grabbed me and opened her mouth and hungrily latched on. My cock bouncing off her throat sent her over the edge as she bucked wildly on the pillow. She slobbered and dribbled saliva as she attempted to take me deeper and deeper. I really wanted to spin her around but having one in each end was exploding her and I was reluctant to alter that in anyway. She spat me out and screamed into the bed before taking me back in even deeper. I was starting to feel the edge coming closer but she wasn’t letting go and before I knew it I was exploding into her mouth before she started choking and then the rest was all over her face and shoulder. She jumped up and ran to the bath where she squirted and growled as cum dribbled off her chin. With a little inquiry later once we had recovered I learnt that she was fantasising about being stopped by two policemen and to get out of receiving a ticket she had to shag them on the side of the road. My homecoming was perfect timing. This theme carried on between us in our lovemaking talk over the next month or so, till we both decided that it might just be possible as a reality. We joined the appropriate website and thought this would be a piece of cake. Lucie is late 40’s fit and naturally slim with an arse to die for and of Scandinavian descent. She has it all going on and incredibly sexually free in the right circumstances. Naturally shy though it took a lot of persuasion to cross over a few hurdles to get the ball rolling. Strangely enough good guys turned out to be elusive. From inability to string a few sentences together, to being completely flaky or over confident or under confident there definitely seemed to be a niche market that we couldn’t tap into. We had a few hits and misses but over time she collected a few healthy specimens to play with. Personally I loved just watching or hearing all about it later. I know she loved the attention and her confidence grew over the next year or so. The time had come for stage two of my master plan.

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