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Come and Go

"Three of us join an insatiable couple."
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Published 8 months ago
For someone freshly fucked, she looked tense. We had walked into the hotel suite and Mark was sitting on a chair in the corner. He was naked with a glass of red wine in his hand. He waved us in. His wife was laying on her back on the bed, also naked except for a blindfold. Her legs were spread slightly, a string of come dripping from her pussy. The lay of her limbs and her movements gave a distinct impression of nerves and extreme tension. Steve, Chris and I had met for a drink the week before to discuss the situation and the rules. She would be naked and blindfolded on the bed. She would have putty ear plugs in place, but we were still to keep noise to a minimum and there was to be no talking. I could only imagine how heightened her other senses would be, deprived of sight and sound. She was not tied, but had been instructed not to touch herself. Mark, the hubby, will already have fucked her. We were to fuck her, using her how we wished with two exceptions. No giving her oral and no anal unless she asked for it. Come where we want. Come and then go. Those were the rules. Mark hadn’t told us his wife’s name, but looking down at her, she reminded me of a friend, Polly, so that’s what I’ll call her. Blonde wavy hair cut to her shoulder, currently held back in a pony tail. Busty. Great shapely ass, but overall trim. A small patch of well trimmed pubic hair lead down to an inviting pussy. We moved quietly to the bathroom and undressed, returning with even less noise. We stood around the bed wondering if she knew were there. As planned, we gave it a couple of minutes standing still except for the swelling of our cocks. We'd prearranged how things would start. I raised a hand to let them know the countdown was about to begin. I raised a finger, then two, then three, and on the count of four we all reached out and put a hand on Polly at same time. Polly yelped with shock, and her body jerked violently, almost lifting off the bed, but she then laughed nervously and seemed reassured when we all left our hands on her still and calm. Slowly we moved our hands over her body, light touches and caresses. Neck, shoulders, down her sides, her stomach, down her legs and arms. Her nipples had swollen, long, dark and proud. Her pussy was glistening and she had started squirming, twisting her hips and almost trying to squeeze the top of her thighs together to give herself some pleasure. I moved my hands to her breasts, a sign that we would move to the next step. Tracing around her nipples they seemed to pucker and swell further. Steve had started tracing his hands up the inside of her legs, pushing them apart. Chris had been caressing her face, tracing her lips with his fingers and avoiding her tongue when she tried to lick him. He moved down towards Steve and started touching her hips, lower abdomen and the top and sides of her mound. She was moaning in appreciation and her hip movements and the slight arching of her back sent a strong signal about where she wanted us to touch her next. I dropped my face to her breasts, sucking and licking her nipples, flicking them with my tongue, rolling them between my lips. Chris had moved back to Polly's face and was kissing her deeply. She was moaning, clearly aroused and enjoying the attention. Steve had started playing with her pussy. Sliding one finger flat along the length of her, pushing his finger tip in at the bottom, and circling her clit at the top. I’m not sure how he resisted the urge to bury his face in her, she was wet, and I could smell her delicious scent from where I was. He followed the rules, keeping his mouth away from her pussy, but his excitement showed when he pushed one, two then three fingers into Polly making her groan and grind her hips. He fucked her with his fingers, and played with her clit with the other hand. I kept sucking and playing with her nipples enjoying watching Steve's hand thrusting into her and hearing the juicy noises. Chris moved down to replace Steve, finger fucking Polly. Swapping places with Chris, Steve moved up the side of the bed, putting his fingers in Polly’s mouth. She sucked and licked them hungrily as Chris kept thrusting into her. Polly's moans became louder, her face and neck reddening, she started breathing hard and soon she called out in a deep orgasm. She'd come. That was the end of warm-up. Now it was play time. We'd been around the side of the bed till now, when we all hopped on. Polly's climax had barely subsided when Chris had her legs up over his shoulders and had his cock in her pussy, ramming her hard. Steve and I moved up, one on each side of her head, each putting one of Polly's hands on our cocks. She stroked Steve, while she fed my cock into her mouth, sucking it, taking it as far into her mouth as she could. She moved between sucking my and Steve's cock, as we played with her nipples. I reached down and starting playing with Polly's clit. Chris was slamming into her and from the look on his face he was close to coming. I noticed Mark had joined us, watching more closely from the side of the bed. He was stroking himself watching us fuck his wife. As Steve fucked her mouth, I focussed on her clit, bringing her to another orgasm as Chris unloaded his come in her, doing his best not to make a noise. It looked like agony on his face as he came, but the smile afterwards said he was in no pain. He withdrew his cock from her, and stood there enjoying the sight of Polly's fucked pussy oozing juices. Mark moved around to look too, leant in and gave Polly’s pussy a lick before pushing his tongue into her. He had grabbed Chris's cock and as he turned away from his wife's pussy he took Chris's softening cock in his mouth licking it clean. Steve went to the foot of the bed, and rolled Polly onto her stomach, pulling her down the bed before pushing her up onto all fours. He stood at the end of the bed and pushed his cock into Polly as I moved in front of her. Her mouth was wide open waiting and I started fucking her mouth bouncing her back and forth between Steve’s and my thrusting. I held her tits, squeezing the nipples hard, making her moan. It wasn’t long before Steve shot his load into Polly, and again Mark was there with his face cleaning up her pussy, and then cleaning up Steve's cock. As I moved to stand at the foot of the bed behind Polly, Chris and Steve lay in front of her and she moved between each of their cocks, sucking them in turn. I rubbed my cock up and down Polly's pussy, slimy with juices, before pushing into her. She was surprisingly tight and she felt hot and slick. Mark moved down to me and knelt and I pulled out of Polly and let him lick and suck my cock while he stroked himself. I fingered Polly, using my thumb on her clit as Mark sucked and licked me. Moving back to fuck Polly's pussy, I ran my finger around her asshole, lubed with juices from her pussy. She moaned and I gently pushed onto her ring with my thumb. I felt her ring relax and I eased my thumb into her as I fucked her hard. She was moaning onto Steve's cock. Chris was stroking himself. Polly moved from Steve to Chris, and Chris pushed his cock into her mouth a few times before pulling out, holding her head and open mouth just away from the tip of his cock. He stroked his cock and came in several spurts in her mouth and on her face. Not swallowing, she moved straight back to Steve’s cock, bobbing her head up and down on him. I was getting close. Reaching around under Polly I found her clit. Playing with it, circling it and moving a finger lengthways over it was sending shocks through her that I could feel in her pussy. I pushed my thumb deeper into her ass and as I felt the first pulses of her orgasm I pushed hard into her and came deep inside her. I stayed deep inside her as her pussy clenched and pulsed on me. As I withdrew my thumb and cock, and stepped away, Steve pulled away from Polly’s mouth joining me at the foot of the bed. He pushed his cock into her a few times then pulled almost all the way out. With the tip of his cock just inside Polly's pussy, he stroked himself once before closing his eyes and throwing his head back. I watched his cock pulse sending spurt after spurt into her, dripping out of her almost immediately. As Steve withdrew, Mark was there in a flash, licking his wife’s pussy. With a hand up, Mark waved us away. We went to the bathroom and dressed, and left the room to the unmistakeable sounds of fucking. Walking down the hall to the lifts, we all had stupid grins on our faces. It wasn’t till we were inside the lift and the doors closed that Steve laughed and I realised that we'd been silent for so long. “Holy fuck” he said. “Call me in for one of those again anytime!” We went to sports bar around the corner from the hotel and had a couple of drinks recounting the events we'd just enjoyed. There was a rugby game on and the place was buzzing, full of groups enjoying the game and the atmosphere. When Mark walked in with Polly 30 or 40 minutes later we avoided all eye contact with them. They sat at a table away from us and Polly had her back to us. Mark threw us a knowing glance, smiling. We enjoyed another drink, looking wide-eyed at each other as we watched Mark and Polly walk out with 4 guys following them closely.

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