Written by twoseekingfun

First Time

Well, we'd been married for 20+ years at the time and our sex life was getting better and better, probably due to more privacy as the kids were older and leaving home. Then one night as I was slowly stimulating my wife's clit in bed she said "how do you feel about a 3some?" I was a bit shocked to be honest! Was this a trick question? Was she talking about another guy? NO she was wanting to taste pussy.

I said I'd give it a go, trying not to be too excited in case she changed her mind lol, and so I got onto some sites and started looking. Lots of time wasters to begin with, but our anticipation built and the sex got more and more exciting just playing out different possibilities. A couple of months went by with time wasters, a few bites but no catch, we'd been talking about couples by this time but I decided to arrange a meet down south with a guy so we could just tick something off the list. His name was Steve.

We went to Palmy for a K Mart shopping expedition and overnight stay, when out for tea that night I told my wife I had a guy coming around to join us, she looked absolutely shocked and excited at the same time. we got back to the room with 2 hours to go, had a spa bath and some more drinks, I messaged Steve with the room number and said the door was unlocked just come on in and join the action,, we got into bed an hour before he was due to arrive, the anticipation was over whelming and we where horny as fuck ready to surrender to anything. He never turned up. Got all my texts except the last one with the room number apparently, sounds like an add for Tui beer aye. Anyway, his loss as we still had a great night of sex.

Then the following Saturday afternoon, I had a 40 yr old local lady send us a message " hi, what are you guys up to?" I said not much, not expecting to hear back, and she said "how about a drink?"We met within the hour at our local surprised how this had come about. After a drink and a bit of a chat, we all decided it would be cheaper to drink back at our place so we took her home. After some more drinks and a smoke listening to some music she asked my wife if she had ever kissed another woman. No she replied and then it was all on. I saw my wife in a whole new light.

Watching her kissing this woman while groping her breasts was incredible, things quickly escalated with clothes coming off and in no time they were completely naked and very soon after that they were licking each others smooth pussies. I was mesmerised but quickly drawn into the action, To be honest it was fun just watching but I was more than happy to get involved. I went down on this lady while my wife kissed her and sucked her nipples. Her pussy was amazing and so responsive to my tongue and fingers, in no time she was moaning and suddenly without warning squirted like a fire hydrant! My face got most of her gushing fluid, "sorry, should have told you, I squirt" she said. What a turn on it was to absolutely pleasure someone we'd never met before. What an amazing few hours we shared, doing stuff we'd never dreamed of. We all had turns of being the center of attention, which was really good fun. Having two girls giving me a blow job together was mind blowing and the toy play was fantastic fun. We totally enjoyed the night and it all felt so natural. The bed was soaked when she left in the taxi and I had a smile for days just thinking about what we'd done that night, we both did.

It was a pretty cool first time for us and we have had some amazing experiences since. Evolving and learning new things about each other is pretty amazing, and when you make a connection with the right match the experience is out of this world.