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My Sexy strangers fantasy.

Exciting morning fantasy


9 minute read

I had this gorgeous man message me on KS, not all messages get my attention but for some reason this one did and in his message he gave me his Kik name, so I messaged him straight away. We started messaging each other and exchanged pictures and there seemed to be a mutual attraction. Our messages were all about the things we liked, what we wanted to try and what we had already tried sexually. We were exchanging pictures of each other’s previous sexual adventures it was all very erotic. Every day he was messaging me and sending pictures and videos to show me how thinking of me made him feel, always very hard and a beautiful looking cock, he told me one of his fantasies was to meet a stranger and wank for her. I felt ecstatic and excited that this young hot man found me so sexy and that I turned him on so much. I thought it could be exciting so we agreed to meet a week later. During the week leading up to our meet he was messaging me morning noon and night, sending me pictures or videos of him edging himself. Damn!! I found this extremely hot and exciting, each time my pussy would get wet and warm and so aroused and found myself wanting him so badly. All of our interactions were very tantalising and it was such a tease but I was loving every minute of it. I wanted this man so much, so hot, I could feel the heat and desire in my loins, and I really didn’t know how I was going to just watch him wank without wanting him to fuck me. He was getting so hard daily and letting me know it was because of me and how much he was thinking of me. That alone would get me highly aroused. I decided I would wait for the day of our meet before I touched myself, he told me he was saving himself for me too and that he wanted to give me a huge load of cum. We started counting down the days till our meet but we still hadn’t actually finalised the details of the place to meet. I decided he should come to my place as again it was all about the stranger fantasy and my house was unknown to him. I planned the scenario in my head and I must say I was really looking forward to this meet. I was very excited. I sent him a message on the day of our meet on where to come and the time to be there. That was the only message sent and then he would turn up at the time I told him. I went to shower and dress sexy, I tried a couple of different outfits before I chose the one I felt comfortable and sexy in. I then set my lounge up so he would be sitting in front of me wanking and I would be lying playing with myself and we would both have the perfect but close view of each other. About the time he was due to arrive, I sat on the my couch, I opened the curtains of my ranch slider, so when he came to the door he would see me there stockings showing out of my mini shirt and high boots, legs crossed. He arrived right on time looking at me and taking it all in, I opened the door, invited him in and locked the door behind us. He was dressed in a well tailored suit, crisp white business shirt and an amazing smile. This well dressed handsome young man had me so excited especially knowing what was waiting for me underneath it all. The packaging was making me hot as hell on its own. I absolutely love a smart dressed man that smells great too. We started kissing and his hand went straight up my skirt he pulled my g string aside and stated touching my pussy, I gasped in hot lustful pleasure, and just leaning into his fingers, I had been waiting all week for this moment. The past week of anticipation just made it all the more exciting, he forcefully turned me around lifted up my skirt pulled my g string aside again and started licking my arse. Oh my god that was so fucken hot. It seemed like he was smelling all of me as well. I turned around and took off his suit coat and started slowly unbuttoning his shirt kissing and touching his chest, button by button, all this time I was kissing, licking and seeing his hard on through those tailored trousers. I had told him I was going to unbutton and take his trousers off, he tried to help but I pushed his hands away and let him know I wanted to control this part and keep teasing touching and kissing him as I was doing it. I went onto my knees rubbing my tits on his cock kissing and licking his stomach and hips and brushing myself against his hard cock. I could smell his scent all over his stomach and around his his pelvic region, pure testosterone and pheromones. My senses were heightened, and his velvety voice had me feeling euphoric. I was so fucken horny by this point and I kept thinking “how am going to get past the point of not wanting to be fucked hard this hot young horny hard man”. The temptation was immense. I felt very much in control and after having been a sub for so long, I was enjoying this little bit of power!. Then I started to slowly pull his underwear down, I couldn’t wait to guide his cock out, I was trying to not touch him too much to prolong the tease. All I really wanted to do was taste it, lick it and take it down my throat, he loved it and was moaning. I stood back and told him to sit down, and he started slowly stroking his lovely looking cock. I took my place on the sofa and took off my boots and my flimsy top, he came over to me and started playing and licking my nipples, and pinching them so hard I was getting goosebumps. We were kissing and then I start rubbing my clit, and fingering my pussy. Who doesn’t love mutual masturbation, such a turn on. I was in a state of pure ecstasy. This was so fucking hot and so much better in person. He sat back down and I went over between his legs to suck his cock. It was delicious, I was loving it and I could tell he was too. I then took his balls 1 at a time into my mouth sucking each one gently. I moved down to his gootch, and then a bit further to tongue his asshole. He had pulled is legs up and on the edge of the chair so I could get my tongue to his ass, I just loved his responses to me and his deep and sexy moans of pure lustful pleasure. I sat back on the couch legs spread and started playing with myself, rubbing my clit putting my finger inside my cunt and I was wet and so swollen. He noticed how swollen my lips were and I wanted to cum hard for him. I was building up, he was encouraging me to cum. I was so close and then just let it all go and I squirted like a fountain. He came over between my legs rubbing his cock all on my wetness and I squirted again all over his cock and balls. It was incredibly hot and he pushed the tip of his cock into my hot wet pulsating pusy, ooooh I thought I was in heaven. I didn’t want him to stop, he then continued stroking his cock. As part of his fantasy he wanted me to be on all fours and spreading my ass cheeks apart. He wanted to cum all over my asshole and pussy. Before I could turnover, he just couldn’t hold it anymore and he unloaded his hot cum over my tits and stomach. He let out a deep primal moan as he was ejaculating, this was so incredibly sexy and masculine. We went and cleaned up a little and came back in the lounge he was In the chair I was on the sofa. He was saying he felt so content and relaxed and a little light headed. I could see all this his face. He asked if I wanted to see him again and I said I would. We chatted a bit about our lives and I kept looking at his cock. He asked if I wanted him to come closer, I said “yes I do” so he came and sat on the sofa arm next to me. I just had to lick his cock and put it in my mouth. It didn’t take long and he was hard again. I was surprised how quickly he recovered and was now rock hard again. He asked me if I had a condom, I said I did and went into the bedroom to get one, he followed me in and was stroking his cock. I had seen him do this so many times over the past week, and was so glad he was finally here in person. I opened the condom and he put it on and told me to bend over the bed and spread my legs. I knew he loves that view too. He then thrusted his hard cock into me, he felt so fucking good and now it was me that was moaning and loving him inside of me finally. This was still so fucking hot and I was loving it. He came, and we came out to the lounge too and checked the time, he had a lunch meeting and had to get back to town. Being the gentleman he was he apologised for seeming to rush off, I told him it was fine with me. I watched him get dressed and gave him a kiss and cuddle goodbye and walked him to the door. After he left I went over the scenario in my head, I felt so relaxed, euphoric and content, and was thinking that the whole experience had exceeded all my expectations. I look forward to the next time with this gorgeous man, we are not strangers now but I'm sure it will be just as erotic and sensual.

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