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My First Sunday Roast (Part One)

Sunday Roast


2 minute read

My First Sunday Roast (Part One) Around two and a half years ago, before I joined KS, my FWB at that time Mr Caramel and I decided to attend CCK on a Sunday afternoon. We had been several times that year, generally on a Saturday night, but never on a Sunday afternoon – we were unknowingly about to attend our first ‘’Sunday Roast”. I got ready at Mr Caramel’s place, we shared a passionate kiss or two and fondled one another in our usual delicious way. We had become accustomed to one another, the other’s likes and wants and were totally at ease with one another. I had a glass or two of wine, Mr Carmel being the driver and off we go. We arrived a little after 3.00pm, the start time, and went in. We got a drink at the bar and observed there were some yummy snacks laid out. Carl and Chole were there as usual, but another guy (who I now know was Horny, of the lovely “Wet and Horny couple”) was operating the music console. We sat down and within 30 minutes CCK was packed. There was a completely different vibe, and Mr Caramel said, “it’s just like a party/and everyone seems to know one another”. It certainly felt like that, the music was great, and the urge to dance took me to the dance floor. The “play” still took a little while to kick off, but I was kissing Mr Carmel, at ease with him and the environment, and we had a wander around and enjoyed some one-on-one play in the “dungeon area”. Things were starting to hot up now and Mr Caramel and I head to the room to the front, to the left of the bar area. I had already observed a tall, lean but not too lean attractive guy earlier that afternoon with a female. We had exchanged glances and smiles and at one stage he had winked at me……which always turns me on,…….

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