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My First MFF

"First Visit to CCK/First MFF"
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My First MFF Around two years ago, possibly a bit longer now, I joined a traditional dating site, and met a lovely dark-skinned man – let us call him Mr Caramel. After a couple of “normal dates” with attraction simmering, we had a playdate at his place. A couple more of these and with our ease with one another growing he asked if I would like to go to a Swingers Club in the CBD. I have always been adventurous sexually, and after an 18th month self-imposed “resting state”, vibe aside, I was most definitely interested. Saturday night arrived and we entered CCK together. It was early and not many people had arrived yet. Carl, one of the hosts, showed me around and I left Mr Caramel getting us a drink at the bar (it was his third visit with a previous FWB). After my tour of CCK I sat down at the bar with my playmate and a couple of seats away, from us sat an extremely attractive lady who appeared to be alone. I slipped to the loo, and when I came back, she had moved to the seat next to where I was sitting; she smiled and engaged me in conversation. I thought she was lovely; dressed 1940s glamour style with a full skirt and petticoat underneath and very pretty. We chatted about it being my first visit and only her second and yes, she was there alone. We continued with our easy conversation and Mr Caramel got us both another drink; I introduced Mr Caramel to her – let us call her Laura. I knew his fantasy was FMF, but I was just enjoying my easy, arousing conversation with Laura. The mood changed a little towards the end of our second drink, and she asked if I had ever kissed a girl, I said no, to which she said I would like to kiss you. The kiss was delicious, our tongues quickly finding one anothers, and I could feel my pussy getting wet and clit start to throb. After discussing lingerie and hosiery we kind of lifted our skirts – hers revealing sexy old-fashioned stockings and suspenders and mine fishnet hold ups. By this stage Mr Caramel was close to our sides watching us both. At this point she took my hand and the three of us moved to one of the play areas. I could not take in how relaxed, easy, and sensually arousing this was becoming. Laura and I laid on the bed together kissing and touching, her blouse came off and my top my top unbuttoned, both our skirts were lifted, and then suddenly she was between my legs licking my pussy lips and paying sensual, knowledgeable attention to my now throbbing clit. She appeared by my side and we resumed kissing, with Mr Caramel still rather gobsmacked, taking in the view. It felt completely natural, although my first time, to now kneel on the floor and explore her pussy. She was so delicious, both in sight, smell, and taste, and whilst licking her pussy and clit my hand naturally went to my clit feeling how wet and how turned on, I was. Several people were watching us by now, and I was aware of them, but it merely enhanced the naughtiness of the situation. By now Mr Caramel was highly aroused and had started to kiss Laura’s mouth and tease her nipples, my left hand pulled at his belt and unzipped at his flies and exposed his now hard cock which he started to stroke. The tempo changed again, and I realised Laura was close to cumming; so, I just continued to lick and suck her clit, with her grinding her pussy into my mouth with me lapping at her; suddenly she came, and my mouth and face were bathed in this amazing smell and taste. She was satiated but had not forgotten I or Mr Caramel had not come, and with a passionate kiss to my mouth, she was between my legs again. Mr Caramel was on his knees on the bed now and positioned his cock in front of my mouth; I took him into my mouth and started to suck on his cock; such a hot scenario, and then suddenly with Laura’s expert attention I came so hard, a moment later Mr Caramel literally exploded into my mouth. The three of us lay there for a moment or two, giggling and with all three of us grinning. Laura, more experienced than us kind of “rallied us” and we returned to the bar for one further drink. Laura had already explained her situation to me, recently separated from her man, bi curious and sensually, sexually adventurous wanting to explore, but still quite unsure what the immediate future held. She kissed me again and thanked myself and Mr Caramel for an amazing experience, and with that she was gone into the night……. Mr Caramel and I went several more times together, but we never saw Laura again. We went in October that year, unknowingly to a Sunday Roast, and my exploration took another turn......

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