First Time

I pulled my head back, scooped her into my arms and fell back onto the sofa. Now my arms were hooked under her legs. She was leaning down with all her weight, pressing her pussy toward my eager open mouth. But my powerful arms and shoulders held her above me. I began kissing and nibbling her inner thighs, slowly working my way toward the honeypot between her legs. I inched closer and closer, until finally my lips reached her opening.

I paused again, this time only for a second, then my tongue hit her perineum travelling up across her vulva. She let out a long low groan. I continued with deep firm strokes from the base of her pussy right to the tip of her clit. She began to grind into my face, gently rocking back and forth. My mouth engulfed her clit as my tongue swirled around in circles darting across. I began to build up intensity as she moaned in pleasure. Suddenly she froze, her hips adjusted ever so slightly and in a breathy voice she exclaimed "Yes, God yes, right there!"

I continued doing exactly what I was doing, and moments later I felt her body tense. She began to pulsate and shake moaning in pleasure, before collapsing on top of me. We stayed like that, as I held her, lightly tracing my fingers down her back as pleasant shivers eminated through her body..