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Giving Pleasure

"Popping the Rimming Cherry"
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It's 11.56pm on Tuesday night, and I'm thinking of you. I've reached into my bedside drawer, to claim my wand. Feeling its soft hum in my hand, takes me back to last Wednesday, when you held this very same toy down on my clit. 

Oh, how I enjoyed the way you gently circled its bulbous head over my most sensitive clit. Handing the control back to me, you sit back on your heels, momentarily watching me enjoy the pleasure of the vibrations. But when my head pushes back onto the mattress, and my fingers are entwined with the bed sheet, you can't resist adding to my pleasure. As I maintain my own rhythm massaging my clit, your gorgeous thick hard cock slides effortlessly back inside me. We've been playing now for a good half hour, and I'm so wet I can feel that wetness escaping as it flows down between my ass cheeks. 

"Gawd, I love the way you get so wet for me", you groan out as your thrusts quicken and you pound harder and harder into me. With the pillow lifting my bottom, you feel so, so deep inside. 

"Hmmm. You're such a good girl taking Daddy's big cock aren't you. You're so tight and so wet. Does Daddy's big cock feel good? Is this what you want? Daddy's big cock punishing your delicate pussy?"

Grinning down at me, you increase the intensity of your thrusts, and you know I'm melting with your filthy talk. You know I'm going to cum so hard with this attention and it's not long before I'm screaming out a range of profanities. Gasping for air and clawing at the bed sheets you can feel me tighten around your cock, but you don't slow down. Oh fuck. How that pleasure builds and intensifies. With limbs shaking and sweat building, my body switches from building sensation to release. Glorious release. My lungs fill with air on that final gasp and let out a scream of ecstasy that even the neighbouring room should question. But, oh. That euphoric, luscious moment of shuddering release. There's nothing else like it in this world.

I love how you know how to read me in those moments. The slowing down of your thrusts. Staying locked inside me. That moment of stillness as my mind switches from stimulation to peace. And how I open my eyes, and see you smiling down at me, before you ask, "everything all right there my little slut". And I giggle uncontrollably with the after effects of that delicious moment. 

You know this is not the first time you have made me cum today. And I know you’re not finished with me yet. But thanks to exploring this lifestyle with you, I have learnt that clitoral stimulation with penetration, really makes me cum hard. It quite literally takes my breath away, and it takes a minute or two for me to recompose myself.

As you start to rebuild your movement inside me, you quietly ask “what else would you like to do today, my little slut.” I know you can see a small selection of toys, blindfold and lube, sitting on the bedside cabinet. You’ve also appreciated the teasing text messages I have sent through the week.

“Today, I want to focus on you and please you” I start to say.

“Is that so” you respond.

“Yes. I’d love to lay you on the bed. Blindfold you. Run my hands over your body. Massage your muscular arms, legs, and torso, before worshiping your gorgeous cock with my hands and tongue.” And then, with unusual courage, I take a short breath and blurt out, “I’d like to try anal rimming with you too. I’ve never done it before. And it probably won’t be good. But you can tell me what to do, to improve. And fuck it, I want to try new things with you. Things that bring you pleasure.”

You smile down at me. And with gentle concern ask “are you sure you want to do that? You don’t have to.”

“Oh, I want to” I respond. Eagerly following on with too much information, as I usually do, “I was watching Porn Hub last night, watching how to do it, and it looked really hot. So yes. I want to try if you’re keen.”

“Hmmm. I do enjoy rimming. Wait here” you announce as you extract your cock out of me and head off to the bathroom. Hearing the water running, I understand you’re making sure everything is fresh and clean. The nerves start to build. OMG. We’re really doing this. Coming back into the room, you lie on your back. Your gorgeous erection stands proud, and clearly that is an invitation to start there.

Delicately running my hand over your balls, and squeezing ever so gently, I then trail my fingers up your hard cock, and back down again. Softly touching. Teasing. Bending over you, my tongue brushes over the tip of your cock, as my fingers wrap around your girth, and squeeze, sliding down to the base. Holding you there, I trail my flat tongue down your shaft, and over your balls, firming my tongue to slide between your balls and underneath. Returning to the tip of your cock the same way, before sucking you into my mouth as far as I can take you. Repeating this a couple times, I enjoy hearing you start to moan. Yes, I’m teasing you. You know what’s coming and I’m making you wait.

On the final descent down your cock, my tongue glides over your balls and I start to lick that delicate area under the balls, heading toward your gloriously perfect pink anus. But logistics prevent my tongue from reaching any further. You suggest putting a pillow under your bottom, and this delivers the raised result I needed. Now as I sit on my heels between your spread legs, I can see your exposed tight puckered anus. Eyes closed with one hand behind your head, the other hand on your cock, you look relaxed, and I can’t help but smile.

Thinking back to the Porn Hub video, and recalling the writings from a quick Google search, I begin, what I hope will be some memorable fun. Pushing your knees up and apart, your ass lifts and your cheek’s part that little bit more. Lying on the bed, I’m in a relaxed position, and my tongue teases over your balls again. My firm pointed tongue separates your balls as I lick between them from underneath to top. Every time I repeat this, my tongue starts flattens, and I am getting closer, and closer to your ass. A few passes of this, and then I’m licking with a flat tongue either side of your anus. First the left side. Then the right side. Repeating. I’m not in a rush. And yes. I can tell this is a tease for you. Your hand is working up and down your cock in a slow rhythm, and your humming expression serves to encourage me more.

Then licking up your inner left cheek, I return and without warning, lick with a flat tongue straight over your anus, before returning for the right inner check. Oh, your gasp was delightful. And I repeat this a few more times. Every time my tongue passes over your anus, a light groan is my reward. I’m enjoying your immediate and vocal response.

As you pull your knees up toward your chest, I understand you’re trying to spread your cheeks further apart and improve my access. Time to step things up. And I move to a continued method of licking straight over your anus. Then firming my tongue to add more pressure, as I brush over that sensitive hole, I can feel you clench, but I continue. Recalling the Google search detail to mix up the pathway of licking, I do just that. Side to side. Up and down. Circling. Not forgetting to return to your balls, for some sucking, and firm tongue action between the balls. Returning every time to lick over your tight pink anus. Your inner cheeks are now slick with my saliva.

Then I pause, with my tongue centred over your anus. I firm my tongue and press hard into your opening, trying to probe inside you. You start to squirm your ass onto my tongue, while your hand glides effortlessly up your delicious cock. Darting my tongue in and out of your most sensitive hole, again I am rewarded with your groans and panting of pleasure. I wanted to do this, to bring you pleasure. But I underestimated how much pleasure I would get in return. Feeling your desire and response to this experience, is making me so wet.

Continuing to lick, suck and probe your ass, I need to lift my head to catch an occasional breath. In these moments, I place my finger in my mouth, and all moistened up I gently glide my little finger over your anus, and tease with gentle soft probing. Before returning my tongue to duty. You start to get into a rhythm of pushing your anus back against my persistent mouth. And I’m loving that reaction. It’s like for once, you can’t get enough of me, like my pussy can’t get enough of your cock.

So far, this new rimming experience has been more than I dreamed of. Feeling your ass against my face, and your precious tight anus on my tongue, the wet slopping sounds of licking, slurping, sucking combined with your moans of encouragement and how you’re working your cock with your hand, was almost too much. There’s no doubt I am loving this experience as much as you. My inner core burns, and I can feel that building moisture between my thighs.

After the tease and build-up, I focus on claiming your anus. Pushing my tongue deep inside you, then removing it, sucking on your anus, licking over your anus and repeating.

“Everything all right up there. Do you want me to stop?” I can’t help but cheekily ask.

“That feels so fucking good. Don’t. Don’t stop” was your urgent response.

I notice the heavy layer of pre-cum glistening from the top of your thick cock, and smile in satisfaction to myself. Wedging my face between your cheeks again, I start working my tongue over your anus. Wriggle my tongue deep inside, and removing it, only to repeat. I am basically tongue fucking you. And you’re hyped up over the experience. In, out, in, out, in, out, in, out, in, out. You reach down and place a hand on my head and grab a fistful of my hair while you move your hips up against my mouth and groan out in pleasure. A groan I have never heard you express. A sound so primal, so deep, so needing. It was so emotively hot to hear it. Growl like that again for me.

No sooner had that growl been released, that you warn me you’re going to cum, if I keep up this assault on your delicious ass. Part of me wanted to keep going. I want to hear you growl in primal release, to know that my tongue caused that reaction. But we both enjoy it when you cum deep inside me. Sitting back up, I smile at you. You’re looking flushed and I love that look of lust on your face at this moment. Looking at your hand, still stroking your hard cock, the amount of pre-cum is too hard to resist. Bending over I lick the tip of your erection, but you don’t let me linger there long.

“Oh fuck, that was amazing” you start to explain. “And now I am going to fuck you harder than you have ever been fucked before. On your knees. Show me your ass” you growl with urgency.

Who am I to deny you? Entering me from behind, you notice how wet I am, and your thick cock slides in all too effortlessly. This is what hearing your primal groan, does to me. Leaving me insatiably wet and wanton. You place some pillows under my stomach and tell me to relax. In complying you increase your intensity and are quite literally pounding your cock into my pussy with gusto. Punishing my pussy is an accurate description. You’re hard, and deep, and fast. As my body accommodates you, the intensity builds, and my next orgasm starts to build. There’s a flush of pleasure emanating from my core, and you’re questioning if I have just squirted on your cock. It’s so embarrassingly wet with audible sloppy noises with every thrust. “Oh, I did just squirt” I giggle, a little embarrassed.

“Good girl. Fuck, I love it when you’re so wet!” You praise, without breaking your rhythm.

As you pound your cock into me, my inner muscles are tightening around your cock again, and the sensation of pleasure is building. Sensing I am not far from cumming, you move me onto my back, and holding my hands down above my head, you continue to thrust, deep into me. You were being honest when you said you were going to fuck me hard, and I am embracing every minute.

“Hmmm. I love fucking you. My naughty, sexy little slut. And now I’m going to plant my cum deep inside you. Do you want Daddy to fuck you until he cums inside you?” You tease with your dirty talk.

“Oh, yes. Fuck me until you cum inside your filthy slut” I challenge.

“Hmmm. Good girl” you manage to get out, before your guttural groan of deep pleasure fills the room as wave after wave of your orgasm washes over you. “Fuck yes!” You shout. “Wow, oh fucking wow. That was incredible.”

All I can do is look up into those deep blue eyes of yours, and smile feeling pleased with myself. You have pleasured me so much, and today you responded so fiercely to my touch. That. That is so hot.

“I want do that again” I say to you, laughing but meaning every word.

Putting the wand back into the bedside drawer, that recollection of you, the sensation of the wand, has pleased me tonight. Twice. Letting out a deep satisfied sigh, I drift off to sleep, and for the first time in weeks rest like the dead until the alarm buzzes in the morning.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Dedicated to my regular playmate, who is patient, kind and gently encourages me into new experiences. The journey so far has been delicious, with more on the bucket list to be ticked off. Thank you.  


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