Written by Anonymous

First Time

About 5 years ago l made contact with a couple on this site they were from Greytown we exchanged messages during which l confessed l was interested in possibly trying out a little guy on guy stuff as l was interested in seeing what it would be like to actually suck another guy's cock.The woman that l was communicating with said that her partner would be interested as well,so we set up a meeting at their place.

I arrived at about 1 oclock we sat and talked for a while and then went into the bedroom,she stripped off and so did her partner and l, she then came around the bed and started sucking my cock and massaging it, l looked at her partner and he was stroking his cock which was quite small, she then asked me to lay down on the bed, she laid beside me and I started finger fucking her cunt making it nice and wet l had 3 fingers inside her and she was already cuming , her partner then got on the bed next to me and I reached out and started stroking his cock just like l would my own, then he asked me to suck him. I started to lick the precum off his cock and then slowly took it into my mouth,l sucked it and licked it for several minutes , then I felt him starting to blow his load into my mouth l swallowed every last drop, it felt like I was swallowing raw oysters as his cum slid down my throat.

He then got off the bed, she then got on top of me and started sucking my cock deep down her throat,she positioned herself with her wet cunt above my face so that l could lick her cunt and play with her clit while she continued to suck and stroke my cock which by now was about 8 inches long and big and fat.

After a while her partner gets back on the bed and then I feel him sucking my cock while she is stroking up and down on me,she lowers her cunt right down onto my face pinning me to the bed, he then stops sucking me and she continues to stroke me, it feels really nice, then l feel my cock entering into the guys arshole as he impails myself on my hard cock and starts fucking me,he is talking to her and saying how big and hard my cock is and that he hasn't had such a big cock before,he is riding up and down on me, l must admit at the time it just felt like I was fucking a tight cunt,it didn't take long before I blew a huge load of cum deep inside his arse,he then slowly got off my cock and then the woman lifted herself off me and turned around and said to me " how did you enjoy that".

I told her that I was pissed off as l only wanted to experience sucking a guys cock that l had no intention of fucking another guy, she then told me that as l was so annoyed l could fuck her cunt while he watched and that l could also fuck her arse if I wanted too.

I then laid her down, lifted her legs onto my shoulders and pushed my cock deep inside her cunt once inside my cock grew hard and thick again and I ponded her cunt for about 8-9 minutes, l then got her onto her knees and slid my cock into her arse which was reasonably easy to enter,as she obviously was anal fucked on a regular basis, l took hold of her hips and pounded her arse until I shot another load of cum inside her arse.

I then went and had a shower before leaving, on my way home I got a text from her saying that her partner really enjoyed having my big cock inside him and that he would like to see me again, and that she had enjoyed being fucked in both holes and wanted more.

I told them thanks but no thanks as l was not interested in playing for both sides,once was enough.

Sometimes you get more than you expect