Written by Anonymous

First Time

I was slowly making my way toward the train for the Palace of Versailles. I was only 50% sure I was in the right place so I went up to a girl standing alone. I asked about the train for the palace and she said she was going there too. I said, oh great do you mind if I go there with you - my French is worse than my map reading. She kindly said yes and we got onboard. She sat in a seat facing me. Maybe 23, 5'3, size 6, 32B cup, crazy corkscrew curls, porcelain doll face. I wasn't thinking much of her, I was just super relieved to be heading in the right direction.

Amelie's English was pretty good. We had a reasonable chat, a little flirting. I love that French accent, a lot easier on the ear than a few I usually hear closer to home. The walk to the palace was maybe 15 minutes away. I started to think, damn she's actually quite the cutey.

When we got there the lines to get in were fucking huge. I mean HUGE. The sun was blazing and apparently it was a public holiday which probably explained a few things. Amelie kept ringing her cousin who she was meeting but no answer. There was no queue for the gardens, so I said, want to go there first? I thought this is going to be boring. I hate gardens and gardening. But these grounds are fucking amazing and the music water fountain sensational (shock!)

Amelie had that annoying female habit of walking really close no matter how hard I tried to avoid contact. Admittedly I am pretty slow to pick up when a girl likes me, since it doesn't happen a lot. We got tired after awhile and decided to sit down in the grass. She was wearing double denim - jacket and miniskirt (sounds slutty but she made it stylish). We were chatting away. She was making a habit if crossing and uncrossing her legs, giving me a glimpse of red lace panties. My head was starting to spin. Jesus. Could she be interested? I pretended not to see, then decided, fuck it I don't care if she sees me staring.... we will see what happens. Amelie reclined back slightly resting on her hands, legs askew.

Red suits you, I said. My heart pounded, my cock started to stir. You think, she asked. Well, from the little I can see, I would say so. The closest people were maybe 40 metres away eating their picnic, so she rolled to her side and discreetly inched her skirt up so I could see the thong slide between her butt cheeks. Being the uber sophisticated man I am, I simply said, oh fuck. Nothing more needed to be said. The universal language of love was about to take over.

There was a long thick row of well manicured hedge that backed on to what I assume were groundsman's quarters. And there didn't seem to be anyone around. So in we snuck between the hedge and the fence, which provided a good level of privacy. I lifted her skirt to get a good view of those well formed cheeks and massaged them as we kissed deeply madly. God her lips tasted good. Then she jumped up on me and wrapped her legs around. We crashed into the fence, I pulled out my cock (good job I wore shorts), she pulled her panties to the side and I slipped my cock in. She let out a slight squeal and I put my hand over her mouth. We stayed like that for maybe 5 minutes, mindful this HAD TO BE a quickie. I pulled out and forced her to my knees. She licked my balls as I wanked and flooded her mouth with my cum. She bubbled it on her lips then swallowed like a good girl. Her phone rang. It was her cousin wondering where she was. She said she had to go and tried to kiss me, which I dodged (who wants to taste their own cum? ) (lol). We said goodbye. I moved round to the music fountain and lied down for a good rest.