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All About Me....



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He had contacted me a few times, to chat....nothing special. As time passed & a few more chats, lead to the odd phone call, but left me questioning myself....... Then a call which he says....I'm going to be up your way, want to pick me up & drop me to my Hotel..... my mind buzzing in thoughts....... So I agreed to meet him. So the day arrives, I decided to leave work early so I could get home, shower & change... I was being open minded as to how this would go, being fairly new to this lifestyle & a few dud meets........Keeping an open mind I head of to the airport to meet this stranger on the end of the keyboard & phone. I pull up, I notice it must be him from the photo, take a deep breath & say to goes, as I climb out of the car.... As I'm walking towards him, I smile to myself.....he's tall. Then I look at him & see he has a grin on his face & cheeky eyes...nice, Give him an awkward kiss & hug.......shit this guy feels good. As I turn around to walk to the car...I mouth the words .."Fuck this guy is going to kill me" a massive grin on my face :) After some banter & chit chat to his Hotel we find a park, he checks in ....I knew I would stay with him ...... curious! Once in his room, we kiss & I feel how his body feels pushed up against mine, he moves away &takes his clothes off other than his boxers, while he unpacks some, I smile & watch then he gets comfortable..... on the bed. I'm thinking this guy is very in tune with himself & I like it. I'm still dressed but join him on the bed....we laugh then kiss...god it's awesome to meet a great that makes me wet at the thought of what I may be in stall for...... ..... as he starts to remove my top...I take over , in fact I remove it & my peel my skin tight jeans of, a grin on my face, throw myself down on the bed....start kissing him....DAM! as we are kissing & touching each others body, he reaches around & unclasps my bra which I willingly remove as I slide my panties off....His hands start to roam over my body while totally eating my lips,mouth & neck....I'm so getting horny as fuck...god I love this! We play this for a while.....I try to move my hand lower...he blocks I figure it...he's calling the shots.....cheeky shit but in truth it was hot....I'm all his.... do what you will..... Then he removes his boxers...I look at his cock, reach down & start to rub it as it's starting to get solid as I tease it, I then move around so I can lick it, taste it ......give his balls a squeeze as I slide it into my mouth....I can here him moaning some......& feel the pressure on my shoulders from his strong hands...... it feels good. Then he tells me to get on my back & spread my this time I'm happy to oblige, I know I'm wet down there...Dam! He gets down between my thighs & starts to use his fingers to tease me & find my pleasure spots while watching my reactions on my face...fuck this guy knows what he's doing sending me into spasms of after the other... I never knew I had it in me to be so turned on in such an intense play session....but then I squirted, god it's been so long...oh shit just his fingers...but they are magic ...... Now the tounge...fuck me.....add in 'The Magic Fingers'...blow my mind, I'm in a place of ultimate dam pleasure..... he stops suddenly & asks me 'what you doing to my head'...... then dives down lick, eat & drive me over the edge again.......this went on forever but I'm oblivious as I'm flying as high as fuck forgetting about all manner time so selfish of me....but I had no control ...... as he comes up my body , kissing, licking, nipping on my firm nipples...then decides to fuck me with his fingers while pinching them...seeing I'm distracted by my pussy being played with, he whispers to me ..... higher threshold when distracted & has a cheeky grin on his face.....I think I smiled.......blissfulness had taken ahold of me again.....Dam this is awesome. How many times did I cum I have no idea but I knew it not to be over......He rolls me onto him & I slide down onto his cock....I moan at the feel of him entering me, I love cock inside me, I start to grind on him feeling how good it feels Dam! He then grabs & starts guiding me to bounce up & down on it........the feel inside me is sooo good as I tighten my pussy around it, gripping & releasing...I know he's enjoying it, I can feel him building as I am...he then pushes me of him....what...flips me over, pulls me up onto all fours and shoves his cock into my pussy again while fingering my butt which was an easy feat with all the juices flowing. then he grabs me tight by the hips & slams into me off loading his load filling me as I cry out taking it all in to mix with my own juices.....god that was fun with a massive grin on my face...... Ready for seconds...Hell yes!

Tags: firsttime, selfish, worth every minute, what it's about, DAM!

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