There are some silver linings to lockdown. There’s nothing quite like lunchtime and afternoon sex. Yum! Some downtime in bed with my wife beats bad coffee in the staff cafeteria with workmates anytime.

With both of us WFH, we had some great sex-breaks. Sometimes a quickie in the lounge or kitchen. Often a lunch break in bed, where we would explore playing with new toys we ordered online in the first lock-down. Sometimes I’d eat Cate's pussy as she sat at her desk. She especially likes this when we role play that she's the boss and I'm her assistant.

One Monday morning Cate was getting ready for her weekly staff briefing online. She’s a national sales manager with a technology provider, and manages a group of a dozen sales managers around the country. As always, we'd dressed for work, keeping up professional routines (aside from the sex-breaks I guess!). Cate was dressed in a black skirt and white short-sleeved blouse. She’s a trim 5’6” with straight, shoulder-length straight hair, beautiful dark eyes and curves in all the right places.

She was sitting at the dining room table with her laptop, about to launch into her briefing and pep talk which I knew was going to keep her busy for at 10 to 15 minutes. An idea struck me. I wasn’t sure it was my best idea but I did it anyway.

Just as she kicked off, I crawled under the table and got in front of her seat. She knew I was there and she was trying to kick me away. I knew she could only move so much before it would look weird to her team watching on zoom, so I persisted patiently avoiding the constrained kicks until I’d got my shoulders between her knees. From there I was able to inch her skirt up. I just admired the view up her skirt for a while before burying my face between her legs, loving the scent and tracing the line of her pussy through her underwear with my tongue.

At that point I figured she knew what was coming and rather than risk looking weird, she wouldn’t make a fuss. Plus I know how much she loves my mouth and fingers on and in her pussy. It didn’t stop her giving me a slight whack on the head though.

I felt her shift slightly in her seat, letting me wriggle her underwear off and she moved forward on her seat. All the while she kept up her presentation flawlessly. The glistening moisture on her pussy lips was all the encouragement I needed. I traced her pussy with my finger up and down her lips for a few minutes, gently. She was holding up her presentation just fine, which was great. I didn’t want her to look bad.

I slipped the tip of one finger in just past Cate's pussy lips and applied pressure to her clit with the other, rubbing over and around it slowly. I saw her pussy lips widen ever so slightly, the moisture growing, and pushed my finger in a little further, then slowly all the way. I fucked her like that with my finger for a few minutes and then with two fingers, still nice and slow.

Her hips started making small wriggling, bucking movements and she made a few small coughing noises. She moved her hand down to mine pressing hard to stop me playing with her clit. I complied and stayed there fucking her with my fingers for a few more minutes, before leaning in to lick her pussy lips.

Her part of the call was coming to an end.

“Ok, enough from me. Time for regional reports starting from Southland up. Have a great week everyone.” With that I thrust harder into her pussy with my fingers and moved my mouth to lick and suck her clit. I guess she’d turned off the mic and video because she immediately pushed her chair back and put her feet up on the table giving me total access to her open pussy. I moved forward and continued fucking her with my fingers and tonguing her pussy lips and clit. Cate was moving her hips wildly and moaning, holding the back of my head. Before long she was coming hard, pushing my head hard into her pussy and calling out in release. I lapped and licked her lips until the pressure on the back of my head eased off.

Looking up at her she was smiling with a warm glow. “You asshole”, she said. “That was fucking amazing. But you are going to pay for that someday.”

She pushed me away with her feet, straightened herself up, smoothed her skirt, sat down and fixed her appearance in her screen and took a deep breath. She listened for a bit. They’d got up as far as Nelson/Marlborough. She activated her mic and camera again. “Thanks James, make sure you check with Kelly about that first ok. Carry on team, good work”.

She kicked her underwear at me along the floor under the table. I picked them up and put them in my pocket smiling. My cock was rock hard and crying for attention. I caught Cate's eye and unzipped my fly, pulling out my cock and stroking it, staring at her watching me.

Cate thought for a minute.

“I’m having bandwidth problems folks. I’m going to drop off. Mark, record the rest of the call for me to watch later, please. Thanks. Bye”