“When Angels fall”

The night manager at a fast food restaurant entered his poor excuse for a office, just a glassed off box from the kitchen. Only senior staff were permitted in here and tonight it was only him so he knew he wouldn’t be disturbed. It gave him a few minutes rest from his teammates and the noise of the restaurant. Some how the alarms and cooking smells seemed louder and stronger in the middle of night shift.

But tonight he had other reasons to take a few minutes. While serving on the main counter he had noticed a youngish couple starting to make out in one of the booths. This wasn’t to unusual, especially on the weekends and usually most heading for their car in the parking lot but what caught his eye was the were heading together towards the toilets.

Security cameras picked up most dinners in all parts of the restaurant but unfortunately the restrooms were camera free for privacy reasons. That’s why he had secretly installed a pin hole camera in each of the loo’s.

He’d got the idea from a porn movie he’d watched and had got some interesting footage which he had kept on his laptop and viewed at home. The couple tonight were very into each other and he was hoping he’d get lucky because she was hot.

He quickly opened his laptop and checked his cameras, which provided a aerial fisheye view of the bathrooms and sure enough in the disabled loo the couple had started fucking.

He’d missed the beginning but that wasn’t a problem as he could watch it again later at home when his shift ended.

The girl was sitting on the closed toilet seat and had the guys stiff cock in her mouth. By gripping the guys ass with her hands she was ramming his cock all the way down her throat. The guy was arching his body and almost staring at the camera, a look of intense pleasure was all over his face. Her tempo was increasing, pulling his cock into her mouth ever faster, he wasn’t going to last much longer at this rate.

From his office the manager was transfixed starring at his screen, he’d never seen anything like this. You could see the girls neck balloon out as the guys cock went down her throat.

The managers cock was instantly rock hard, he looked around but he wasn’t being watched. It’s was late now and very quiet, his staff all busy in cleaning were paying him no attention so h kept watching. Just in time to see him cum, his butt tightened and the girl stopped pumping and removed his cock from her mouth, in time for him to cum all over her face. Next she started sucking and licking his penis clean which seemed very gentle after the pounding before.

The manager closed the laptop, it would keep recording and he could watch it again soon, but for now he had the uncontrollable desire to b closer to this girl: He adjusted his dick in his pants so others wouldn’t s was his stuffy and headed out of the office towards the bathrooms. He rounded the corner just in time to see the guy leaving the building and the girl washing her hands in the public hand basin. She looked up and smiled and said “Hi, you were watching me.”

The managers blood ran cold, who is she and did she see his cameras?

“Relax,” she said “you don’t need to worry about me, I’m not from here, and anyway, I quite enjoy being watched and filmed when I’m being fucked.”

“Arrr... ok” replies the rather shocked manager.

She looks at him with a slight smile on her face and asks, “are you still filming with your hidden cameras?

“Arr yes,” he answered, “it records for the whole 8 hours and I edit out all the best bits later.”

“Excellent!” She said, “I think it’s time you were in one of your own movies “ and before he could even say a word, she had pushed him though the open door into the disabled toilets.

Before the manager could even say a word, she had pushed him though the open door into the disabled toilets and standing in front of the hidden camera she started pealing off her clothes. When down to her lace panties and bra she started doing a slight romantic dance so the camera could pick up all of her toned body. It was as if she had forgotten the manager was with her in the toilet only metres away. But he had lost control of himself too and had unzipped his fly and released his cock from his shorts and was stroking it to her hypnotic dance. After what seemed like hours but maybe only seconds, she stopped and looked at him and said, “I want you to fuck me with your tongue, but not like you’ve done with your tiny girlfriend. This time you’re going to tongue fuck me like never before and if I enjoy and you make me cum, I’m going to let you take me home and fuck me with your cock, ok?”

What choice did he have, a very beautiful, nearly naked woman, only inches from him, asking him to lick her pussy and make her cum.

Well he could leave, turn the lock and slip out of the toilet and back to the office as if nothing had happened. Nothing had happened yet but this was what he’d always fantasised about his whole life, so how could he now walk out.

Now his self doubt started to kick in. What did she mean “not like you’ve done with your tiny girlfriend?” He knew she was right and that he was coming up short in that department, always to quick to get his rocks off. But he had told himself girls enjoyed a quickie too. No fuss and get on with that. He was taking more than he gave, way more and it was time for him to man up.

She seemed to see the conflict in his eyes so she closed the gap between them and sliding her around his ass, she pulled him in close. Her breasts firmly against his, his erect cock hard against her pussy. She started rubbing herself against it, small gentle movements.

“Do you want me?” She breathed into his ear.

“Yes.. Sure.” He said with a small nod of his head.

“Good, I want you to make cum,” she replies and reaches behind herself and releases her bra, letting it fall to the floor. Her nipples brushing on the fabric of his uniform, “First you start here and work your way to my pussy.”

He moved his hands slowly up her toned stomach, and onto her breasts, cupping them like a bra. Then bending his head forward, he started gently kissing each nipple and here he would normally cut short but today he took his time. Soon he was completely lost, more than ever before. His tongue lightly licking each nipple before sucking it long and hard, his tempo increased slowly. It wasn’t till he realised her breathing had changed and that she had started to rub her pussy into his thighs, that he stopped his breast play and started kissing and licking his way to her pussy.

He kissed and licked his way down her toned stomach to her pussy, but she was still wearing her lace panties. He loves looking at women in lingerie, so much so he prefers to see them in their bra and g-strings than totally nude. Now he has reached the small black lace triangle covering her shaved sex, and instead of removing it, he started licking and sucking on the fabric. It’s seemed to have the desired effect as she began pushing herself into his face and cupping her hands around the back of his head, pull him into her heat. Minutes flew past and though his knees were getting sore from the anti slip tiles on the floor, he kept up attack on her pussy.

She suddenly let his head go and turned away from him, bending over and leaning on the small hand basin, revealed her ass at his face level. The thin black lace g-string joined as a tiny triangle at the top of her ass and then disappeared down her crack, and that’s where he eagerly put his face.