My husband has always attracted the attention of both female and male patrons in clubs, although he could not see what I was observing, his moves on the dance floor had both sexes flocking around (he’s as straight as a beam pole I might add) - men wanted to battle their moves out with him and women would grind up n down against him. This particular night (within the past 18 mnths) while I was watching our drinks at the table, my significant other was getting his groove on on-the-dance floor as usual, after several dances with a couple of women he decided to take a break and join me for a drink. He commented on the males who he said appeared to be looking me up n down but I was too interested in the attention he was attracting. Persuading me to follow him to the dance floor we found space near a group of 5-6 women who were dressed minimally and provocatively, trying not to be judgmental I couldn’t help but think they were out on an over due girls night out (I know that feeling myself), without a thought for me (maybe I was invisible) they cut in between us and circled Mr…the cheek, right! I wasn’t going to lose any sleep over it or mess with hungry women who don’t get out enough, so I backed off the dance floor and back to our table. Watching them, I was proud of hubby doing the courtesy thing by paying them attention with his charming self (everyone likes their ego stroked now and then, nothing wrong with harmless flirting), he too was obviously enjoying the moment.

I could see the excitement and body heat rise with the twerking and body humping-grinding from these women on ‘MY MAN’…but that’s okay because at the end of the night I knew he was coming home with me, to our bed…thanks for warming him up ladies. This was abruptly cut short with naughty and dirty thoughts and images entering my head, sparking a future fantasy or two of mine

I was strangely getting excited that one of the women had moved in for the kill by separating him from the pack, wrapping her hands around his neck and forcibly pulling his face to meet hers where she put her tongue into his mouth. Looking a tad guilty, I watch him pull back and look around to see where I was, the night club lights had prevented him from seeing that I’d moved to a dimly lit corner bench where I could pry like a stalker (or voyeur I am). The spot discretely hid the fact that I could and did start to occasionally press against the outside of my skin tight jeans to nudge my pubic area, to keep the twinkle of excitement in my pants alive.

With absolute shock from his next move…and my increasing arousal, I watch him proceed to engage back, kissing and locking lips. Not wasting any time, his hands start to wander over her some-what clothed body…and she isn’t stopping him, nor does it seem to bother or draw the attention of others…just me, enjoying their hands feeling each other, now I could feel a slight moistness in between my legs with an itch that desperately needed to be scratched. I take a glance around the room to see if anyone was looking, casually place my jacket slightly over the table between it and myself – once I’d assured all my bases were covered and the need was worth the risk…I put my left hand to my jean front to unbutton and slowly unzip them (pausing to take a drink and then hand slowly move back down), I squeeze my fingers in the narrowest of openings, inching my hand further to where the tips of my fingers reach its destination of my throbbing clit. My eyes on my husband getting hot and heavy with someone else, I wonder how far he'd be prepared to go. As my clit is being tweaked by my faintly wet fingers, I lift my right foot up to the conveniently placed foot rail, allowing my legs to spread ever so slightly but just enough for me to reach further down to grasp the increasingly present natural vaginal nectar, smearing over my clit, teasing and tantalizing myself…oh how I’d love to watch him fuck right there, right now, on the dance floor with this woman who has now lost all inhibitions, I bet she’d be as wet as I am.