Written by Star


I'd seen that you'd liked my profile. I'd looked at your profile you said and you were returning the interest, I couldn't remember looking but I was impressed with what I read and the picture I'd seen and here we were, across a cafe table from each other on another gorgeous summer day, meeting for the first time. You were brave enough to meet me with only a general description of what I'd be wearing and when you described what you'd be wearing I knew you were a man who worked on the land in some description.

You were just as I expected, a farmer. Several generations working the same land and in the proud position to be handing it on to the next generation. Tall, rugged and strong, in your sixties. I'd been masturbating about you since I read your profile and sent my first message. I'm a sucker for sexy sexagenarians, rough hands and remote locations without disruption appeal enormously to my feral and primal nature and I hoped very much that at some point I'd have an opportunity to spend time with you on a distant corner of your land far away from prying eyes doing whatever we wanted, however we wanted, to each other.

Meanwhile, our meet was going well. I could feel your eyes wander over me while we talked in low voices about general topics in a too-quiet cafe. I wanted to discuss more intimate topics without being overheard and as our coffees were in takeaway cups, suggested we take a stroll through the adjacent park, with a crooked grin you agreed.

We strolled past the children's playground, smiling at the shrieking children and chatted about our likes and preferences. You laughed delightedly at my suggestion that I spend an afternoon naked helping you with farm chores, sitting in front of you on the quad bike as you moved stock or relaxing in the shade while you fixed a trough. I could tell you were intrigued though as your hand slipped down my back and began caressing my bum. You were very interested in tying me up in your implement shed over a prickly hay bale and giving the bottom you were squeezing a spanking or two. I'd never been restrained like that before and felt my pulse quicken and my nipples stiffen, hoping for a long summer ahead. Yes, you had a river pass through your land and had a couple of swimming spots you enjoyed lingering in on hot days. Perfect!

We were past the playground now and wandering without any particular destination in mind, just enjoying the sun, our building arousal and sharing details of past experiences, careless of the time. I liked that you were relaxed, yet confident describing openly what you'd enjoyed and sharing what you were still curious about. Like me you enjoyed takingsensual opportunities where you found them, alternately unhurried and relaxed or in a frenzied passion and had experienced a number of such occasions, relishing each one. I felt a thrill that I could share my experiences openly without fear of judgement, I always find this an intoxicating and erotic experience.

We were passing over a boardwalk through an avenue of native trees, enjoying a welcome respite from the rising heat of the day, I'd stopped to look up at a powerful Totara tree when you slipped your arms around my waist from behind, pulled me against you and breathed into my ear "I want you" I was caught offguard but steadied myself quickly, reaching around behind me to hold you against me. Your buttocks were so firm in my hands and your cock hard against my bum. I rocked side to side rubbing myself against you. One of your hands remained holding me around the waist while the other slid under my shirt and lifted my bra up and over my breasts, pinching and kneading my aching nipples in your big rough hands as you bit my neck. I let out a moan and slipped a hand between us to slide it over your cock through your shorts. Jesus, it felt good. Hard and thick, I was dying to unwrap it and the rest of you but giggles and childish shouts brought us to our senses. "Stay in front of me so they won't see how hard I am" you muttered to me as I straightened myself up and tried to come to my senses. It must have worked because we both got a cheery hello from both parents as we passed out into the sun again.

Ahead was a bench, next to the path which we both collapsed onto laughing. I reached out to you pulling you into a kiss which quickly deepened and increased in passion. You tasted so good too! We finally broke apart looking around for witnesses of which there was only a distant cyclist heading away on another path. "Jesus, I'm hard!" you said breathlessly, rubbing your cock through your shorts, "look what you've done to me" I was very happy with what I'd done to you and also enjoyed watching you touch yourself while you looked at me hungrily, sitting there with your knees spread wide, you obviously enjoyed self pleasure. You took my hand and placed it on your cock, guiding it in the same rubbing motion and closed your eyes for a moment as I took over. "Ohh fuck that feels good" I was sitting facing you beside you on the bench creating a visual barrier while being able to see anything that was coming from the other way. "get your cock out" I said, "let me get my hands on you" you didn't need telling twice and slid your shorts down to your boots. So brave and so horny what a jackpot!! You sat there enjoying the sun and my hand on your cock groaning softly and rocking your hips forward and back. I unbuttoned my shirt exposing my breasts again "what a show off" you grinned at me before resuming your attention to my nipples. Oh this was good! Sexy man, sunshine and a gentle breeze. We smiled at each other, happy in the moment knowing there was more to come at another time. As difficult as it was to stop, I was overdue to return to work and you had an appointment to attend. It would be torturous to get through the afternoon but oh the adventures that lay ahead made it worthwhile.