My mind was in a fog.

I was sitting in our bedroom, naked and trying not to touch my cock. On the bed in front of me my wife Mandy was on her back, her legs in the air as her friend Alec lay on top of her. The bed was making rhythmical squeaking sounds as Alec’s cock thrust in and out of my wife’s swollen wet gash. The smell of sweat and pussy filled the room.

I briefly thought about the events of the previous week leading up to this - the cancelled fight leading to the discovery of my wife’s infidelity, the rush of confused thoughts and feelings when she told me of the number of lovers she’d had, and the stunning realization that not only did I not mind her actions but that they in fact excited me. We had spent some time discussing our feelings - the fact that her love for me continued despite her sexual urges, and the fact that my love for her continued despite her actions. I suppose a normal man would have demanded a divorce but as the days went by I found that not only did I want us to stay together, but that I was thinking more and more of her being with other men. And these thoughts were proving to be highly erotic.

Eventually we agreed that she could continue to see other men, as long as I was there to watch. I didn’t want to participate, I simply wanted to observe.

And that’s how I came to be sitting in my own bedroom as my wife fucked the same man who she had been rimming the week before when I walked in on them

Alec bent his head down and started sucking one of Mandy’s stiff nipples, causing her to gasp in pleasure. She turned her head to me and looked me in the eye as she started to squeeze her other breast. I started to play with my own nipples as I watched the scene before me.

Alec’s breathing started to speed up and his thrusts grew more urgent. He started to moan, even as his mouth stayed clamped on my wife’s nipple. His body tensed as with one final push he pushed himself deep into my wife, spewing his load into her pussy.

He collapsed on top of her and lay motionless for a few moments before he got up. When he stood I stared at his cock, still impressively long even as it softened. It looked slippery and shiny, covered in a mixture of pussy juice and cum. As he dressed Mandy motioned to me and I got up and climbed onto the bed. Looking between her legs I saw that her pussy was still partially open, with a wad of creamy white cum starting to dribble out. I lay down next to her.

Alec gave Mandy a final kiss, said goodbye, and left. My hands started to roam up and down her sweat-covered body - I didn’t know how much was hers and how much was him. My hand went down to her pussy and found her still-stiff clit. I paused, then let my hand move down further. I slid two fingers into her pussy, barely believing that I was touching another man’s cum. She looked me in the eye and I could tell she was having the same thought. I withdrew my fingers and started to caress her clit. She pushed her hips up to meet my fingers as her body started to tremble and her hand went back to playing her nipple. I watched as her breathing grew heavy, her body tensed, and with a final shudder she climaxed.

When her spasms stopped I rolled over on top of her, the same position that Alec had been in just a few minutes earlier. I grasped my stiff cock and rubbed the tip over her hot pussy, still lubed with his cum. I eased myself into her, reveling in the thought of another man’s seed coating my cock. With slow strokes I started to fuck my wife. After barely any time i could feel my orgasm approach. I sped up as Mandy wrapped her arms and legs around me, pulling me deeper and deeper inside her. Finally I couldn’t hold back any longer and erupted inside of her, my cum mixing with Alec’s.

She took my head in her hands and gave me a deep kiss. I rolled off her and she reached between her legs to scoop out some of the double load of cum. Looking me in the eye again she put her fingers in her mouth and sucked them clean.

She lay back down next to me and we fell asleep in each other’s arms.


Alec returned the following weekend.

I watched as he lay on the bed and she started by giving him a slow handjob. I watched her delicate hands on him, stroking him and playing with the head. Periodically she would take his cock in her mouth or suck his balls. As they started to fuck it was again hard not to touch myself. She ended up standing in front of me, leaning on the armrests of the chair as he fucked her from behind. Her breasts were swinging back and forth and I reached up to cup her breasts and squeeze her nipples. She kissed me as he continued to fuck her. He pulled his cock out and knelt behind her. He ate her pussy while we kissed, before standing up to fuck her again.

His movements sped up and was about to cum. Rather than letting him cum inside her she turned around and knelt down, taking his cock in her mouth. She was pumping the shaft as she sucked and licked his cock, her tongue working over his swollen cock head. He suddenly grabbed his cock and started to wank himself while Mandy continued to blow him. His cock grew purple and swollen and with a grunt he shot his load. The first spurt landed on her tongue and lips, the next on her face. She closed her mouth and rubbed her lips on his cock head as he continued to cum. When he stopped wanking himself she opened her mouth and sucked the last few drops out of him. As his cock became flaccid she took it out of her mouth and, looking straight at me, rubbed it over her face. She licked her cum-coated lips. There was cum tangled in her hair, her entire lower face were covered in white goo and it was dripping onto her breasts.

She had never looked sexier.


I had to reconsider that opinion a week later, after she introduced me to one of her female friends. Lisa was a pretty brunette, shorter than Mandy but with a full sexy figure topped with an impressive pair of breasts. The two of them had met on the hook-up site a few months earlier and had slept together a few times since then. I learned that Lisa was divorced with a son who that night was staying with her parents.

After she arrived at our house we had some drinks. The two of them were sitting on the couch while I sat on one of the sofa chairs. The conversation turned to sex and as Lisa was describing her first lesbian experience (on a high school sports trip, with an older member of her hockey team) Mandy put her hand on Lisa’s thigh and reached up her dress. She turned to me, smiled, and pulled Lisa’s dress up to show me that she wasn’t wearing panties.

“It’s good to see you came prepared!” she said.

“And prepared to come!” Lisa replied as she leaned over and kissed Mandy. I put my glass of wine down.

Still locked in a kiss, Lisa’s hands reached under the fabric of Mandy’s top and started to caress her breasts through her bra. Meanwhile Mandy had her hand between Lisa’s legs and when she she brought her hand out her fingers were wet and sticky. Breaking their kiss she sucked one of her fingers before offering another to Lisa who licked herself from my wife’s hand. She took Mandy’s top off and pulled the top of her bra down, sucking on the exposed nipples. Mandy reached over and unzipped Lisa’s dress and undid her bra. She stood up and her clothes fell to the floor, revealing a pair of full breasts topped with wide, puffy nipples. Her pussy was bald and slick. She sat back on the couch and lay back, spreading her legs. Mandy took off her bra, leaned over, and started to eat Lisa’s pussy. I could hear her tongue slurping at Lisa’s wet hole.

Before long Lisa’s body tensed up and she clamped her thighs around Mandy’s head as she came. Mandy moved out from between Lisa’s legs and she lay on top of her, nuzzling her neck before they kissed, their tongues exploring each other’s mouths. They stood and, hand in hand, headed for the bedroom. I followed.

In the bedroom I stripped naked and sat back in the chair in the corner. They stood at the foot of the bed as Lisa started playing with Mandy’s tits again. She moved down her torso, nibbling on her tummy before kneeling down and unzipping Mandy’s skirt. She pulled it down and took off her panties before she pushed her face between Mandy’s legs and slid a couple of fingers into her pussy. Mandy’s eyes were closed and she was breathing through an open mouth.

Then, still kneeling, Lisa turned Mandy around and positioned her on all fours on the bed. Spreading Mandys’ ass cheeks she started eating her pussy from behind. She then turned and gave me a wink before she stuck her tongue out again. but this time she started teasing Mandy’s asshole. First she allowed the tip of her tongue to tickle the puckered opening, causing a squeal of surprise. This turned into a sigh of pleasure as her tongue probed deeper and deeper - I could see her jaw muscles working even as she buried her face between Mandy’s cheeks.. As she rimmed my wife she slipped a couple of fingers back into Mandy’s pussy and started fucking her. Mandy was pinching her nipples as she rested her head on the bed with her ass in air and soon it was her turn to come, with Lisa’s tongue deep in her asshole.

“Oh yeah!! Yeahhh!! Stick your tongue in my tight little shit-hole! Aaahhhhh!!” she cried and as her orgasm took hold.

When she caught her breath she rolled over and lay back . Lisa climbed onto the bed and knelt next to her, leaning over so her breasts were hanging over Mandy’s face. They reached between each other’s legs and started to rub each other’s pussies as Mandy started sucking on Lisa’s breasts. Soon Lisa shifted so she was kneeling over Mandy’s head. She lowered herself onto Mandy’s face until they were locked in a 69. I could see Lisa’s fingers spread Mandy’s pussy lips as her tongue played over her clit faster and faster and before long the two of them came simultaneously, in spasms of pleasure.

Afterwards they cuddled on the bed, their wet fingers exploring each other’s bodies. Then Lisa said “He’s been very well behaved. Do you think he deserves to eat my pussy?”

Mandy looked at me. “Hmm. I don’t know. What do you think, honey? Have you been a good boy? Do you deserve to eat Lisa’s juicy little pussy?”

I didn’t know what to say. This wasn’t what we had discussed. I was happy just to watch. Still….

“Yes” I said.

“Yes what?” Mandy replied.

“Yes I’ve been a good boy and may I please eat Lisa’s pussy?”

“That’s more like it” Mandy said. “Come over to the bed.”

Instinctively I got onto my hands and knees and with my erect cock dangling below me crawled to the bed. Lisa spread her legs and as I got close I could feel the heat radiating from her pussy. Gently I started kissing her on the inside of her thighs before moving to the middle. I stuck my tongue out and gave her pussy lips long, slow licks, tickling her clit at the end of each one. I could hear kissing and I briefly looked up to see the two women embracing again. I went back to Lisa’s dripping pussy, sticking my tongue in as far is it would go and drinking her divine nectar. I moved my mouth to her clit and sucked on it like a tiny cock and she let out a muffled moan. I flicked my tongue back and forth and glanced up again when I heard her start to moan, Mandy had one nipple in her mouth and the other between her fingers. As I continued to lick Lisa’s clit she started to shudder and soon I was rewarded by a gush of pussy juice as she came again.

She opened her eyes and looked down.

“That was well done! I think you’ve earned a reward” she said as she brought me onto the bed. I lay between the two of them. Lisa grabbed my cock. “We’re going to give you a little treat, but that’s all you’re getting tonight” she said before she started licking my stiff member. Mandy joined in and I was overwhelmed by the feeling of two tongues on my cock. After a while Lisa moved so that her tits were smothering my face while she kept a firm grip on the base of my cock as Mandy continued to blow me.

Before long I cried out that I was close. Lisa moved back down and I was treated again to two mouths on me as Lisa’s strong hand pumped the base of my cock. Moments later I felt the surge from within and my cock exploded again and again over their tongues and lips. Lisa continued to milk me until I was empty and they kissed, Mandy licking my creamy jizz off Lisa’s face. Then Mandy kissed me but - what was going on? - she hadn’t swallowed and her mouth was full of cum which she forced into my mouth. Occasionally I had tasted my cum when there was a little left on her lips after a blowjob but this was different. I tried to resist but I was completely spent and couldn’t fight back and so with my mouth full of my own cum I had no choice but to swallow.

They giggled. “How did you like your reward?” Lisa asked.

“I enjoyed it a lot. Thank you.”

“You can sit over there again” Mandy said. “We haven’t finished yet.”

I crawled back to the chair and slumped back. For the next hour Mandy and Lisa continued to fuck. It didn’t take long for me to get hard again but as they had promised they didn’t touch me again. It didn’t matter though - the evening was reward enough.