Written by FiFi


It wasnt long until the trek up the mountain she had been so looking forward to was becoming a chore.The sun had reached its zenith and it was hot enough to fry eggs on the rocks around her. her back felt sticky and under her breasts the sweat was collecting so she wiped her finger along the crease feeling the hot liquid. Lifting it to her lips it tasted salty.Touching her breasts made her feel a hot rush tingle between her thighs and the course cloth of the shorts rub just that little bit harder on her swelling clit.

She breathed in and let her hand slip down to her crutch. Her pussy was moist and hot.

Suddenly the idea of continuing up the Mountain slipped into perspective as she looked for a cool spot to lay down in under the trees amoungst the pongas.

Her t shirt laid down on the broken fern leaves allowed her to free her breasts and quickly slip out of her shorts. The air on her body was heavenly.. the breeze caught on her shaven pussy lips and felt delicious.

A quick sqirt from the water bottle across her torso and she lay down in the cool of the thicket out of view.

Her fingers eagerly sensing her need and sliding into her pussy lips and rubbing her urgent clit.

Soon the first gush started as she delved deeper pushing hard on the pelvic bone from behind and a stream dripped around her buttucks trickling into the bush below.Digging harder she began to squirt a small fountain in front of her splashing her open legs the smell reaching her nostrils and turning her more frantic.

Then he pulled apart the ferns that were hiding him and displayed his flacid cock laying on his left leg pants around his ankles as he watched the cock started to rise he caught her eye and she smailed.

Opening her pussy so he could view it all she continued to play like a dancer on a stage her back arching at every spray of liquid.

Finally she arched again and bent froward holding open a magnificent arse for him to view thighs slick with juice.

Her hands holding her butt aprt she moaned and started to lubricate her ass.

Gently he knelt and fingered her tight anus rubbing it open and greasing his entry with two fingers she arched again and let out a small cry as his harden cock head pushed her open and drove into her anus opening her sphincter which in turn pulled hard on his cock.

Thrust after thrust not a word said until with a deft hand he tickled her clit to a magniicent orgasm whilst unloading into her anus her seed.

She stayed put cum now joining her slick thighs.Creamy spunk pouring out of her red anus.

He stood zipped up his trousers kissed her lightly on the butt and left the same way he had come.

Collapsing onher clothes she slept for the next 30 mins took a drink from her water bottle and used the rest to clean herself down. Slipped on her shorts and headed back down the Mount.

Mauau had visited her and filled her needs she was now his slave.