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"An innocent car ride...."
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I step out of the shower, beads of water running down my body, glistening. I grab a fluffy white towel from the towel rack and wrap it around me. My nerves have already begun. Deep breaths I tell myself. I head into the motel bedroom my outfit for the night laid out on the bed. Slowly I start drying myself, my hair, my back, my breasts, down the stomach, between the legs(although it won't stay dry long), the length of my legs and my feet. I grab my moisturizer and start working it up my legs and into my ass cheeks, everything feels so soft and smooth. I spray the sweet perfume he likes on my neck and rub my wrists into it...spreading it into my skin. I pick up the black fishnets and point my toes to allow them to glide up my foot and leg, once both feet and legs are in I stand up and bring them up over my buttocks...its a snug fit and my ass looks very round(and spankable)...these are the crotchless kind to allow easy and fast access when needed. Next the corset, its a deep red colour with boning and clasps right down the back. I make sure my breasts are in the right place and then start blindly clipping it together, turning to check in the mirror every now and then Im not missing any. Success. All done. I stand back and look at myself in the mirror, realizing just how slutty I look and smile...the evil smile of a girl who knows what she wants. I take my short mini skirt and pull it up over my hips. And put my wee boots on. Give my hair a quick brush, allowing it to dry naturally so the curls bounce back. Quick easy makeup applied, long trenchcoat over the top and tied at the front to keep the secret of what is underneath hidden away, and I am ready. I take a cold beer from the fridge and have a sip, the bottle so cold on my warm lips, so refreshing. Glancing out of the motel window I can see the sun is starting to set, we are about to be thrust into my favorite time of day.....the night....the dark. I hear a car horn toot twice and know this is for me. I gather my bag of things I think I may require tonight. I open the motel door, lock it behind me and head down the stairs. As I approach the car I can feel the fact I am not wearing any underwear...the crotchless tights providing no cover from the cool breeze. I open the car door and look inside. There he is. The man that makes my heart skip beats and can make me orgasm with words. I smile at him and climb in beside. All of a sudden very aware of what I was wearing underneath. Although my instructions were to dress sexy. I see he has spotted the fishnets as i lift my leg to cross it. His hand instantly reaches out and rests there and he smiles at me. My heart skips... I know he has a suprise planned but he has revealed nothing in the lead up. We are silent in the car, which builds my nerves and my excitement. The car is slowing...we are in what looks like an industrial area of town. The buildings are all dark except one. There is dim lighting and a large man standing outside, what is going on I wonder to myself. He gets out of the car and comes around to open my door. We are here he says and takes my hand. I can see flashes of excitement in his eyes. I step out, my boots making a little clip clop sound as they hit the pavement. He closes the cardoor behind me and we start walking towards the large man. The men shake hands and both look at me and smile, I nervously smile back. And then my hand is taken again and im led through a narrow corridor, there is red lighting and it smells musky, like old brandy and cigarettes. But I like it. We reach a set of double doors and he fiercely grips me to him. Arms so tight, suddenly his mouth is on mine. Deep passionate kisses, holding me so close. He pulls back and leans in right beside my ear and whispers "I love you Ms K" pussy reacts and I can feel the wetness between my legs. He opens one of the doors and my eyes take a second to adjust. The room is large, like a hall. The outside of the room is dark....the inside of the room has a circle of candles and what looks to be a bed right in the center. We start to walk towards shoes making the clip clop sound across the bare wood we near the bed I start to become aware that we are not alone in here. As my eyes adjust to the darkness I can start to make out a semi circle of chairs on the very outskirts....closer still and i realise there is someone sitting on each chair, watching us walk. I can not see any of there faces, the darkness is too deep, but I can see their silhouettes... I realise I am gripping his hand. Not out of fear, but out of the unknown. My attention switches back to him and the fast approaching bed. He unties the coat and drops it over my shoulders, removes the mini skirt, so I am standing in my tights and the corset. He inspects me and tells me I chose the outfit well. The bed looks beautiful, there is a red silk sheet, a thick headboard that has a line of candles running along it. And there is rope and toys laid out on a bench beside it. My heart is beating out of my chest. We reach the bed and he turns me to face him. "Do you trust me"...."yes" I answer. This is all he needs to know to understand I am okay. He picks up a hood from the bed, kisses me deeply and then slides it over my head. There is a mouth hole, but my sense of sight is gone. Its so dark, so encompassing...I feel at home in the dark. I can hear set of soft footsteps getting closer. I then feel headphones going on over the hood. Music starts playing, its a Playlist we had made together, all of our favorite songs. I feel instantly at ease. Slowly I am leant back onto those silky sheets...i love the feel of them on my skin, so cool, so frictionless.. I can feel my body being maneuvered into a position, and then I feel the all too familiar feel of his ropes against my skin, Im being tied. But there are more then 2 hands touching me...maybe more than body is electric with sensation.... My wrists are placed together in front of me while at the same time I feel my legs spread wide. The soft rope is bound around my wrists, getting tighter and tighter. I feel another set of hands tying rope around one of my ankles, hang on...2 sets of hands, one on each ankle...the ropes are tight and restricting but they don't hurt. The music in my ears is transporting me to another place. Head in the clouds, I can feel the ropes on my ankles being secured down. I wonder for a second what I look like right now to these faceless silhouettes. Legs spread wide, crotchless fishnets. Pussy on display. My bound hands are then stretched out above my head and secured somehow above me, flat on the bed. And then there is nothing. No touch. Just me, on this silk sheeted bed, bound and alone for what feels like forever. And then I feel lips on mine. So deep, so passionate and I know this kiss. I know that tongue. It is my Sir. I am so deep in his kiss that it takes me a moment to realise someone is touching my pussy. Fingers touching, exploring, and then a mouth is on it, tongue working its magic. The kiss stops and I feel hands removing my breasts from the corset I am wearing. It feels like they just effortlessly pop out the top. Mouth and fingers on my hard nipples, the sensations are overloading me....and then pain!...sweet pain...nipple clamps have been attached and are being tightened. Between the nipples and whoever has their mouth down below I am floating away. I lay there, in that room while also being in a totally different universe, my head is turned to the side. I feel something running over my lips, it feels soft and warm. I stick my tongue out for a taste. I know what this is and I know what to do with it. He pushes it in past my lips and I open my mouth wide. This is an unfamiliar cock. Girthy but not scarily huge in length. He pushes it in further while at the same time holding the back of my head. While I get lost in the cocksucking, ever the cumslut wanting that sweet reward of a mouthful at the end, I feel something starting to push past my other lips. The mouth that had been so hungrily working down there, gone, replaced by a hard cock. He pushes it in so slowly, I can feel myself widen to accommodate him. Right now I feel hands everywhere, my breasts, my thighs, holding my ankles, touching my clit. Cocks are being swapped out, different ones in my mouth, I can tell them apart by taste, different ones in my many hands everywhere. The sensory deprivation has removed me from planet earth and I am orbiting the galaxy....I explode into a loud orgasm. My entire body feeling this, legs shaking, back arching, hard cocks still in my holes, hands still all over my body. For the next while I am lost in a haze of hard cocks, hands and mouths. I am not aware of time nor space. Orgasms come hard and fast to me. My mouth is filled multiple times, I feel cocks spray their creamy goodness over my bare flesh, hands stopping to rub it in. Slowly the number of hands and cocks lessens. Until I am sure there is only 1 person. My headphones are removed. I hear a voice whisper close to my ear...."good girl". Shudders run through my body. The hood is removed and I blink furiously trying to regain my sight that I feel has also been affected by all of my orgasms. There is one man left. He slowly unties me, helps me sit up. Kisses me deeply. We gather our things and slowly start the walk through the hall room, out into the red lit, brandy and cigarette smelling corridor and back out into the night.

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