Written by jimmyzbob


He had not been to a swingers club before but nevertheless was feeling confident. Hours at the gym, the right cologne and a shot of whiskey had put him in the right frame of mind to both give and receive pleasure. He would describe himself as open-minded but knew this place could push almost anyones boundaries.

Then he saw her if his confidence made him feel like a hero she exuded the effortless confidence of a goddess. Her curves, her lingerie, her pink boots and most of all her smile gave the air of a joker. Their eyes met, she smiled and his confidence was replaced by a boyish playfulness. He knew he was putty in her hands for the asking. With a thrill he realised she knew it too.

She placed her drink on the table people and moved towards him passed couples and singles hanf dressed and undressed they were all background compared to her. She got to him, her perfume intoxicating. "What brings you here?" she purred. "I heard myself say "I want to experience something I've never experienced before".

She smiled and took me by the hand leading me in to another room. It let me enjoy her curves more, she looked back and saw me admiring her beautifully round bottom. She smiled even more, almost giggled.

She led me in to a tent. I turned to embrace her and her hands touched my lips. She placed a finger on my shoulder pushing me back so I faced the wall of the tent. It was then that I noticed the holes...... and the hands. She nudged me forward and stepped forward herself. The hands found our bodies and instantly started to move over our near naked forms.

Each touch was electric as they carressed my stomach, chest, reached round and squeezed my ass and often, deliciously they stroked the length of my now growing cock through the material of my boxers. I looked over she was enjoying this as much as me hands were on her breasts, thigh, buttocks and between her thighs. I saw her reach down squeezing fingers on to her nipples encourage them to be more forceful......

More to follow, I promise!