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The Girl with the Dragonfly Tattoo (Part IV)

Playing with Lee's bag of toys, and my toys.


10 minute read

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Intrigued, Isobel sat up to watch, kneeling, sitting back on her heels. I knew the strap-on dildo and harness was on the other side of the chaise, and I wondered what else was inside the shiny black bag. I rummaged through the bag. Lube. Aloe gel. Paddles. Wipes. Lengths of rope and leads. A short, nasty looking flail whip. Cuffs. A large pink dildo. A sleek purple vibrator. Pink egg vibrators. Collars in different styles and colours. A wand. Butt plugs. Nipple clamps with chains. Lee moved over to Isobel, her demeanour changed. Lee used her hands to gently manipulate Isobel to sit upright, straight-backed. Feet parallel, toes flat on the floor. Elbows close to her side. Knees together. Hands flat on thighs, fingers together, palms up. She picked up a black leather collar adorned with links of bright chain and put it around Isobel’s neck, fastening a leash. Isobel didn’t object, sitting upright. She put chained nipple clamps on Isobel’s breasts, connecting them together and then each of them to the collar. She kissed the top of Isobel’s head and knelt next to her, sitting in the same position. Taking my cue, I dressed Lee in the same gear, tightening the nipple clamps until I caught a slight wince. I moved to Isobel, tightening hers while looking into her eyes, stopping when I thought I saw her lips start to form a safe word. I tugged each of their chains gently, bringing a squeal from Isobel and a happy sigh from Lee. I loosened Isobel’s clamps a fraction. Kneeling in front of them I kissed them in turn. Kissing their mouths, necks and flicking their nipples with my tongue. I opened their legs, pushing their knees apart and started rubbing their pussies in unison, up and down the length of their slits and easing fingertips into them, gently at first, teasing, then firmer, playing with their clits and eventually fucking them both with my fingers curled inside them. They were both close to orgasm, both very wet, and I stopped and stood offering Lee my cock. She sucked and licked it passionately. I pulled out and moved to Isobel’s mouth. She did the same, taking me all the way into her mouth, staying there, pulling back to get air, her eyes watering, smiling. I turned their faces towards each other, holding the back of their heads, and they kissed passionately. Pushing my cock between their lips they formed a ring with their lips and tongues and I fucked their joined mouths holding myself back from the edge. Pulling back I left them kissing while I went to the bag for lube and butt plugs. I presented each of them with a butt plug to lick and suck, Isobel's eyes wide. Leaving the plugs in their mouths, I used their leashes to pull them forward onto their hands and knees, leading them as they crawled to the chaise. “Up, on your knees” I instructed. Once they were on the chaise I used the leashes to pull their heads down low, turning their faces to each other. Moving behind them I licked their pussies, and rimmed and tongued their assholes. Isobel was tightly clenched and I spent extra time soothing her, helping her relax, using pressure from the tip of my finger to ease her muscles. Reaching down I took the plug from Isobel’s mouth, the larger of the two, and moved behind Lee. Licking around her ass and fucking her with my tongue I dropped a splash of lube on her ass rolling the plug in it. I pushed a finger into her gently, fucking her with it slowly, then easing in a second finger. Rolling the plug around Lee's hole, I pushed the tip into her, Lee moaning on the plug in her mouth. I caressed the skin around the tip of the plug applying slightly more pressure, pushing into her gently, stretching her until it was sucked into her ass, her ring closing around the bright steel stem. Lee groaned in pleasure. Taking the smaller plug from Lee’s mouth, she smiled. “Thank you Sir” she said. “Good girl” I replied. I pushed their faces together so they could kiss. “I'd like you support each other by looking after each other’s pussies” I suggested. Needing no encouragement each moved a hand between the other's legs. I repeated the same steps on Isobel, but taking more time on her much tighter ass, listening out for a safe word. With lots of lube and patience, pressure, soothing and gentle stretching the plug went into her ass with no sign of discomfort, just a surprised squeak from Isobel when it sucked itself in once past the bulge, then bringing a quiet moan from her. They hadn’t stopped kissing, until Isobel spoke up. “Thank you Sir” she said, smiling. “Good girl, you did so well!”, I said. rewarding each one in turn with a jiggle of their plug as I fingered their pussy. Moving to the black silk bag, the girls were looking back in anticipation at what I would bring back. I stepped back behind them with the flail whip and paddle. Lee looked excited. Isobel looked nervous. “You’ve both been good girls here tonight, but we need to address each of your wrongdoings earlier in the evening.” They lowered their heads. “Isobel, you kept me waiting for almost an hour, giving Lee here the opportunity to pose as you, and then told me off when I’d left, without hearing anything from you.” “Yes Sir, sorry Sir” came Isobel's acknowledgement. “And you Lee, you misrepresented yourself as Isobel deliberately to trick me.” I said, ignoring the fact that I would have chased her down the street if I needed to, no matter what name she’d given me. Lee knew it, but knew better than to say it. “I did Sir. I apologise Sir, and accept whatever punishment you decide is appropriate” Lee offered. “I’ve decided you'll each chose the other's punishment, as long as it seems reasonable to me, strikes of the paddle, or strikes of the whip. Isobel, you first” I said. “10 strokes with the paddle” she said. Lee moaned, and responded “6 strokes with the whip”. “Very well” I said, “you’ll each get your punishment from me” I paused, “plus the punishment you chose for the other, delivered by the other.” Isobel’s head dropped lower. “Lee, you first”. I said, the paddle striking her ass hard as I said “first”, catching her by surprise. “One” she cried out, a mark already forming. I continued, hard but not brutal and Lee kept counting. Isobel seemed to wince as much Lee, or more, with each fall. I was careful not to strike the same spot repeatedly. As Lee counted 10 and added her thanks, most of her backside was patterned red. I picked up the flail whip and struck Isobel moderately. “One” she called out sounding relieved. My strokes became harder, as she continued counting. With the flail spreading, red lines were crossing. “Thank you Sir” she finished at six. “Good girl” I said. “Now give six to Lee” I said handing her the flail whip. Isobel stood, standing awkwardly with the plug in her ass. She reluctantly struck Lee. “Thank you” Lee said unconvincingly, almost mocking. That seemed inflame Isobel and she struck brutally hard in quick succession. “Two, three”. Lee screamed out and I wasn’t happy and took hold of Isobel’s arm. “Play nicely” I told her firmly. Isobel took a deep breath and struck more moderately, but still with intention and force until she had finished her set of 6 strokes leaving Lee’s backside a criss-cross artwork of red lines. Isobel resumed her position on the chaise and Lee stood picked up the paddle. 2 strokes hit Isobel hard before I could intervene. Probably fair enough, I thought. Isobel counted faithfully, becoming more breathless. The rest of the 10 were enough to pattern Isobel’s backside. Lee resumed her position on the chaise. “Good girls” I said, with my hands on their backsides, feeling the heat from them. I caressed them gently, soothing them. I rubbed on cooling aloe gel. Pulling gently on their butt plugs, and putting pressure on them bought moans. I turned their faces to each other and they kissed passionately, ravenous for each other. I licked them both, and fingered them gently, then picking up the pace and thrusting into them. They were both moaning and pushing back onto my fingers. I could feel Isobel near orgasm, and pulled away from her, tugging her nipple chain and butt plug gently as I moved. Standing behind Lee, I pushed my cock in and out between her legs rubbing along the length of her slit, bumping her clit. It was clearly driving her crazy. I pulled back and used the tip of my cock to push just inside her pussy. “You may fuck me now” I said “but you may not come”. She pushed back on me taking me inside her. She thrust forcefully and I braced against her, playing with her butt plug, reaching around to her clipped nipples, and playing with her clit. I could feel her tension, and she was holding herself back. I pulled out and she moaned. I saw her clench, rigid. Moving behind Isobel, I repeated this, standing still and letting her fuck my cock. Applying a steady tension to the chain attached to her nipples seemed to drive her crazy, and moving the butt plug up and down inside her slightly as well. She was thrusting back on me faster and harder. Reaching around I rubbed her clit and with her moaning, breathing, head tossing and bucking thrusting hips I could feel her close to orgasm. I started pushing into her and held the butt plug, pulling on it till it almost escaped her ring. “You may come” I said and Isobel let out a huge expulsion of air followed by a wailing scream. As the butt plug popped out of her I pushed it back in, coinciding with a gushing orgasm that pulled my cock deeper into her. “Fuuuuuuuck” she yelled, her head collapsing on the chaise as her legs trembled and the muscles in her backside twitched. Moving back to Lee I pushed into her and stood still, playing with her clit and pulling her butt plug fully out and pushing it back in gently. I loved watching the final movement as her ring took the full width of the bulge, pulling the rest of the plug in. I pulled on her nipple chains and held them carefully as I started to thrust into her building up pace and force. Moving one hand to her clit, she was back on the edge in no time. I kept her there for a while longer hearing her gasp for air and seeing her back straighten and legs flex with tension. Everything seemed to happen simultaneously. I tugged her nipple chains as I said “Come for me” and Lee exploded. The release was immense and she came hard on my cock, screaming in release, the spasms in her pussy bringing on my own powerful climax, spurting into her. Her legs trembled and buckled and I held her hips up as she shook. “Thank you Sir” she said in a breathless whisper. Looking at Isobel her face told me she’d never seen an orgasm like that before. A mix of awe and hunger. I suspected it had been a night of many firsts for Isobel, with more to come. Seeing me looking at her, she looked slightly embarrassed, like she wanted to ask something. “What is it Isobel?” I asked. “May I.. “ she stammered “May I clean you and Lee up, like Lee did to me?” “Good girl” I said becoming her over. She knelt, pulled my softening cock from Lee’s pussy and took it in her mouth then licked it, before sucking the tip firmly. Turning to Lee’s backside, she licked up Lee’s leg to her pussy, playing with Lee's butt plug as she lapped at Lee’s pussy, moaning with pleasure as much as Lee was. I asked them both to stand and as we kissed. I unfastened their nipple clamps and chains bringing moans from both of them. “Good girls” I said, looking into their eyes as I unclipped their leashes. “You’re now free to play”

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