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Lee led Isobel to me and gestured for her to sit. “Hi. I’m Dave, and this is Lee” I said. “Sorry our previous plans didn't work, but this is your lucky night, if you play your cards right". Lee smiled, recognising her own lines.

"Oh, right, ok, Hi, I'm Isobel” she stammered .

I carried on, remembering Lee's lines from the bar. “You'll have to do better than that Isobel, if you want a night of fucking you'll never forget." She gawked dumbly at me. Lee chuckled.

"Actually, maybe it's best if you don't talk. Here are the rules. If you're up for it, you can play with us all night, but you’ll follow our directions. All of them. No question. No comment. Just do as we say, whatever we say. In return, we promise that we will not harm you in any way. Any pain that may be involved is up to you. You need two safe words. One means "go easier", you can cool things down without having to say so. The other will bring everything to a stop, immediately”.

She nodded, looking flushed with excitement. Lee was stroking her hair, neck and shoulders.

“While you’re thinking of your words. Stand up, and Lee is going to undress you.”

Isobel stood, facing me, and Lee moved behind her, taking off her top, unclasping her bra, and reached around holding Isobel's tits in her hands, rolling the nipples between her fingers. Isobel’s eyes closed and she moaned.

Lee knelt down behind Isobel patting her backside playfully. She slid both hands up the back of Isobel’s legs, under her skirt, grabbing her butt cheeks hard. She unzipped the skirt and wriggled it down revealing Isobel totally naked, shaved.

“Good girl” said Lee. “No panties. You came here for a good fucking didn’t you? You want to be our dirty little plaything don’t you?”

“Yes, I ... “ Isobel started to speak.

Lee slapped her ass hard, “It was a rhetorical question Izzy. Best you stay quiet for a bit, now spread your legs and lean forward.” Lee instructed. Isobel did as she was told and I saw Lee lean forward and lick Isobel’s pussy, pushing her face hard into her backside, Isobel’s eyes closing again.

Standing up and pulling Isobel upright Lee kissed Isobel hard, Isobel returning the kiss with equal passion. Lee pulled away, looking at Isobel. “She’s nice and clean for us. She tastes sweet and she’s very wet already.” she said to me, but looking into Isobel's eyes. “She even dabbed a bit of perfume down there if I’m not mistaken. I think she was hoping to get her pussy eaten. Is the right Izzy. Were you hoping to get your pussy eaten by us tonight? And were you hoping to eat my pussy too? Tell us your safe words Izzy and then tell us why you came over”

Isobel was flushed red in the face. Her hand had started rubbing her pussy gently.

She told us her words, and explained that when she heard I’d left with another woman she was furious, but the description of the woman the barman had given her was exciting. She thought maybe that if she could join us, she could ‘out-sexy’ Lee, and that I’d prefer her. That she’d 'win me back'. When she saw the pictures we sent, it all changed for her.

Although she’d never been with a woman before, she lusted after Lee and seeing us together she wanted to get fucked by us both. “You wearing that strap on” Isobel said huskily “that’s so fucking sexy. I want you to fuck me with that” the redness in her face deepening.

“Thank you Izzy” Lee said “all in good time. First we're all going to get to know each a bit better.”

Isobel lay on the chaise next to me, facing me. Her hands stroked my cock as I played with her nipples. We kissed and Lee moved down between Isobel’s legs, licking her and then fingering her gently. I moved off the chaise, leaning over Isobel and she turned her head and took my cock in her mouth, sucking the tip and then using her tongue and lips along its length before taking me in her mouth. Reaching behind me, pulling me into her I started to fuck her mouth gently. I reached down and when Lee's tongue wasn’t on Isobel’s clit, my fingers were.

Lee’s fingers were thrusting harder and Isobel's hips were bucking. Her moans sent amazing vibrations along my cock in her mouth. She pulled me out as she came with a scream, her thighs trembling, and her abs convulsing.

Lee crawled over to me and sucked my cock kneeling while Isobel recovered, then pulled me to the floor and rolled us in a 69, her on top. I loved the taste of her and buried my tongue in her pussy, pulling her down on me. At the same time she was doing wonderful things with my cock in her mouth as she played with my balls.

Isobel moved over to join us. Lee sat up over my face and I continued licking her and now with fingers in her. Isobel sat on me, rubbing her pussy down the length of my cock, caressing it’s length with her pussy lips. When she focussed rubbing her pussy on the tip of my cock I thought I was going to come but she pulled back reached down and put my cock into herself.

Lee and Isobel kissed and played with each other’s breasts and clits as Lee rode my face and Isobel rode my cock. Lee came with a large shudder, squeezing my fingers in her pussy, her knees clamping tight around my head.

She rolled off me, and knelt beside us, playing with Isobel's nipples with one hand and her clit with the other as I thrust up into her, bringing Isobel to another strong orgasm. She was putty in Lee's talented hands. I’d stopped thrusting and enjoyed the ripples of her orgasm squeezing my cock.

“And now you are going to learn to please a woman” Lee said to Isobel, lying back and spreading her legs, beckoning Isobel over. Isobel lay down, her head between Lee's legs. I moved to suck Lee's nipples, kissing her deeply, and watched as Isobel started licking Lee's pussy - tentatively at first, then with more confidence once she saw the effect she was having on Lee, then with enthusiasm as her efforts were being rewarded with Lee's flowing juices. She started to use her fingers too and judging by Lee's moans, Isobel was a natural.

I moved behind Isobel, lifting her hips up, angling them and spreading her legs so I could lick her pussy, making her moan into Lee's pussy. I fingered her as I licked around her asshole bringing more moans. I lifted her hips further so I could enter her from behind, careful not to pull her away from Lee. Lee was holding the back of Isobel’s head hard into her pussy.

I started up a rhythm thrusting into Isobel from behind, leaning forward to play with her tits. My pace started to quicken hearing Lee's loud moans which culminated in a screaming orgasm, Lee's hips bucking wildly, her back arching and her legs straightening, rigid, then trembling.

Isobel adjusted her position now she didn’t have Lee’s pussy to focus on. She pushed herself up on her hands and started meeting my thrusts pushing back into me. Still in the afterglow of her own climax, Lee turned around and shimmied under Isobel, on her back, her head between Isobel’s legs. She was fondling my balls and rubbing Isobel's clit, reaching up to lick it every now and then. It was enough to send me over the top and I came deep in Isobel with a loud grunt, in several spurts. I stayed deep inside her. Lee didn’t let up on Isobel’s clit and soon Isobel was enjoying her own climax, in a series of loud “fuck”s.

As I withdrew, Lee took me in her mouth and licked me clean, before returning to lap at Isobel’s dripping pussy. Isobel was practically shaking she was so aroused by that. She stood up, come still dripping from her, before kneeling down to kiss Lee deeply, enjoying the taste of me in Lee's mouth. I moved over to join them, kissing them both, all three of our tongues playing together.

Moving back to the chaise I watched the girls enjoying each other for a while. They were kissing gently, their hands roaming over each other exploring. I reached down down under the chaise looking for my drink, where I’d put it, out of the way of stray limbs. Instead of my drink I felt a large, silky bag. Pulling it out and then finding and finishing my drink I asked Lee if I could look inside, assuming it was her bag of toys.

“Please do” was her response, smiling mischievously.

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