Isobel kissed me, gently but passionately, holding my hands in hers. “Thank you Dave, that was perfect”. I looked into her eyes, feeling a glowing warmth from her.

Meanwhile, Isobel was rummaging in the bag giggling. “Fuck, I don’t know where to start” she chuckled, and Lee joined her, laughing at Isobel's excitement.

I went to the kitchen bringing back 3 glasses of water. Returning, it was clear I was the only one interested in hydration. Isobel was on her back, legs spread. Lee was on her hands and knees between Isobel’s legs working the wand on Isobel's pussy. The tail of a pink egg vibrator was poking out of Lee's pussy, and her phone was on the chaise with the app open. I pushed the control level to the max and almost immediately both Lee and Isobel started moaning “Ffffffuuuuucccckkkkk” they rumbled in unison. Surprised, I turned it down quickly. The girls giggled. “Be careful with that Dave!” Lee chided jokingly.

They both had eggs inside themselves and they were jointly controlled! I enjoyed watching them use the wand on each other as I played with the app, enjoying the effect the egg vibrators could have.

Lee was using the wand on Isobel's pussy again and had brought Isobel to an orgasm, but Lee wasn’t stopping, she kept the wand pushed between Isobel’s legs. Isobel was trying to close her legs, but couldn’t, with Lee kneeling between them. Isobel tried twisting away, but Lee leaned down with one arm across Isobel’s hips. With Isobel swearing, Lee kept up the pressure with the wand until Isobel screamed in orgasm and splashed Lee with a huge squirt.

Isobel pushed Lee away, almost delirious. Laughing, crying, rolling and clenching her legs together muttering “fuck, fuck fuck, fuck fuck”. As she calmed down she sat up and looked at Lee who was smiling broadly. She moved over and hugged Lee hard. “Thank you, thank you, thank you” she said. “That was fucking amazing. I’ve never felt that and never squirted like that. Sorry!” Isobel apologised.

"Don’t be sorry. It’s why I kept going. It happens to me like that too. Once you get past the intensity, when it feels so good it almost hurts, it just explodes inside you doesn’t it?” Lee said, while Isobel nodded enthusiastically.

“Fucking amazing” Isobel said. Her expression changed and she reached down and pushed fingers inside herself, bringing them out and putting them into her mouth. Lee moved down and fingered Isobel gently before withdrawing and sucking her fingers too. “You taste so amazing” Lee said.

Isobel looked at Lee intensely. “I want you to fuck me with that strap-on” Isobel said “and taste myself on it”. Isobel smiled and kissed Isobel. “My pleasure” Lee said, moving to get the harness and dildo from behind the chaise.

While Lee was getting ready, I moved over to Isobel and eased her down onto her back, kissing her, sucking tits and playing with her pussy. I played with her clit while slowly pulling the egg vibrator from her. She took it from me and licked it, moaning. I moved away standing, as Lee approached, stroking the dildo as she walked.

“You look so fucking sexy” Isobel said huskily, spreading her legs and holding her pussy lips open. Lee and I looked down at Isobel wide open, both of us stroking our cocks. Lee moved between Isobel’s legs and Isobel lifted her hips as Lee pushed into her. I watched, entranced as Lee fucked Isobel gently at first, then harder, slamming into her, Isobel’s legs up wide and high in the air, then curling behind Lee's back, pulling Lee into her.

Both girls were grunting. Lee pulled out of Isobel and moved up, straddling Isobel’s face, feeding her the black cock to suck, lick and taste. I moved over, between Isobel’s legs, pushing into her slick pussy. I reached forward, and pulled and pushed on Lee's butt plug and leaned down and licked her pussy between the harness. When I leaned down to kiss Isobel, Lee moved off from straddling Isobel's face. Kneeling beside us as I continued to fuck Isobel, Lee fucked Isobel’s mouth with the cock. I leaned down, kissing Isobel’s mouth and Lee pushed the cock into my mouth, I sucked and licked it. Isobel went from wide-eyed, to smiling, to the picture of horniness.

Lee lay on her back, and I pulled out of Isobel, who turned facing me and straddled Lee reverse cowboy. She groaned with pleasure as she sunk down on the cock. She rode the dildo hard and I saw Lee playing with the plug in Isobel's ass. Isobel beckoned me to her and I stood in front of her as she sucked my cock. After a while bouncing and then grinding on the dildo she moaned in orgasm still sucking my cock, letting me fuck her mouth as I held her face.

She took me from her mouth and moved off the dildo shuffling back to suck the cock again while giving Lee her pussy to lick. When she’d finished cleaning her juices off the dildo she sat up over Lee’s face, pure ecstasy on her face.

I grabbed some lube, suddenly knowing what I wanted. I stroked a generous wipe of lube on the dildo. Isobel looked on smiling, maybe thinking it was for her. When I reached between my legs and lubed my ass she had that wide-eye look again. I positioned myself over the dildo and gently pushed myself down onto it. After a few gentle pushes it was fully inside me again. Isobel leaned down and sucked my cock as I rode the dildo gently.

Isobel stood up and I saw Lee looking lustfully at me, pushing up into me. Isobel moved up standing close to me and, with her arms around my neck, she slid down in front of me squatting. Reaching down she held my cock up to her pussy lips. While kissing me deeply she pushed down, pushing me into her. The three of us were in a wonderful rhythm, and with the angles involved, it wasn’t long before Isobel was coming again, softly this time, while kissing me. I couldn’t believe how intense it felt with her pussy on my cock, her tongue in my mouth and Lee's dildo filling my ass.

Isobel stood and pulled away from me, bending down to suck my cock. I was in ecstasy and close to coming, but wanted to hold back, so was pleased when she stopped sucking me. She stood and leaned into me and whispered in my ear “Let's both fuck Lee”.

I didn’t respond, but pulled myself up off the dildo, and pulled Lee to her feet. We stood there kissing and touching each other. Isobel cleaned the dildo with wipes and unclipped the harness from behind Lee before she knew what was happening. Stepping straight into it and tightening it around her, Isobel delighted in turning her hips making the cock sway left and right. She wanked it and whacked in on Lee's thigh.

I knelt down bringing Lee with me, down to her hands and knees. Lee dropped her head to my crotch taking me in her mouth. Isobel knelt behind Lee and I was envious of the view she was getting. She seemed to be admiring what she saw and leant down to kiss and lick Lee's pussy, then fingering her with one hand and playing with her clit with the other.

Lee started moaning, pushing back on Isobel's fingers and she rocked back and forward with my cock in her mouth. Lee's moans spurred Isobel to move the cock to Lee's pussy and pushed in gently with her hips. It look her a while to get her position and movement right, but soon, she was fucking Lee hard from behind, holding her hips.

I leaned forward to squeeze Lee’s nipples, drawing an appreciative moan. Grabbing the lube from the floor, I squeezed some into my hand. Stretching further I smoothed lube around Lee's ass moving the butt plug up and down, without removing it. Lee was clearly enjoying that, so I eased it out of her completely, rolled it in more lube and pushed it back in gently bringing a loud moan from Lee. Isobel was looking down transfixed. She moved my hand away, and played with plug herself. Pulling it out and pushing it back it expertly.

“Fuck that feels so good” Lee moaned breathlessly. “I want you both in me.”

Isobel pulled the plug out of Lee's ass and withdrew the dildo from Lee's pussy and lay back holding the dildo upright. Lee used some lube on her ass and dildo and moved up and squatted over it. She pushed down gently bring the cock into herself, getting past the resistance of her ring. Then Lee dropped down sharply bringing a yelp of surprise from Isobel and a squeal of pleasure from Lee.

Lee leaned back on Isobel’s chest slightly, holding some of her own weight on her outstretched hands. Isobel reached around her playing with Lee’s nipples while pushing up into her. Lee gasped at the thrusts and started to ride her ass up and down the black shaft, closing her eyes and moaning.

She lay back fully on Isobel’s chest using her hips to ride the dildo, pushing up using her feet and pushing the top of her back against Isobel's chest. I positioned myself between Lee’s legs and she and Isobel stayed still long enough for me to position my cock at her opening. Reaching down she grabbed my cock and rubbed the tip up and down the length of her slit several times before using it to caress her clit. Finally she pushed it down and into herself and I thrust, filling her. I watched her face contort as she adjusted to both our cocks in her.

She pulled me down and kissed me deeply. One of the most intense kisses I can recall, one I felt in my balls. “Fuck me David” she urged. “Come in me. Use me. I’m yours completely. So full. So good. So fucking good”. I started pounding into her, her legs lifting off the ground and into the air. Despite the thrusting and weight on her, Isobel continued thrusting from below as much as she could. I nibbled on Lee's nipples and felt Isobel’s hand move down playing with Lee’s clit and sometimes touching my cock.

Isobel’s fingers were working magic on Lee, sending small shocks of pleasure through her. I kissed Lee hard and kept up my thrusting as Isobel rubbed Lee’s clit furiously. Lee started calling out in short gasps and her back arched, pushing my cock into even more pleasurable places for her, sending her over the edge. She screamed in release, legs trembling and her pussy spasming. The look of bliss on her face and her drive to keep fucking right through her climax drove me to fuck her even harder, and shortly I pushed as deep as I could, spurting inside her.

Catching our breath, Lee breathing heavily in my ear, I smiled to hear Isobel from beneath us. “Holy fuck you two.” she said “you just about fucked me right through the floor!” We laughed, panting. I kissed Lee, and lifted myself off her.

Lee rolled off the dildo and lay on the floor next to Isobel. Isobel lay there smiling. I rolled Isobel over onto her side towards Lee, and as they kissed gently I unclipped the harness and slipped the dildo off Isobel, rolling her back onto her back and then over onto her stomach. Grabbing some lube I smeared it around her ass, around the butt plug and played with it before removing it and tonguing and gently fingering her ass and pussy. Mmmm” she murmured, pushing down on my fingers by angling her hips. “Maybe You can take my anal cherry later?” she asked.

The thought made my mouth dry and I pictured her riding the dildo on top of Lee on her hands and knees, while I spread her ass cheeks and pushed into her tight hole from behind. I was speechless but stammered “Ah, yeah, that’d be nice.”

“You'll have to do better than that Dave” she said , “if you want a night of fucking you'll never forget”, making us all laugh.

“Don’t worry” said Lee. “If Dave's not up for it, my boyfriend will be home soon.”

I stared at Lee open mouthed. Isobel stared at me, looking bemused.

“Yeah” she said smiling mischievously “As soon as he closes his bar”.