Another KS contact and another no show. We had arranged to meet at Hamilton's best cocktail lounge at 7. I knew Isobel liked espresso martinis, so I'd ordered one for each of us. That was 45 minutes ago. No text, no call, nothing. No reply when I sent her one. Alex the barman was looking at me in pity. I’d told him about Isobel and how much I was looking forward to meeting her.

I downed the rest of my drink and picked up the other one, moving over to the leather couches in the dimly lit corner, resigned to the fact that I would be finishing my drink alone.

I'd started sipping on the second espresso martini when she walked in. I was pleased I was sitting in the dark, so she didn't see my mouth hit the floor. Black stiletto heels, high. Black leather pants, tight fitting. Perfect shapely but firm looking ass. Metallic grey, long sleeved top, sheer and form fitting around smallish but perky beautifully shaped tits. Short straight dark hair. Makeup a bit severe, but dramatic and emphasizing a classically beautiful face with icy blue eyes. She glided to the bar and sat down. Even Alex, normally relaxed and friendly, looked slightly awkward somehow moving to serve her. She hadn't done herself justice in the way she'd described herself to me, and the arty pictures she sent me hadn't shown off her beauty at all.

I couldn't hear the conversation, but Alex had composed himself and made her laugh as he moved away to get a bottle of single malt off the shelf behind the bar. He poured her a double which she threw back. He poured her a second which she started to sip. Moments later she beckoned Alex to come back. They talked quietly, their heads leaning in towards each other when I saw Alex looking contemplative. Hesitating, he glanced up at me and motioned with his eyes in my direction.

She turned on her seat and without hesitation slid off and moved towards me, her eyes burning into mine. I hope my face wasn't giving too much away. Over her shoulder I saw Alex raise his shoulders and hands in a shrug. She sat down next to me, hard up against my side, one hand holding her scotch the other rested on my thigh and my mouth went immediately dry. Her perfume was exquisite, dark and sweet.

"I'm Isobel. This is your lucky night, if you play your cards right". Our messages up until now had been suggestive and flirty but not this direct.

"Ahh, Hi, I'm Dave" is all I managed to blurt out.

She laughed softly. "You'll have to do better than that Dave, if you want a night of fucking you'll never forget." I was gob-smacked and gawked dumbly at her. "Actually, maybe it's best if you don't talk. Espresso martini eh? Nice, but not what I would have chosen for you." She sipped her scotch.

"Here are the rules" she started. "I am as horny as hell and if you're up for it, you can play with me all night. Anyway you want. I’m at your utter disposal."

She paused, maybe for effect. It certainly had an effect. My cock started to swell. This isn't how we'd planned the night to go, but I was happy to go where this seemed to be leading.

"But first, you need to promise me that the first hour or so is all mine. You follow my instructions. All of them. No question. No comment. Just do as I say, whatever I say. In return, I promise that I will not harm you in any way. Any pain that may be involved is up to you. You need two safe words. One means "go easier", you can cool things down without having to say so. The other will bring everything to a stop, immediately”.

I nodded.

She put her hand on the growing bulge in my pants, smiled, leaned in to me. "Good boy, if you trust me completely, this is going to be fun", she whispered in my ear before slowly licking my earlobe and then kissing and nibbling my neck. I saw Alex staring, smiling, clearly happy for me.

"Think about your safe words on your way to meet me." she said, finishing her scotch. She leaned back in and whispered to me, her hot breath almost melting me, one had on my neck, the other in my crotch. "You can also think about these lips which will soon be wrapped around your cock, and think about how sweet and slick my pussy will be, wanting you in me. I bet you were checking out my ass as I walked in. Well imagine what it looks like naked as I'm bending over while you fuck me from behind.”

She stood up and walked out with brisk elegance. I stared after her and finally looked down to my hand which somehow was holding a brass swipe card, engraved with an address on Lake Domain Drive. I sat there in stunned silence finally managing to finish my martini. I could still smell her, mingled with the smell of scotch.

Alex walked over to me. "Wow. That was one amazing woman!" he said. "She was the one you were waiting for right, Isobel? Now I know why you looked so gutted when she didn't show. Fuck, I bet you're pleased you didn't leave!"

He punched my shoulder, cleared the glasses and walked back to the bar with a jokey "Good luck! I think you'll need it" over his shoulder.

I ordered an uber and caught my breath, and arranged my bulge more comfortably and discreetly in my pants before heading outside when the Prius (always a Prius!) arrived. It was a very long drive the short distance to the address on the swipe card with a million things going through my head - thinking of everything I was told to think about, and more.

Arriving at the address, a gorgeous modern home, I swiped the card at the panel by the door and a click indicated I could push the door and enter.

"In and to your right" I heard Isobel call. Walking around the corner I was in a large lounge, blinds on the large windows filtering in streetlight from outside. There were a coupe of floor lamps lighting most of the room in soft yellow light and Lewis Capaldi was playing softly somewhere in the background.

In the middle of the room was a large black leather modern chaise lounge. Next to the chaise stood Isobel in her black stilettos and an outfit comprising black straps crossing around her crotch and hips, like a harness and straps above and below her tits, crossing in between them and crossing on her back. Her tits were protruding proudly from between the straps with large swollen nipples. Her bald pussy was highlighted in the space between the black straps framing her crotch. She looked even more stunning than at Wonder Horse. I wondered what Alex might say if he saw her now.

"Thanks for coming so promptly" she said. "Perfect timing. Your safe words please".

"Martini to cool down" I said "and Olive to stop."

"Oooohhh a dirty martini reference maybe? That's more my style. Now undress slowly and get over here" she ordered.

I undressed slowly as directed, trying to maintain my gaze on Isobel. She had reclined on the chaise, legs open and was touching her pussy softly. I folded my clothes as I went, drawing words of praise from her. Putting my clothes in a neat pile I dropped my phone on top and walked to her.

She stood facing me. She pulled me in close to her and started exploring my mouth with her tongue. It was exquisitely intense, still with a hint of peaty scotch, and my cock started to swell as she held it and cupped my balls. Sitting down on the chaise as I stood there, she took me in her mouth and looked up at me - it was even better than I'd imagined, seeing her red lips enclosing my cock, her lips and tongue moving up and down the shaft slowly, her icy blue eyes looking up at me.

She stopped and lay back and spread her legs wide. Looking down at her pussy I was on my knees with my face between her legs in no time. Licking up and down her slit, I probed my tongue in between her wet lips gently and she widened her legs further, inviting me in deeper. I eased one and then two fingers into her pussy moving my tongue to focus on her clit. As my fingers pushed in and out of her, she moaned in appreciation and pushed her hips upwards, forcing my mouth harder into her groin, increasing the pressure on her clit. Curling my fingers on their withdrawal she moaned "Yessss, there" and as I continued after a while I felt her start to tense. Her hips bucked into my face and she moaned loudly as her pussy started to twitch and spasm around my fingers accompanied by a gentle flow of juices. I stayed in that position, staying still as Isobel came down from her orgasm.

"Mmmm. Good boy. That was nice. Now it's your turn" she said quietly, and patted the couch as she stood. We swapped positions and she knelt between my legs. Taking me in her mouth again she licked around the tip of my cock and then licked up and down the shaft, for several minutes. Looking down to her I was in bliss. She moved down to my balls, sucking each one into her mouth in turn before moving further down to lick my perineum and then holding my legs up, started licking around my assshole.

I sensed her rummaging under the chaise and heard the snap of a latex glove and the click of the lube bottle and felt cool gel on my anus. She spread the lube around gently putting the tip of her index finger at the opening. With a small push the tip was just inside my ass. I tensed slightly and she paused. "Relax baby" she said sweetly, pausing, maybe in case there was a 'Martini' coming, but I was calm, if nervous, and enjoying the sensation. As I relaxed she pushed her finger in gently past my tight ring and started thrusting deeper, bit by bit. I let out a low moan as I felt her whole finger in me and I felt her mouth on my cock again. "Fuuuck" I said involuntarily. "I'm pleased you're enjoying it" Isobel purred. Now pull your knees up and back." I did as I was told and lay there fully exposed to her as she pulled her finger out. She licked around my ass again before pushing her tongue in, pushing in firmly past the ring. It felt incredible, like every feeling and sensation in my body was being triggered by her tongue.

Pulling away, she applied some more lube and used a finger inside me again, before easing a second one in. There was a bit of pain, but Isobel knew just when to ease off and pushed in gently, with more lube applied, until she was well-and-truly fucking me with her fingers. It felt amazing and I was stroking my cock.

Her focus moved from my ass to stare intently, watching me stroke myself, still with her fingers in me moving slowly. Isobel looked like she was getting increasingly excited watching me. She took the glove off her hand and stood up watching me wank. She lifted one leg onto the chaise beside me, her pussy aimed at my face, and played with herself. I had to stop stroking myself, not wanting to come like that. I lay there enjoying seeing her thrusting fingers into herself with one hand, the other alternating between her nipples and her clit. She brought herself to an orgasm splashing my chest with droplets, with a smile.

She went to the ground so quickly I thought she'd collapsed, weak-kneed, but before I could sit up to check on her she came back up, her face between my legs with a wide, wicked smile. "And now for this" she said presenting a black dildo. It wasn't huge, but when she clicked it into the straps around her crotch I realised it was for me, and not her, and it suddenly looked impossibly big.

She obviously saw the look on my face. "Don't worry baby. You're good and ready, and you're going to love it. Trust me. I am in control and you can trust me. Remember your words and relax and focus on the feeling." She was coating the dildo in lube as she was talking and leaned down to smear more around my ass, slipping some in past my ring as well, giving the tip of my cock a hard suck while she did so.

I put my hands behind my knees and pulled them back again. She smiled at the sight of me open and ready for her to fuck. "Good boy" she whispered "good, good boy". She put the tip of the dildo against my ass and pushed in slightly and stopped. She eased in a bit more and I winced, my mouth almost formed the o for olive, but as with her fingers she knew exactly when to pause and little by little she was almost fully inside my ass.

She splashed some lube on my cock and more around my stretched ass. The cool gel was soothing. Staying still inside me she started stroking my cock with both hands, putting the perfect amount of pressure on the exposed head between her thumb and forefinger, slick with lube. The stroking, with my ass full, was amazing. She knew it. "You think that feels good?" she said. "Wait till I pull out and push in again. Move your hips until you feel my cock push against different parts of you. Find the position you like and I'll do the rest"

She pulled out and I felt a warm void inside me. As she pushed back in slowly I lifted my hips and Isobel knew she hit the right spot when my mouth fell open with a guttural groan. "Oh my god" is all I could get out. Careful not to move the cock in me too much, Isobel leaned over to grab a cushion, pushing it under my bum, smiling.

She pulled out and pushed back into me gently hitting the spot and I was breathless as she finished the stroke filling me completely, still stroking my cock. She withdrew and pushed in again bringing another moan. The look on her face changed and she started thrusting harder, stroking me harder and faster. I reached up and grabbed her nipples, squeezing gently. That seemed to make her thrust even harder and when I increased the pressure on her nipples she thrust harder and faster still. As she stroked me I could feel my pressure build. She knew. "Tell me before you come" she said. "Soon" I stammered.

She pulled out of me, the empty-full feeling good but a let down, bringing me away from the edge slightly. It returned almost immediately when the dildo was replaced by Isobel's fingers, thrusting into me and zeroing in on the place inside me bringing so much pleasure. A few thrusts and I was back at the brink of orgasm. Before I could say anything her mouth was locked around the tip of my cock and with a few more powerful strokes she stared into my eyes and I came forcefully in her mouth, my ass clenching in spasms around her fingers.

She licked and sucked my cock until it was clean, all the time looking at me, as I recovered in bliss. Did it feel naughty. Did it feel exciting? I just enjoyed all the feelings, unsure, only knowing it felt good.

Removing her fingers and sitting back on her heels, she looked at me and smiled. "Thank you baby, for giving yourself to me like that. So fucking sexy!" She paused and her entire demeanour seemed to change, softer and warmer. She unclicked the dildo, dropped it, stood up and kicked off the heels and I stood up to kiss her again - the kiss just as sensual and intense as previously, as if for the first time. I reached behind her and unclipped the straps around her chest and let it fall to the floor. I leaned down and took a nipple in my mouth, tweaking the other with my fingers. She moaned and seemed to melt under me.

I knelt in front of her and pushed my face into her pussy, breathing her in deeply. She grabbed the back of my head, pushing me in deeper and moaning. I reached around, squeezing her backside tightly before finding the clasp for the harness around her hips and crotch. It clicked open and the harness fell to the floor. I caught a glimpse of a dragonfly tattoo on her left hip and I kissed it gently.

Keeping my tongue on her clit, I teased her pussy with my fingers easing in just past the wet opening. Isobel squatted slightly trying to get me further in her and I pulled away. "I want you in me" she moaned.

I pulled back and lay on the floor under Isobel. She dropped her pussy to my face and her face to my cock. She sucked and licked me hard, doing incredible things with her tongue and fingers, avoiding my tender ass. I feasted on her pussy pulling it down on my mouth grinding her clit on my face as I licked her. In no time I was hard again. Moving off my face, she turned to face me kneeling over me. Reaching down she placed the tip of my cock at her opening and sitting more upright, she eased herself down on me, pushing all the way down until her clit was rubbing on my pubic bone. Grinding against me, she smiled. "We're a good fit. A good fucking fit" she said with a giggle. She leaned down to kiss me and I rolled her nipples between my fingers. "Yes, like that" she moaned in approval. Her grinding became more intense and her hips bucked harder until she came with a loud moan, her pussy clenching around my cock.

Towards the end of her orgasm she turned around, keeping me inside her, still twitching. She leaned down low on my legs. Yep - that was the view I had been imagining at Wonder Horse watching her ass in those tight pants. Reality was better than fantasy. She lifted her hips up and rode my cock as I watched her pussy and ass from behind.

As she reached around and put a finger in her own ass I took my cue. Grabbing the lube from the floor nearby I squeezed some onto my fingers and eased one and then two fingers into her. Her moans and grunts of pleasure. The view. The feeling of her tight hot pussy riding my cock. The feeling of my own fingers pushing down on my cock from inside her ass. It was all too much and I came with a hard thrust into her, as she moaned with her own orgasm.

She collapsed forward on my legs, pulling my fingers and cock out of her, but giving me the most beautiful view of her pulsing asshole and a thick line of come dripping from her pussy.

After catching her breath she turned and lay flat on top of me. We kissed, laughed and touched until she suggested a shower and a wine. Not really wanting the feeling to end, I reluctantly agreed and let her pull me to my feet.

Following her, watching her beautiful naked ass and seeing come dribble down her leg, I started to get hard and suspected the shower could be a whole new fun experience, but walking past my phone I was surprised to see the screen lit up with a string of notifications. "I'll be there soon" I called after Isobel who was fast-walking to the bathroom, conscious of the drops of come she was leaving in a trail behind her.

I picked up the phone dumbstruck.

*From Isobel* Sorry. Car trouble and left my phone at home. Caught cab back home. Now in cab coming back to town. Sorry!!!!

*From Isobel* You there? I REALLY hope you are. Soooo looking forward to tonight. Here's some sexy pics I haven't sent you before. Hope they keep you waiting !!!

Unlike the previous blurry, arty photos I'd seen, these were clear.

A great set of tits in a tini bikini. Nipples hard and proud.

Legs and ass shown off wonderfully in leggings.

Ass now naked shown in a bathroom mirror.

A full on frontal nude taken in the same mirror. ....... No tattoo of any description.

My mind was reeling.

The following messages were fairly grumpy - Alex had told her I’d left with another woman.

I dropped the phone, not really bothered - the whole situation blowing my mind.

As the phone hit the pile of my clothes it buzzed again. I picked it up.

The barman said you left with a supermodel! I’m still pissed at you ... but maybe I could join you and you could make it up to me ?????

Isobel called out “Come clean me! And make me dirty again”

I thought for a minute. I walked towards the bathroom ..... carrying my phone.