Cumalot was a happy land. Its fields were green and fertile, its rivers clear and teeming with fish, and its people were horny fuckers who loved nothing more than to fuck and cum. One maiden was the fairest and horniest of the lot. She loved to be stuffed full of cock and cumming was her favourite thing of all. People throughout the land and from beyond would come to taste her sweet pussy and play with her magnificent tits. Her fame, like her legs, had spread far and wide.

One day a hooded figure rode into Cumalot. Noticing the relaxed and contented faces of everyone she saw, she went to the local inn. The innkeeper was standing behind the counter getting a blowjob from his wife. After he had blown his load he turned and smiled at the stranger and asked if she would like a room and a welcome fuck.

But rather than answering she pulled back her hood to reveal a pair of dark eyes set deep in a narrow, pale face. From her heavy robes she drew a wand. For she was a witch, and had come from the dry and barren land of Celibatia. She had heard the stories of Cumalot and had grown bitter and jealous of its happy people. She had long desired to extinguish their joy and today was the day that she would execute her plan.

"People of Cumalot - you shall cum a lot no more!!" she cried as she pointed her wand to the sky and uttered a spell.

A bolt of lightening erupted from her wand like a week's worth of cum from a horny man's cock. It lit up the land and when it subsided the sky had turned a sad dusky grey. People looked around, unsure of what had happened. After a moment they carried on with what they had been doing. A milkmaid had been playing with herself in a barn and had been about to cum but found that no matter what she did she couldn't get herself off. A farmboy had been wanking over his neighbour's milf tits but found get wasn't able to cum. A couple moaned in surprise as his normally reliable cock grew flaccid and her pussy ran dry.

Panic and confusion spread across the land as people found themselves unable to cum. They gathered in the town square to seek answers only to find the old witch standing there, cackling with delight.

"I have put a curse on you," she beamed, "and as of this day all of you have cum for the last time!"

The crowd started to murmur and grow angry. A man came out of the crowd to strike the witch but as he approached a tremendous ache affected his balls and he fell to the ground. A woman tried to do the same thing but before she could lay a hand on the witch she too fell to the ground, scratching madly at a sudden terrible itch in her pussy. In fact no-one could harm the witch, since the curse she had placed on the land also protected her from the people of Cumalot. The crowd grew silent.

But then, from a small cottage from the other side of the town, came the sound of a woman moaning. It grew louder and louder, until it ended with a high-pitched sigh. It was unmistakably the sound of a woman cumming. Confused, the witch set off to find the source of the noise. The crowd followed, and soon they arrived at the maiden's house. They went into her room, where they found her naked on the bed, her fingers circling her clit as she prepared to cum again.

She opened her eyes in surprise. "Hello everyone. So you want to watch? Ok."

And with that she started to rub her swollen clit as her other hand caressed her breasts. Within moments her breathing started to speed up and then her body tensed as she climaxed again.

The witch was confused. She pointed her wand at the maiden and muttered her spell once more. Again there was a flash of light, but when it settled the maiden simply shrugged her shoulders and started rubbing herself again. She liked being watched.

As she neared another orgasm the townsfolk began to murmur in appreciation. The witch saw hands reach for crotches and breasts and she knew that here was a threat to her plans to control Cumalot. Although her magic was not strong enough to stop the maiden from cumming, the witch knew that if she could banish her the people of Cumalot would forever be in her control.

Just as the maiden was about to cum, and as cocks in the room started to stiffen and pussies grow wet once more, the witch pointed her wand and POOF! the maiden vanished. The townspeople groaned in disappointment and, fearful of the witch's powers, they returned to their homes, flaccid and dry.

The witch smiled. She had succeeded.

Several years passed. Cumalot was a shadow of its former self. There was no sex, no joy. From time to time people would recall faint memories of the old days, but even if a cock managed to grow hard no cum would spurt from it. A clit could be rubbed until it was raw but no orgasm would come. The land was desolate.

As for the maiden, the witch's spell had taken her to the top of a tower in the deepest forest. The tower was guarded by the fearsome fire-breathing dragon Gonorrha. From time to time brave knights had tried to free the maiden from her prison but all had failed. Their swords could not penetrate the dragon's hide and their armour could not withstand the dragon's fiery breath.

Locked in the tower, the maiden spent her days brushing her hair, gazing out the window at the land she used to know, and playing with herself. Her fingers would probe her holes, bringing her clit to life, and she experimented with getting herself off in every position she could imagine. The witch ensured there was food to eat (she could not understand why the maiden had such a fondness for bananas and cucumbers) but the maiden longed to be back home, to feel cock inside her, and to taste cum and pussy.

One day a knight from a far-off land came to Cumalot. His name was Sir Jizzwad and he had heard the stores of the fair maiden and sought to free her. Having learned of the failures of those who had preceded him he had come with a plan to combat the dragon.

He rode through the thickly wooded forest and came to the clearing where the tower was. At the base of the tower the dragon Gonorrha was curled up, sleeping. Sir Jizzwad dismounted from his horse, donned his protective garb, took up his weapon and approached the tower as quietly as he could. But the dragon's hearing was keen and suddenly it was awake. It opened its mouth and a ball of fire hot enough to melt steel engulfed the knight.

But the knight's armour was not melted by the dragon's fire. In fact he was not wearing any armour at all. Instead he was wearing a thin rubbery sheath that he had unrolled over himself, which covered him from head to toe. It was the Prophylaxis of Durecks, the only known protection from the burn of Gonorrha.

The dragon continued to breathe fire at the knight as he moved closer but his protection held. When he reached the mighty beast he drew forth his weapon. While the other knights had tried to stab and hack at the scaly skin he knew this to be futile and had learned one crucial fact about the dragon - it was female. So rather than trying to cut off the head or stab through to the heart he edged towards the beast's hind legs and the weapon that he unsheathed was not a sword but the mighty Dildo Excalibur. He thrust the dildo between the dragon's legs into the slit that he knew to be there. The dildo sank deep inside and the dragon let out a yelp of surprise before rolling onto its side and raising its leg. Sir Jizzwad pulled the dildo out before thrusting it in again. This he did over and over. After several minutes the dragon started groaning and shaking, before letting out a piercing cry and flopping to the ground, fast asleep.

Sir Jizzwad took off the Prophylaxis of Durecks and raced up the tower. He kicked open the door to the maiden's room to find the maiden lying on the bed on the far side of the room, but between the two of them was the witch. She had sensed that the dragon was about to be beaten and so she had used a spell to bring herself to the tower. The knight rushed at the witch just as she cast a spell against him but although he felt a crippling pain strike his balls his momentum sent him crashing into the witch and she fell to the floor, stunned.

When the pain in his balls subsided he tied the witch up and approached the maiden and knelt before her.

"Fair maiden of Cumalot I am Sir Jizzwad, and it is my honour to free you from this tower and return you to your home."

Having watched from her window as the knight battled the dragon the maiden was highly aroused.

"Brave Sir Knight, I thank you for your courage. Will you arise and accept your reward?" she asked as she lay back on the bed.

"Alas fair maiden, I cannot arise because of the witch's spell"

"Well then, will you at least eat my pussy?" she said as she pulled up her dress.

Sir Jizzwad gazed upon the puffy wet lips and his face sank between her legs. He sucked and nibbled at her clit and his tongue pushed deep inside her. Before long her hips started to buck and she let out a low moan as she came. The knight sat back but the maiden looked down at him, said "I'm not done yet, good sir" and pulled his head back between her legs and started to moan again.

The knight soon lost track of how much time he had spent eating her out and how many times she had cum. Each time he thought she was satisfied she demanded more and more. Finally she gently pushed him away.

"Thank you Sir Knight - I really needed that! But what's this?"

She had looked down and seen a bulge in his pants. The witch's spell had worn off.

"My pussy's too worn out - you'll have to let me suck you."

She rolled over as the knight took off his pants and knelt on the bed next to her head. She took his stiff cock in her mouth and started to suck and lick it. It had been so long since her last cock she had forgotten how much she enjoyed it. Her hand started rubbing her clit again as his hand cupped her breast. Soon his breathing grew faster and he grasped his cock and pulled it out of her mouth as he started pumping it. Her tongue kept licking the head and suddenly a great spray of cum shot forth, landing on her face and in her mouth. She swallowed as much as she could before taking his cock back in her mouth and sucking the last few drops out of him.

A cry from the corner of the room caused both of them to turn their heads. It was the witch, who had woken up and freed one of her hands. But rather than trying to escape she had her hand between her legs and was furiously rubbing her own long-neglected clit. The sight of the maiden and knight cumming so hard was so arousing that it had triggered feelings that the witch did not remember ever having. And now she was on the verge of her first ever orgasm, but could not quite get over the edge. The maiden, seeing her troubles, walked over to her, squatted down, and pushed her pussy against the witch's face. The witch started sucking on the engorged clit and thought of eating another woman's pussy was so hot that she finally came, her orgasm ripping through her shuddering body.

At that instant her spell over Cumalot was broken. Throughout the land people started to fuck and suck and wank and cum. Great wads of cum flew onto faces and tits, and into mouths, pussies, and assholes. The light and warmth had returned to the land.

The knight took the maiden home and a two day orgy was held in celebration. The witch returned to her own land and used her magic to bring joy and sex to the people there. The dragon went with her and kept the Dildo Excalibur.

And the maiden kept cumming happily ever after.