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“Oh hang on” Sierra said, wriggling, “Maybe ... I will explode.... just a little ...” She leaned forward slightly and pushed back, sliding her pussy down Shelly’s thigh with her eyes closed in pleasure until she stopped at Shelly's knee. There she stayed, grinding on Shelly in ecstasy while we watched, awestruck.

I took my lips to Shelly’s nipples but she pushed me away gently. “I want to watch” she told me, moving a hand to her own pussy and stroking my cock gently with the other. So I stood there watching my wife in ecstasy making herself orgasm gently riding our friend's leg while Shelly pleasured herself gently with her fingers.

“We need to stop” said Sierra, looking sexily drowsy. “For real this time. And after brunch, or is it lunchtime, there’s so much to do!” Her cheeky grin made it abundantly clear that she wasn't talking about the lawns.

After a quick playful shower for three, we wrapped ourselves in towels, and headed down to see Megan and Jake who had done the dishes and were now sunbathing naked on the deck, with fresh coffees, lying on the towels they'd been wrapped in.

Sierra stayed in her towel, sitting on a deck chair, but Shelly dropped her towel spreading it and laying between Megan and Jake. I stayed in the kitchen and poached some eggs enjoying listening to the chatter and giggling.

Megan was teasing Sierra about being a “closet slut bag” and Shelly being a “tarty home-wrecker”. The girls in turn gave as good back, admonishing Megan for “using her employees as sex toys” and “corrupting young women for her pervert husband's pleasure”. Jake was smart enough to stay out of it.

We devoured our eggs with toast and greens left over from the night before sitting semi covered by towels around the table on the deck. Megan and Jake had joined us at the table with glasses of bubbles for all. We stayed that way, chatting for a good two hours, sunblock being applied and the sun umbrella being welcomed - it was starting to heat up.

Megan and Jake went back to laying on towels on the deck. Shelly had a dip in the pool and came back to join them, between them again, Megan telling her off for dripping on them. Jake made a weak joke about enjoying being dripped on.

I helped Sierra with the dishes and alone in the kitchen we hugged, kissed and talked about what we'd experienced in the last day.

“It’s hard to believe” Sierra said. “But it feels so right, and easy, and it has made me swell up inside somehow like I love you even more, like I have more love to give” - pretty much summed up how I was feeling.

“Do you want to talk about the rest of the day?” I asked. “Where to from here?”

Sierra thought and she started to blush.

“How about some agreed rules” I suggested. Boring but important. We agreed that kissing and finger play was ok without the other, but for sex and oral we both wanted to be there. Seems we both enjoyed watching the other with others.

“What about partners and what we do with them?” I asked. “I think we need to go with the flow and do what seems right, checking in with each other” I suggested, Sierra nodded.

“But surely there’s things you want from the afternoon?” I asked. She was blushing and squirming uncomfortably now.

“We need to be totally honest” I encouraged her “I’m in this with you and I fucking love it, and I fucking love you” I said and with that the floodbanks came crashing down.

In a torrent of lust she blurted out “I want to fuck Jake so bad, I want his cock in me. I want to suck your cock while he fucks me. I want to watch you fuck Megan and fuck Shelly and at some point I want to enjoy both their cunts while I’m getting fucked.” She looked relieved to get it all out.

“Sounds like it’s going to be a busy afternoon Miss Sierra” said Megan casually, walking in with empty flutes, giggling. We joined her giggling, feeling relieved and open.

She popped a bottle of bubbles “almost through our supplies.” she declared. “Two bottles left after this and I’m not going back to our hotel until they’re all gone! And I’m going to add one more thing to that list, Miss Sierra. I want both of those fine cocks in me at the same time. And if you haven’t had a DP, I recommend you consider it too. Matt, you ok with that?”

Sounded great to me! “I’ll do as I’m told” I joked. This drew a very serious look from Megan. “Now don’t say that unless you mean it Matty boy”. She kept staring at me seriously, before smiling and laughing. “We'll take good care of you. Don’t worry. Now be a sweet and help me with the bubbles eh? Miss Sierra, would you mind if I have some alone time with your husband please?”

Without a word Sierra kissed me on the way past us both, turned, smiled and deftly tore off both our towels, taking them with her. We heard giggles from outside.

Alone in the kitchen with Megan I was mesmerised by her. Her allure. Her confidence. Not to mention her curves and filthy mind. I poured 5 glasses, finishing the bottle. She stood close to me and took the empty bottle and put it in my hand. “5 is the perfect number to get through a bottle of bubbles, don’t you think?” She stared at me, inches from my face, smiled and kissed me hard.

She put both my hands on the base of the cold empty bottle and with hers around mine she brought it down off the bench angling it downwards to her pussy. “Hold it tight” she said pushing her crotch against the curved glass. She ground against it and closed her eyes. I was holding it tight with my hands and had it wedged against myself.

“Feels so good. Cold and hard against my pussy” she said. She ground and slid against it. I was grateful for the distinctive red groove in the bottle to help with my grip. Megan was enjoying the groove and ridges in an entirely different way. She tweaked my nipple with one hand and grabbed my balls with the other, opened her eyes and looked at me.

“Now put it in me” she said. I hesitated and looked at her, questioning. She pinched my nipple painfully hard and slapped my balls. “I said put it in me” she said forcefully. I angled the bottle upwards and pushed it gently to the lips of her bald pussy. She reached down with both hands and pulled her pussy lips open for me.

Just as I nudged the bottle past her moist outer lips she stepped back, removing herself from the bottle and looked at me smiling.

“Don’t be confused. That was your first gentle lesson. Just know that if I ask you for something, I expect you to do it. And if you don’t do it, when and how I want it, then there are consequences.”

I don’t think I was a very good sub, but taking control certainly made Megan horny. I could see the wetness between her legs and she’d started to rub herself while I watched. We kissed intensely our hands all over each other. I played with her tits, gentle squeezes of her nipples brought soft moans. My hand replaced hers on, around and in her pussy. She grabbed my cock, broke away from our kiss and looked at me. “Taste your fingers.” I immediately put my fingers to my mouth and sucked and licked them, watching Megan smiling. “Good boy” she said, and took a deep cleansing and calming breath. “I think we should get back to the others and put this lovely cock of yours to good use.” , she said picking up her flute and leaving the others for me to carry.

She literally led me outside by the cock and when we got to the deck I knew we were in for a special afternoon.

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