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It felt like a dream, but Sierra and I were soon snapped out of it when a voice from the doorway said “Hi Shells.”

Megan and Jake were standing in the doorway wrapped in towels. Sierra looked shocked and confused, and I was as shocked and confused as she looked. Meanwhile Shelly was smiling as broadly as Megan and Jake were.

“Be a doll and finish making coffee will you please Matt” Megan asked. “Sorry to interrupt, but we were dying of thirst.” she said, over-dramatically.

“And we were keen to see if you were all getting along ok, to be honest” added Jake. “It looks like things are heading in the right direction” he said, as he walked over to Shelly, leaned in front of her and kissed her deeply.

“OK, someone please tell us what’s going on?” demanded Sierra, a little grumpily.

“Jake and Shelly got a little hot and heavy last night.” explained Megan. “The three of us found a corner of the back yard to have a bit of fun. We all enjoyed it so much, well, we agreed we'd like to meet again. And with our afternoon yesterday going so well, I suggested that if Shelly could come around this morning to help clean up, she might get an idea from you whether you wanted her as a playmate too. From what I saw from the doorway, it seems you saw some merit in the idea too Miss Sierra? And Matt, from the boner you got perving at Shelley in her leggings, I expect you might be ok with it too? From what Shelly told us, she wanted to fuck Matt the night of the awards dinner, and she’s had a crush on Sierra since day 1 of work, so we know she’s keen.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing but my cock was twitching and swelling with every word. Sierra gave me a ‘told you so' look, but was still looking a tad grumpy. “I wish you’d just told us” she said, “but, to be fair, given how much has happened in the last 12 hours, I’m not sure how I would have responded back then. Hell, I wasn’t sure I'd kiss a woman until a few minutes ago”. Sierra laughed at herself and brightened up.

“Well it seems that’s settled then?” said Megan. “Jake and I need a break, some coffee and some breakfast. So how about you two take this topless tart away with you, and we'll join you later, if you want us to?”.

“Sure thing boss lady” said Sierra with a wicked smile. She took Shelly by the hand and started to lead her away, turning to me to say “Would you mind staying to look after our guests please baby? Don’t be too long though.” She didn’t wait for an answer, and they were walking giggling together down the hall.

“How do have your coffee?” I asked, and with orders given I made and handed long blacks to Megan and Jake. I poured them each an OJ and as they had their drinks we chatted and I started frying halloumi, eggs and grilling mushrooms and tomatoes. I could hear the shower finish, and my excitement was high. Putting some toast on, the rest of the breakfast was almost ready. Megan laughed. “How can you be so patient? Go on! Get down there! We can put breakfast together. Thanks for cooking. I’m sure you'll be rewarded” she joked. I didn’t need telling twice.

I knocked on the bedroom door and Sierra responded. “Perfect timing, get in here!” I walked in to see Sierra and Shelly naked on the bed, lying face to face kissing, their hands moving over each others' bodies sensually. In no rush. Exploring. “Wow” is all I could manage, causing both of them to giggle. “Go and have a shower stinky” Sierra said “and come back with something sexier to say”.

My shower was quick but comprehensive. When I returned, the girls were in the same position though their movements had become more urgent, their faces flushed and their breathing ragged. I wasn’t going to win any Oscars, but I did manage to tell them that what I was looking at was the sexiest thing any man could hope for, that I wanted to explore every part of Shelly’s body, but first her and I were going to give my wife every pleasure we could manage.

Shelly sat up and I leaned down to kiss her and then my wife, telling her I love her. I kissed her mouth, and nibbled and my way down to her tits spending a long time flicking my tongue across her nipples, bringing each one engorged to their proud limit. Shelly had moved down between Sierra’s legs and judging by Sierra’s moans and panting Shelly was doing an expert job pleasuring my wife. Shelly moved up, kneeling and started fucking Sierra with 1, then 2 fingers, all the while paying attention to Sierra’s clit with her tongue while I sucked her nipples.

I moved my face to Sierra’s and used my fingers on her nipples. I was staring into my wife’s eyes as she climaxed intensely. It was incredible looking into her eyes as she whispered to me “so ... fucking ... good.... I’m cum ... cumm... cumm.... cummmmming!” I kissed her as she breathed her moan into me. Looking down to between my wife’s legs I saw a satisfied look in Shelly's eyes and knew our lives would never be the same again.

“Fuck that was hot” said Shelly, wiping her chin, smiling. Sierra almost purred. “Come here you” pulling Shelly up to kiss her, kiss me, and kiss her again.

“That was nothing short of fucking amazing. Thank you. And now it’s your turn” Sierra said to Shelly playfully “but I’ve never done this before, so tell me what to do” Sierra said as she rolled Shelly over and moved between her legs.

“Just do to me what feels good to you” was Shelly’s advice. “You’ll know” she added with a smile.

Sierra was obviously a quick learner. Shelly came quickly with Sierra licking her while I was sucking her nipples, playing with the metalware between my teeth. She held Sierra’s head in place after her spasms subsided. “More of that please, and use your fingers now” she asked. Sierra complied and Shelly moaned loudly. She pushed me upwards and grabbed my cock guiding it to her mouth. I was in heaven watching Sierra licking and fingering Shelly’s pussy while Shelly wanked and sucked my cock. Sierra looked up at me smiling wickedly. I couldn’t last much longer. “I’m gonna come.” I said. Shelly made no move to take me from her mouth. If anything her attention on me increased. She looked up at me as I came in her mouth.

This excited Sierra who focussed on her fingers in Shelly. Shelly started bucking and came on Sierra's fingers, a squirt of juice splashing her tits. Sierra kept her fingers inside Shelly feeling the waves and spasms until they’d died down.

“So that’s what you feel when I come on your fingers!” she said to me “Holy fuck! That’s amazing. You lucky bastard!” she giggled. She pushed herself up to Shelly and kissed her, my come still fresh in Shelly’s mouth. Sierra had started grinding her pussy on Shelly’s leg.

“If I don't stop now I’m going to explode” said Sierra. “How about a shower and some food?” she suggested sitting upright now, straddling Shelly’s thigh.

“And a skinny dip” Shelly added.

“Oh hang on” Sierra said, wriggling, “Maybe ... I will explode.... just a little ...”

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