No sooner had the taxi left our sight, the mood changed, immediately electric.

I grabbed Sierra and pulled her to me, kissing her hard. Jake had done the same to Megan. Hands were everywhere, breathing was turning into panting. I’m not sure where I found the presence of mind, but managed to break away long enough to suggest we get off the driveway. Laughing, we went inside to the lounge.

Jake and I went to the kitchen to get drinks - none of us had been drinking much, too busy looking after guests and probably operating on adrenaline after the afternoon's excitement. When we got back to the lounge, the girls were on opposite ends of a couch, each with their legs tucked under them, facing each other. I sat on the floor in front of Sierra and handed her a drink. Jake followed suit. Holding a wine in one hand, I was stroking Sierra's thigh when the conversation started about what happened earlier.

We found out our friends were long time swingers, both bisexual and had a number of regular couples and singles they spent time with, plus experiences at parties and the odd (or possibly reasonably regular) one-off threesome with guys and girls joining them. They had wondered about us for many years, but had never got any vibe from us that we might be keen.

Sierra's conversation about our shower sex, the first time they'd talked about anything sexual, was Megan's chance to test the waters. They took the fact that we were so loud, plus that we hadn’t closed the curtains in our bedroom as something of a signal. The clincher though, was the look on Sierra's face when she spotted Megan and Jake outside. Megan said after the initial shock Sierra’s face lit up - at which point they knew they wanted to get inside to see us as quickly as possible. Seeing Sierra when they came into the room was one of the sexiest things they'd ever witnessed, they told us.

With that revelation it was easy for us to open up too. We explained how we'd never done anything like that before. We explained we had found it very sexy thinking of Megan imagining us having sex, and then fantasising about her watching us and then actually being watched was a massive turn on. On reflection maybe we were being loud and expressive to signal our interest? Regardless we told them it was one of our most intense and sexy experiences.

We explained that neither of us had any bi tendencies, but something about the way Sierra wriggled while talking about it made me wonder whether that wasn't a strict 'no' from her perspective. Nothing was a big deal from Jake and Megan's perspective. No pressure and no expectations. It felt so natural and comfortable.

I looked at Sierra. My stroking of her thigh, had not gone unnoticed. She had started to uncurl her legs from under herself and I continued stroking her leg higher and with better access up under her dress. Jake and Megan were watching intently. Nothing needed to be said. I moved up onto my knees and pushed Sierra's dress up to her waist and pushed her knees apart, bburying my face in her lap, smelling her and pushing against her pussy with my mouth though her panties.

Looking up I could she was trying to keep her gaze on our friends, her face and neck deepening red and her breathing coming quicker. I slipped her thong down, Sierra lifting her hips off the couch to help me. I had no idea what Jake and Megan might have been doing, but I was aware of movement and moans of lust and pleasure. My entire focus was on my wife's pleasure. She was wet and gorgeously opening up to me. I licked up, tracing her lips with my tongue, darting the tip in every now and then and kept this going till I saw Sierra squeezing her breasts, quite forcefully squeezing and twisting her nipples through her dress.

Her eyes were wide open with a hungry sexy look and I wondered what she was watching. I moved my tongue to her clit, rubbing the flat of my tongue across her bud while I inserted two fingers into her. Finger fucking her, I curled my fingers on each out-stroke, something she loves. With my tongue on her clit it wasn't long before she came forcefully, squeezing my head in her thighs, my face slick with her juices.

Normally we like to relax at that point enjoying the spasms as they ease. Not tonight. Sierra grabbed my head and pulled me up urgently to kiss me, ravishing my mouth, and then turning my head to see what she had been watching.

They were both naked. Megan had turned around on the couch on her back. Her head was hanging down backwards off the front of the couch and her legs were spread impossibly wide sticking up in the air and over the back up the back of the couch. Her tits looked glorious. Jake was fucking Megan's mouth with an impressive cock. Much bigger than my average cock, and the biggest I’d seen in person. Megan seemed to be taking all of it in her mouth and down her throat, gagging every now and then, gasping and gorging herself on him again. Jake was alternating between burying his face in Megan's upturned, perfectly bald pussy and fingering her roughly. The sights and sounds were incredible.

I had slipped my pants off to let my own cock out and Sierra had discarded her dress and bra, now totally naked. She pushed me back reclining onto the couch and laying back with her back on my chest she slipped me easily into her pussy. From this position we were both able to watch Jake and Megan, and I was able to play with Sierra's nipples and clit while enjoying the bliss of my wife's pussy riding and grinding on my cock.

Judging by the way Megan had been moaning on Jake's cock and the twitching of her legs it was clear she'd had a great orgasm. She rolled out from under him and got on all fours with her face pointed straight at Sierra's pussy, watching it sliding up and down my cock. I watched as Jake took up position behind Megan and watched Megan's face as Jake pushed into her from behind. He started thrusting forcefully and Megan was pushing back, her gorgeous tits rocking back and forward. I noticed Sierra change her pace on me to match Jake's thrusts.

I knew we weren’t going to last much longer and sure enough I felt the start of Sierra's orgasm, the spasms in her pussy making me explode inside her. My hand was still on her clit and she put her hand on mine, making it still and then moving ever so slowly. She was going to carry on for as long as she could watching our friends fuck in front of us, Megan's face was just inches from Sierra's come filled pussy and my cock.

Megan came loudly and urged Jake on. “Fuck me Jakey, Fuck me hard. Come for me baby. Fuck. FUCK!” And with that Jake tensed and jerked upright throwing his head back with an animalistic grunt.

Watching Megan's face was delicious. Eyes closed, she went from intensely urging Jake on, to revelling in the feeling as he spurted inside her, to a warm satisfied grin. When she opened her eyes and saw us looking at her, she burst into a huge smile.

Jake pulled out, and lay, panting, against the couch. Megan stood up and leaning over Sierra, their breasts squashed together, she kissed me sweetly on the lips and then pulled back and took Sierra's face in her hands and kissed her tenderly. I was still inside Sierra but softening, come dripping from around my cock.

Megan held Sierra's face and spoke to her softly. “Thank you Miss Sierra. That was incredible. What happens now is totally up to you. We can stay a while longer, or we can go. We can never talk of this again, or maybe we can play again some other time. We can watch each other and keep to our partners, or if you want to enjoy Jake's cock, I’d love to watch him fuck you, and fuck you hard. I would love Matt's cock in me too if you're both ok with that. There’s a myriad of ways we can enjoy each other, if we all want. Or we keep things as they are, which is a pretty great friendship. But right now ... right now Miss Sierra, I’d like to lick your beautiful cunt, and clean up Matt's cock with my mouth. Would that be Ok Miss Sierra?” What I didn't know was that all the time Megan was talking, Sierra had one hand playfully squeezing one of Megan’s nipples while her other hand had started to explore Megan's cum filled pussy.

“Yes please” I heard my beautiful wife whisper. I love what was awakened in my wife and I know it made our love for each other stronger.

She lay back hard against me and my cock slipped out of her. I played with Sierra's nipples as Megan licked her pussy. In no time Sierra was moaning and coming. My regret at not be able to watch Megan feasting on Sierra's pussy quickly vanished as I felt Megan's warm mouth around my cock. Her sucking got me hard and she spent a while licking up and down my shaft and her tongue circling around the tip.

Sierra shifted off me and sat next to me enthralled, watching Megan suck my cock, now taking me all the way down her throat. She was so focussed on watching Megan she was slightly startled when I put my fingers to her lips. But just like that she took my fingers in her mouth and started sucking them, swirling her tongue around them, mimicking Megan’s ministrations on me.

“Do you want to suck Jake's cock baby?” I asked her. She stopped sucking my fingers, paused and nodded shyly. I smiled and nodded and that was all the encouragement she needed. Jake had been stroking himself to semi-hardiness watching Megan suck me, with a great view of his wife’s pussy and ass. Sierra crawled over to where Jake lay and took him in her mouth, tasting Megan on him.

In front of me I watched Megan sucking my cock while I fondled her tits, loving her long sensitive nipples. Over Megan’s back I could see Sierra on all fours, her ass towards me, her head bobbing in Jake’s lap. She had one hand between her legs working her own pussy to another orgasm, a white line of come visible in her slit. I couldn’t hold back and started thrusting into Megan’s mouth. She was moaning appreciatively. I came loudly in Megan’s mouth and she smiled at me with her eyes while she kept sucking hard.

Megan finished cleaning me up and shuffled over to join Sierra sucking Jake’s cock just in time to share his load with her, their tongues playing together on the sticky tip of Jake’s cock.

Megan broke off her kiss with Sierra to kiss Jake deeply - apparently he loves the taste of come, his own or others'. Sierra came over to snuggle into me whispering our love to each other.

We wound up the night finishing our drinks and talking about what we'd just experienced. We spent the night all together in our bed - a tight fit, but we were all so tired it didn’t matter.

What an amazing day and the start of a new stage in our life together and our new type of friendship with Megan and Jake. Work conferences and events were taking on a whole new appeal!

We went to sleep with gentle touches, cuddles and easy relaxed kisses, looking forward to what the morning might bring.