“Seriously though,” he went on “you might want to put your pants on buddy. A taxi just pulled up outside.”

Megan started straightening herself up, doing up a couple of buttons on her blouse. Jake put his hard inside the front of his pants moving the bulge in his pants, looking uncomfortable as he did so. Leaving Sierra to find a new outfit and freshen up, I pulled on my boxers and shorts. Splashing water on my face in the en-suite, a spray of deodorant and a splash of cologne later and I was presentable enough to join the other two at the front door.

I must have had a stupid grin on my face, because Jake and Megan both chuckled at me. “Nice work lover boy” Megan teased, as Jake elbowed me in the ribs gently with a smirk.

“Let’s get through this, and then let’s have a chat eh? It should be fun.” Megan said out the side of her mouth at me while looking straight ahead as her staff members and partners piled out of the taxi van.

Not even waiting for my response, she stepped out onto the porch with a huge smile, waving greetings and dishing out hugs and kisses on cheeks as if nothing had just happened. Jake and I fell in behind, welcoming the team, bringing them in through to the kitchen and out to the deck and starting to open bottles and pour people drinks.

Living semi-rurally has its advantages. The cost of a taxi to town was not one of them, but it made for great privacy and a great place for a party with no noise issues from neighbours.

The second taxi van pulled up and I noticed Shelly was there, looking amazing in tailored black pants, heels and a loose gold sheer top, but I wasn’t nearly as excited to see her as I had been earlier. As she moved through the crowd to the deck she hugged me and gave me a peck on the cheek, but gave me nothing to suspect Sierra was right about her fancying me.

The house and deck was filling up with bodies and an excited buzz so that people probably didn't even notice Sierra was late joining the party. When she did come down the hall people couldn’t help but notice her, or maybe it was just how I was seeing her. She oozed sex appeal and seemed to glow with confidence and happiness. I fell in love with her all over again, and when I whispered that to her she rewarded me with a look of adoration and love that warmed me to my core. A quick kiss and we were into the party.

The drinks flowed, the weather played it’s part, my Spotify Playlist hit the right spot, people danced, laughed and enjoyed platters and the gourmet BBQ we put on.

Sierra, Megan, Jake and I all kept our distance. It was weird. Like some kind of unspoken bond that we didn’t want to break until we could all speak together. Not awkward. Just charged with anticipation. Plus there was no way we could get flirty in front of their entire staff, so keeping a safe distance from each other seemed the best strategy, as hard as it was. And it was certainly hard ...

There was one moment when I thought the excitement from earlier might have rekindled and exploded. Shelly had been given the bubbles a decent shunt and was tipsy and gregarious. She had been dancing with a group of 3 other girls - all girlfriends of some of Sierra's team. It seemed she was getting very friendly with one of them in particular.

Katie was the opposite of Shelly in most ways. Brunette, olive skinned, average height, busty and curvy and normally very conservative. Her and Sean, one of the junior valuers had recently got engaged and as a couple had been quite vocal about saving themselves for marriage. Katie had shed some inhibitions and was very obviously enjoying being close to Shelly, letting her hands wander over Shelly's back, hips and thighs and rubbing herself against Shelly when the dancing allowed.

A few of us had noticed this and were quite enjoying the show. Shelly was enjoying it too and at one point the two girls faced each other and kissed each other deeply each grabbing the other's backside lustfully.

Breaking from the embrace, Shelly laughed it off and got back into dancing. In fact she found Jake to have a dirty dance with this time and he seemed to be loving it as much as Katie. She ground her crotch onto his thigh and dug her nails into his backside. Megan was egging them on, clearly getting into it too. Katie looked flushed and slightly disappointed. Not as disappointed as Sean who had clearly enjoyed watching a wilder side to his fiancé. 'Who knows where that might lead' I thought, reflecting on the effect Shelly's attention had on my own sex life recently.

I did manage to get a few moments with Sierra. A quick kiss, holding hands, brief touch. But we all knew there was a huge elephant in the room that needed talking about. In the meantime Sierra spent the whole evening looking gorgeous and seemingly floating on cloud 9. I lost track of Megan and Jake at one point, assuming they’d found some 'alone time'. I couldn't wait for some of the same with Sierra.

From just after 1am the crowd started to thin out taxi-load by taxi-load. The last group to go included Gemma, one of Sierra's assistants, who had clearly made the most of the night. Jake was helping her into the cab and as she crawled in clumsily her skirt rode up giving us all a full view of her ass and pussy, no panties and piercings glinting in the driveway spotlight . “Well, well, well” commented Megan. “Amazing what you find out about your staff after getting a few drinks in them!”

The irony of that comment wasn’t lost on the four of us, laughing as we watched the taxi and Gemma's bare ass drive away.

No sooner had the taxi left our sight, the mood changed, immediately electric.