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I had a cool shower, taking my time to get rid of the heat I was feeling, and put on tan shorts and a white linen shirt. With a close cut salt and pepper beard and a decent tan I was pretty pleased with how I’d scrubbed up.

I found Sierra and Megan giggling and chatting in the kitchen - half the first bottle of bubbles gone. I could see Jake outside with a beer checking out the pool area. The girls went suspiciously quiet when I stepped into the room and Sierra looked flushed. Embarrassment? Or something else?

“Sorry for, ahem, disturbing, you.” Megan said with a cheeky grin. Sierra's flush deepened but she wore a cheeky grin too. “We came around early to help out, not to get in the way of hot shower sex”. I was gobsmacked and Megan and Sierra giggled.

“Megan reckons we should go back to our room so I can take care of you properly” Sierra said now looking positively mischievous. “Sounds good to me!” I said, half joking. ”Oh goodie!” Megan said immediately, pushing Sierra towards me. “You go have fun. We can hold the fort here and deal with anyone if they turn up, but there’s ages before we expect anyone.”

I couldn’t believe it. She wasn’t awkward about it all. Very matter of factly she wanted us to go and fuck. Sierra bit her lip and with the sexiest of eyes, took me by the hand and led me out of the kitchen past Megan, who chuckled and patted me on the ass as I went by.

Once in the bedroom Sierra told me that Megan had felt my cock when she’d hugged me, and guessed what she’d interrupted when Sierra came out, clearly fresh from the shower. They had started talking about shower sex and Sierra had mentioned that she hadn’t been able to 'return the favour' after I’d given her a wonderful orgasm. Megan had been telling Sierra jokingly she was a bad wife when I’d walked in.

We kissed. It felt weird to think Megan was in the house knowing we were having sex. It seemed Sierra had no such qualms. She was kissing me feverishly, her tongue going crazy on mine. My thoughts of Megan in the kitchen didn’t go away, but started to change, maybe brought on by Sierra's passion. I started to feel even sexier, wondering if Megan was imagining what we were doing, and what she was imagining.

Sierra's hand went to my waist and undid my shorts which dropped to the floor, she dragged my boxers down as she went down to her knees in front of me, taking me in her mouth. Sucking and licking the tip she played with my balls and then licked the length of my shaft a few times before taking me almost all the way down her throat.

Grabbing my butt she pounded her face into my groin all the while looking up at me with those sexy eyes. I tried to match her stare, but the pleasure was getting too much. I closed my eyes and groaned, maybe a little too loudly, and just as I was about to come Sierra squeezed my balls and the base of my cock hard and pulled her mouth away. She stood up. “I want you in me. Come in me.” I turned her around facing the wall and pushed her forward. Pushing her dress up, I pulled her thong down and buried my face in her pussy. She spread her legs and bent down deeper opening herself to me. Her smell, the wetness and her taste drove me wild. My tongue was having the same effect on her. “Fuck me!” she demanded loudly. I’d never seen her so urgently horny.

I was on my feet in an instant and my cock eased into her eliciting a low deep groan. I managed to get fingers under her bra flicking and squeezing her nipples with one hand and my other hand went around her waist rubbing firmly on her clit. I was driving into her deeply and she was bracing against the wall pushing against me getting louder with each thrust. I was in heaven looking down at my wife’s gorgeous ass, my cock slamming into her and her pussy gripping my cock each time I drew back. I couldn’t hold it any longer and spurted into her with a moan I tried hard to suppress. This sent Sierra over the edge and she came hard and loudly, pushing me back so hard I almost lost my balance.

I could feel our juices running out of her and I leaned down and wrapped both my arms around her, taking a breast in each hand as we each caught our breath. As my cock eased out of her I pulled her up standing with her back still to me. I nuzzled her neck, she turned her head into me and I took her earlobe between my teeth. I didn’t think it was hard but she let out a loud gasp and stood to the side quickly. In semi shock I looked at her, she had one hand over her mouth and the other outstretched pointing. I turned my head following the direction she was indicating to the window, and beyond that to see Megan and Jake looking straight at us.

Megan was standing in front of Jake and was clearly rubbing his crotch through his pants. Jake had one hand inside Megan's blouse. They both had the most intensely sexy looks on their faces which turned to grins and then huge smiles when they saw us looking. With a wink from Megan they both scampered away leaving us looking shocked.

Actually it was just me looking shocked. Turning to Sierra she was beaming with a smile and had the most beautiful and lusty look on her face. “Fuck, that was so hot” she said jumping up and throwing her arms around me, kissing me hard.

As if she was reading my mind she said “It got me so turned on thinking about Megan knowing we were having sex.” Without even realising it she had started to rub her pussy. “I couldn’t stop wondering what she imagined we were doing. Then I started imagining she could see what we were doing. It felt so naughty, so fucking sexy” she said, still rubbing herself, harder now, her eyes closing dreamily. “Then to think they were actually watching.. ”. Her fingers started to curl up inside her and forcefully thrust inwards and upwards rapidly. “... and Jake too ...” and with that I watched my wife pulse and spasm in orgasmic delight as I stood there in awe with my slick cock in my hand.

“Damn” came Megan’s voice from the door. “I’m pleased I saw that! You’re a firecracker Miss Sierra.” From behind her Jake piped in. “Is it too late to cancel the party?” making us all laugh, thankful to him for breaking the awkwardness.

“Seriously though,” he went on “you might want to put your pants on buddy. A taxi just pulled up outside.”

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