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The hot sun was on my skin, the gentle wind through my hair, the peaceful silence & the tranquil setting around me. Maybe that’s why I found these places so appealing. The old moss covered marble, the messages of endearment, and bunches of flowers; old & new, all played their part in the mystic of the cemetery. I loved visiting them, an erotic experience for reasons unknown.

I’d been wandering around this cemetery for ages, well over an hour, maybe over two. Reading the tombstone messages, some so old, some so sad. But I was in no hurry. I was here for my pleasure, my time out. I was hot, enjoying the warmth and the isolation.

Finding myself in a back corner of the plots, so isolated and quiet, and I’d not seen or heard a single person the whole time I was walking around. I decided to have a rest, lie down on some cold granite and enjoy the warm sun. Finding a suitable tomb, I settled down. Lying out flat in the sun, jacket under my head as a pillow, sunglasses blocking the bright sun, a hedge providing settle from sight and wind. It was such an ideal spot to have a peaceful nap.

I must have dosed off, I was so relaxed, enjoying the sun. I remember raising my skirt to enjoy the warm sum on my legs, the sun sensually caressing my skin like the hands of a careful lover. But what awoke me was voices, I thought I was dreaming, they were in my dreams, but my brain must have realised they were real. I opened my eyes without moving, careful not to make my presence obvious.

I saw them immediately. Two grave diggers, about 35m away, busy with their grave preparation. One guy was at the end of the grave, his back to me. The other guy was in the hole, facing me and busy digging. I hadn’t noticed the small digger parked next to the grave before so they must have been off somewhere else when I arrived. The guy in the grave was solid, tall & muscular, and sweaty from his digging. The guy on the edge of the grave was a bit shorter, bit thinner, but as fit.

As I watched I saw the guy in the grave take quick glances past his friend towards me. Hell he knew I was there! How long had they been there, watching me. But I realised that my sunglasses hid my eyes, I could see them but they won’t know if I was watching them. To them I must have appeared to still be sleep.

I was going to have some fun with them, add some spice to their day. Feigning sleep I moved slightly, my legs now parallel with their position, the guy in the grave would have a clear view towards my crutch. So I parted my legs more, like a sleepy stretch, revealing more inner thigh and possibly even as high as my lacy g-string knickers. This was starting to turn me on, the exhibitionist in me was coming out to play.

As I parted my legs I saw his eyes dart towards me, a full stare at my opened legs, he so had a clear view and that was obvious. I could see him mouthing something to his mate, no need to guess what he was saying. In response his mate moved casually along the grave so he was better positioned to glance over and get his own view. The naughty boys were peeking at me.

So to tease them more I slide my hand down and raised my skirt more, as if I was subconsciously trying to cool down in my sleep, but effectively revealing almost all of my thighs; from knee to upper thigh, legs parting more as I did so. The poor digger’s eyes almost popped out of his head. So funny, so erotic.

I could see them glancing over, then chatting about what they could see. Bet they couldn’t believe it. A fantasy moment was coming true for them. But I had plans for them. As my hand slide slowly downwards towards my now very moist excited pussy I could see them watching intently. Could I see tents forming in their trousers, so very naughty.

My hand reached my groin, stopped over my knickers, directly over my clit and pussy. I just gently teased myself, slow deliberate rubs, the wetness was so obvious. I couldn’t help but spread my legs more, I was so horny. I kept rubbing gently, my other hand finding my breasts, caressing slowly, rubbing over my nipples so that the odd moan escaped my lips as the pleasure surged through my body. I was touching myself, with an audience of two randy virile strangers watching and who no doubt, were wishing they were licking, touching and fucking me. To them it must have looked like I was having an erotic dream.

Without stopping my fingers on my pussy my other hand beckoned them over, so unexpected the surprise froze their faces. They suddenly realised I was awake, that I had been watching them the whole time and had been performing for their pleasure. They didn’t know what to do.

The digger guy was first to move, hauling himself out of the grave, washed off his hands with hi water bottle and then started striding across the lawn. His arousal was obvious to see. He had a big bulge in his jeans, I was pleased with that. I needed that.

He was soon next to me. No words were necessary. I was horny, wet and needing satisfaction. He was horny and knew what to do. Dropping to his knees on the grass next to the stab, his strong hands gripped my thighs and pivoted me around so that my groin was facing him. Immediately he planted his face onto my pussy. God I love a man who doesn’t need to be told.

I could feel his lips, & his eager tongue, gliding the length of my wet crease over the thin fabric of my knickers, so wet for his pleasure. Effortlessly a finger moved my knickers to the side and his warm lips were planted on my lips, yum!! His tongue licked, sliding top to bottom, dipping and parting my lips, flicking into me, probing my eager entrance, warm and wet. A sucking on my clit, circling, flicking, rubbing, exciting…..oh I love that attention. As his hands roamed over me, caressing, fondling, stroking…. My breasts, thighs, hips, & buttocks…..love it.

His prefect attention to my pussy was building my orgasm, the passion was building like a fast boiling jug, this was not going to take long, I was going to cum over this strangers face, going to release my sexual tension and cum, cum & cum. He drove on, not missing a step as my hips rose to drive my clit against his mouth & tongue, he could feel my orgasm was coming and was going to make sure it arrived as quickly and explosively as possible.

And then it started, radiating outwards from my clit, from my pussy, my orgasm exploded, did I scream or moan out loud? Who cares, I just want to cum, and his tongue didn’t stop, driving the pleasure on and on, my hips rising, needing that mouth to continue bringing the pleasure on. God this was heavenly, so, so good.

As I lay there basking in post orgasmic pleasure, I could feel him rising up, standing between my legs. Yes, I wanted to be fucked hard and deep. Opening my eyes I could see his large thick swollen cock, a good length, nice shape, so ready to slide deep into my throbbing pussy. As he slide a condom down its length I adjusted my position, spreading my legs and getting ready for that throbbing hardness to fill me. Closing my eyes I awaited the fucking to start.

He slowly lowered himself over me, his cock directly above my wetness, and then I felt it, he slowly teased by rubbing his swollen head up & down my lips, lubricating his cock. The head nudged my opening, instantly a shiver of anticipation ran down my spine, and then that first push, spreading my lips as he gained entry. Oh I love that moment.

Gently but strongly he slide deeper, stretching my sensitive, aroused pussy and filling me with eager manhood. Then he was buried to the hilt, my pussy stuffed full of hard eager swollen cock, which was about to fuck me good & hard. God I hope he doesn’t cum to quickly.

The thrusting started, slowly withdrawing and plunging deep, fast and slow, deep and shallow, he was fucking me good. Not too much of a hurry. His hands taking turns to roam over me, touch breasts, thighs, buttocks, and the soft skin of sides and hips. Arousing and teasing as his cock continued to slip in and out, the sounds of horny fucking ringing in my ears. This was perfect, a good fuck.

As he fucked me I became aware of other hands caressing my breasts, rougher but still arousing. God Id forgotten about his mate, who had obvious built up the courage to join us. I opened my eyes to see he was kneeling next to me, near my head, his pants gone and erect cock standing, demanding attention. What’s a girl to do?

I took his swollen cock in my hand, slightly shorter and thinner, but still a good hard cock. Slowly stroking his cock I turn my face towards him, my lips so close. He leant forward so that my lips could envelop his hardness. Slowly sliding my lips down his shaft, my mouth and hand covering the length of his cock, as he starts to fuck my mouth.

Christ I’ve got a cock thrusting deep in my pussy and another sliding in my mouth, both fucking me, horny strangers having their way with me and I love it. I want to be fucked hard, cum repeatedly, taste cum and feel them cum in me. This is a fantasy come true.

As the guy fucked my pussy my next wave of orgasms were building, the heat and wetness increasingly to his perfect timing, his thick girth stretching me as he fucked me deep. I could feel that he too was no far from cumming, his pace was quickening, his breathing harder and shorter.

Blowjob guy was fucking my mouth with earnest, by licking his shaft, his nuts, and having my hands roaming over his inner thighs and butt I could feel him responding, my sucking and touching was bringing him on quickly, I could feel he wanted to erupt in my mouth, good boy!

The pleasure of two cocks, two strangers fucking me in the open, in the sun was too much. I couldn’t stop my orgasm from exploding out, I needed to scream and have that cock fuck me hard as I cum. My orgasm was the signal for the cock in me to swell and start to cum, the thrusts deep and hard, in time with my cumming, my orgasm so intense, I’d have screamed if my mouth wasn’t full of hard cock.

And then I felt the shudder, the cock on my mouth hardened and then the taste of warn cum, shot deep into my mouth and throat, yum warm sweet cum to drink. I was going to suck out every drop as my pussy continued to be pounded hard.

I don’t know how many times I came, three, maybe four and then he stopped thrusting. I cant complain, he did a fine job. My pussy was well and truly fucked, it was humming from the pleasure of tongue and cock. He withdrew, tired and sweaty, flopping onto the grass. Blow job guy was lying down on the grass too, his cock softer but with a drop of cum on its tip.

I repositioned my knickers, sat up and then stood. Straighten out my dress and stood up. Not a word said as I walked off, leaving too very satisfied guys to finish their work and dream forever about the day they fucked a horny girl on a tombstone. And I’ll always remember being fucked by two strangers in the sun, not a word exchanged, while lying on a tombstone in a quiet cemetery.

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