Leigh and I slowly moved apart. She now had cream in her pussy and ass. I rolled towards her. Instinctively her hand dropped to my soft cock. " I need cleaning again."

She lowered her head and started to work her magic on my cock. She licked and cleaned me. Then there was a knock at the door. Shit. I remembered that my "anal queen" was coming around for a final hurrah. Leigh looked up and said, "who is that?" When I told her who it was, Leigh said, "let her in." So grabbing a towel and wrapping it around my waist, I went to the door and opened it.

There was Sara smiling. "Ahh ready for some fun?"

I said, "we might have more than you imagined." Sara walked in and could see Leigh lying naked on my bed. Leigh looked up and said, "Sara, I have always wanted to lick your pussy." Sara looked at me and started to take her clothes off as she walked towards the bedroom.

By the time I had closed the door and turned around I was greeted by the sight of two beautiful ladies with their fingers already starting to go in and out of each others pussies. Both Sara and Leigh were kissing and beginning to moan into each others mouths. I walked towards the bed losing the towel with my cock at full attention. I went over to Sara and positioned my cock so she could lick it. She stopped kissing Leigh and open her mouth wide. I slid my cock into her mouth, what a warm, lovely feeling.

I slowly slid my cock in and out whilst Leigh slid down and started to eat Sara's pussy. After a couple of minutes I caught Leigh's eye and said, "she loves her ass being used." Leigh took the hint and started to work her fingers in and out of Sara's ass. Sara was now moaning as Leigh started to really work her pleasure points. I pulled my cock from her mouth. Leigh spun her pussy around so Sara could now work on her. I looked at Sara and she ripped those beautiful cheeks, spreading them. For the second time that afternoon Leigh's ass had my cock being rammed up it. This time I slammed my cock 3/4s of the way in Leigh gasped but Sara just pressed her pussy further into her face. The second thrust and I was balls deep. I leaned forward and said to Leigh, this will be hard and fast.

I started to thrust in and out of her ass. Leigh gasped and moaned into Sara's pussy, but interestingly kept working her ass with 3 fingers up it. Sara was moaning the loudest. She was the first to come as Leigh was remorselessly working her holes. "Fuck" She screamed. Leigh and I were next as we both came at the same time. We then all collapsed and went to sleep.

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