Salsa classes

It’s beginners class at the dance studio and I nervously sit there watching people arrive. All sorts arrive young old and then sexy a beautiful red haired vixen sashays into the room. Your confidence enthrals me and then once getting past your rich golden red locks your body excites me. The way your breasts lightly bounce as you walk in. The pink and blue material of your dress’s bodice obviously the only thing supporting them. Your dress clinging seductively to your hour glass figure and then gently flaring out at your hips with the hem dancing around your knees. Your legs naked but so slender adorned with red patent leather dance shoes and the the finest of chains around your ankle with a little black pearl pendant.

I just watch you as you glide across the floor your smile filling the room with joy as you welcome everyone stopping to chat, your hand lightly running down peoples arms ,lingering on the small of a back, a tap on the shoulder as you laugh at a joke. All I see is the sexiest woman I have seen in a long time almost like a movie everyone else in the room seem to be blurred and on mute and only your sublime body in focus.

I shake my head and reality returns fortunately you have not vanished and are now standing before me.

“Welcome, I’m Ginger welcome to class I’m your teacher, have you danced before?”

“Yes and no I like to dance but have never had formal lessons before.”

“Oh you will be great. We will be starting soon so just get ready and join the others.”

The others are mingling together and I join them. I find out that some come here regularly but had not been to the salsa class before and others like me it was there first time all together.

“Okay everyone welcome my name is Ginger and I’m you dance teacher for the next 6 weeks. So let’s get together and form up in lines facing the mirrors. That’s it good, Tom can you move back a line then we have the ladies in front and the boys at the back for now, great.

Now watch me and listen to the music we are just going to make time to the music. Getting our hips and feet to connect to the rhythm of the music. So just push up onto you toes of your right foot then change to your left now slowly get that rhythm.

Nice, that’s it, left right bringing your knees up too, now this will cause your hips to have to move. Good Mary that’s it nice and smooth. That’s it now I’m going to turn on the music and I want you to keep time with the beat , but feel the music, try and make your movements feel more sexy than nervous haha.”

Turning the music on, strong Latin rhythms with sex appeal fills the room. You start walking around the room introducing yourself to everyone asking their name grabbing their hands and getting them to copy your moves giving each all the encouragement they need.

“Come on boys listen to the music. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 that’s it find the beat of the drums nice boys. Watch the girl in front and match her rhythm.”

You clap your hands and walk round to us poor lads struggling you stand at the back of each of us placing your hands on our hips and guiding us to sway to the music.

“Nice John”

I turn and see you moving with John. Hands on his hips your hips against his bum as you drive the flow of the music through them. You leave him and move towards me your hand slowly drifts down John’s back and you give his bum a little tap as you step towards me.

“Nice Hamish you have got it just sway to the music, let your hips go” you stand behind me a respectable distance and I can feel you pushing my hips left right left right. The heat from your hands is a surprise.

“Now I want you to put a bit more sex into it Hamish.”

“What ?”

“You have got the basic rhythm now I need you to put more sex into it. Salsa is sex and sex is salsa.” And with that you step closer like you were with John. Your pelvis is now grinding against my bum forcing me to sway with you. Your hands slide down the side of my thighs then back up again. I can feel your breasts pushing into my back as we sway to the music. Are you nipples getting hard? No I must be imagining it. Then as your hands move back up my thighs they drift round to the front of my hips and pull me back into you. You grind your hips against my bum. Your hands continue to slide across me and suddenly I feel your hands near my groin and I can’t stop myself start to get hard. “That is it feel the music.” With that you grab my hand and bring it behind me and place it on your hips then you push it down between us and you grind up against it. Well I just can’t help it and now I am fully hard. You gently dance your fingers over my cock through my shorts then you slowly pull away back to a safe teaching distance then move onto the gentleman next to me. I turn and look at you as you move on to the next student and see your nipples are as hard as my cock and most probably as obvious. You look back and smile so seductively I almost have to leave.

The lesson carries on as it normally would and every time you came to help your hands would linger in all sorts of places on my body “guiding” me to the mood of the dance. Or you would stand back from my partner so could see your nipples straining against the soft material restraining them. Or you would very sultrily lick your lips if you were facing away from the class, but anyone could have seen in the mirrored. I could feel that my undies were becoming wet from the precum dribbling from me.

You get me to stand behind you to “feel the rhythm of the dance better.”To my surprise I feel your hand slide between us and play with my cock and I’m sure you have felt how damp my shorts are now. You pull away look back at me smile lick your lips and then carry on dancing by yourself as if that’s normal.

“That’s us peeps thank you so much for working so hard. Practice that rhythm step at home just like we did here just on the spot to start then moving more as we bring our hips into it. You guys have done so well for a first glass any questions? Hope you all enjoyed it?”

Having fielded a couple of questions you dismiss us and send us on our way.

“Oh Hamish can you just wait I need you to fill in a couple of forms”

As I fill in the forms the studio empties and you come and stand behind me placing your hands on my back and resting your head on my shoulder your body pushed hard up against me.

“You did really well for a beginner at natural rhythm” you laugh your hand sliding round onto my chest “ do you think anyone noticed us”

“Well it was bloody hard to hide my raging hard on and you nipples were pretty stiff.”

I turn and face you cradling your face in my hands, my fingers gently caress your head through your beautiful golden red hair. I push forward and slow kiss you fully on your lips. Gently we kiss our lips parting and our tongues now sharing a salsa together. My hand slides down to your bum and gently squeeze it. Eventually we break our kiss and just stare at each other.

“You really need to control all that precum or make sure you always wear black pants you were or should I say you are so wet.” You gently laugh.

“Well did you wear any panties like I asked you not to do? Because if you didn’t I bet your thighs are just as wet gauging by how hard your nipples are. Do you dance like that with all your students?”

“No..... well yes a couple John and Gary no one else though. We had some extra tuition once but never again just some harmless flirting. God John has a huge cock it scared me but I was happy to take the challenge hahaha.”

With that you start to play with my cock again and we kiss.

“You haven’t answered my question”

“What about panties yes or no well you had best find out for yourself.”

“Oh I should, should I.”

I reach behind you and undo the zip on your dress and gently push the straps of your dress off your shoulders and with that it slides gracefully down to the floor once I help it past the mound of your breasts. Before I can see if you are in fact wear any panties I am totally distract by your perfect breasts. So natural in their shape milky white with your sexy freckles their pattern broken up by the rosie pink of your nipples. The center of which like pencil erasers so hard and screaming for me to suck on them. I bow my head towards them and encircle the first with my mouth making a seal right around it trying to swallow as much of your breast as I can. Then I start sucking making your breast pucker into my mouth. Keeping the suction on I gently flick my tongue over the tip of your nipple. One hand rubs your back the other massing and pulling on your other breast. Your head rolls back as the thrill of the sensations go through your nipples. I swap over to your left breasts and do the same. This time though my hand now drifts down your stomach to your sex and discover you have indeed not worn any panties and your thighs are now cover in your own precum.

My hands now gently plays with your juice covered lips and marvel at how hot you feel. My fingers trace around the outside of your vagina trying not to touch your lips or your clit. Massaging around as the more you give access by opening your legs. We slowly sink to the floor and I push you back onto your dress lying on your back. We kiss again as my hand continues to massage you but avoiding touching to much.

I move down your body kissing you as I go. Your neck, the little hollow at the base of your neck. On to your breasts again then on down to your belly button where I stop and lick a bit. Then down to your pussy smelling so musky and sexy. My tongue now follows the path my fingers have been making licking clean all the sweet juices. Eventually my tongue finds your clit and ever so lightly it flicks the very top of it barely touching it. More on the hood yet sending all sorts of sensations through you.

Gently I rest my fingers on your lips, not pushing in just applying enough pressure to make your lips respond to my touch waiting for you to invite me inside you. I push a little harder not much then I feel it the throbbing of your sex in answer to my request. The throb soon becomes more a suck and my finger is pulled into your pussy announced by a groan from you. I now suck your clit as I did you nipple bring forth more moans and cries. Slowly I move my finger back and forth then curl it around to press onto your gspot.

“Oh fuck yes another please ?”

I push another finger in and keep them moving

“Oh yes just like that oh don’t stop I am so close.”

Your hips start drive up and lifting off the floor your thighs squeeze onto my head and your hands are holding my head harder against you.

“Oh yes yes don’t stop omg fuck yes that’s oh god yessssssssssssssss”

Your hips lift again and your thighs squeeze even harder and yet your hands are trying to push me away from your throbbing clit. I stubbornly keep going u til you squeal please stop as electric shocks shake your body with each touch of your clit.

I climb back up to kiss you and you lick your pussy juice of my favs and we just cuddle in post orgasmic glow. Your hand slowly starts to play with my cock as you slow come back to earth.

“Your turn get those closes off.”

I quickly obey and lie back naked on the pile of clothes and you move towards my hard twitching cock. The tip shinny and glistening from all the precum dribbling from it. With the tip of your tongue you trace up my cock to the base of the head then circle around it and then dance in the eye of my cock licking all the juice. You move up and kiss me so I can taste it as well then you move down again and swift swallow my cock. Moving up and down pausing to let your tongue dance over it. You suck my balls and down the seam to my bum and back. You know what to do we have done this so often.

I look over at the mirrors in the studio and see your fantastic breasts swinging as you kneel over my cock. There natural weight making them look so round and full creamy white against the faint brown tan of your arms.

You stop suck my cock and whisper in in my ear “l want your cock.” With that you then sink back and guide my cock into your hot wet pussy and sit right down on to it. I am now totally engulfed by your pussy and throbbing inside of you.

“Mmmmmm that is so nice Johnny’s was great but I couldn’t take it all but you fit me so well sigh”

Gently you slowly start rocking on my cock making your breasts rub in my face I bring my hands ups and pull one to my mouth so I can suck on your nipple again. You move faster and faster. I push my other hand between us and find your clit. Soon you are wracked by another orgasm which sends me close. You climb off and start sucking my cock and balls agin as I masturbating myself “oh I am going to cum” I warn and quickly you surround the head of my cock as I come in your mouth. You come up,and kiss me letting me taste myself. We snuggle up together basking in the glow of our lovemaking gently caressing each other when we are disturbed by a sound and se the door swinging close.

Gigging we quickly get dressed and start to leave still laughing. As we go to the front door Jeff the cleaner says good night and you poke me in the ribs and point at him subtly. I look over and notice why you are laughing even harder now Jeff has a massive erection.

Can’t wait for next weeks class.