He wanted to meet for a drink but I like to live in the shadows, even when not meeting for this type of escapade I like to sit, to watch, to take it all in. But ironically especially when meeting someone I don’t know the darkness makes me feel safer. Tonight’s meeting has been planned well in advance - finding it difficult to fit it in between our busy schedules, my work and sport, his family, and just life in general. There is a knock at the door, my breath hitches in my throat, the negligee that I’m wearing suddenly feels way too short. It’s been a long time since someone has made my heart race like this; let alone someone almost twice my age.

As I open the door your ruggerdly handsome face hits me, I watch your eyes darken as you drink me in, as you scour every part of me, from my head down.. my negligee parts right down the middle and has a tie around it.. loosely tied so that as you stood there watching, it could slide open even further.. I watch your Adam’s apple bob as you get further down my body. You say hello, start to introduce yourself, I reach out grab your shirt near the collar and pull you inside. Our bodies now touching from our chests to our knees. I look up at you run my tongue across my top lip, you go still unsure what you’re allowed to do, if you’re allowed to do anything yet. You don’t want to scare me away. I run my fingers through the back of your hair.. and whisper “use me now”.

With that I see the fire ignite in your eyes, you grab me by the throat and push me up against the wall. You put one of your legs between mine so that I am pinned there, your other hand rips open my negligee and starts exploring my body with pace, the curve of my breast, down across my hips, fingertips grazing my inner thigh, hearing me whimper as you do. You spin me around, face pushed against the wall now, as you lift my negligee and expose my pert round bum, you grab it, spank it, hear me moan in pleasure. Negligee left in the hallway we make our way upstairs to my bedroom. I get on my knees hungrily undoing your belt to get better acquainted with your member.

My tongue glides over the skin of your lower stomach, and the top of my thighs, my hot breath flowing over your cock, but not touching it. As it twitches closer to my lips I let them graze it, I look up and see you glaring at me, daring me to go any longer without putting my hot mouth on it. With our eyes still locked I stick my tongue out and trace from your balls all the way along the length of your shaft. Your eyes close as I wrap my lips around your tip and ease you into my hot wet mouth. I go slow at first, tasting you, nipping at your tip, your hand wraps in my hair at the back of my head forcing me deeper with every suck, I take you right into the back of my throat and you groan, hearing that makes me go faster, harder, releasing only to take your balls in my mouth, making you groan again.

You pull me up by the shoulders so my legs are straddling either side of you, you can feel my wetness as I grind on your cock. Then when we are both moaning and I can’t take any more I slide your hard shaft inside me, I moan as you’re arch up filling me deeper and deeper...