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Play with Rae (Part I)

Fantasies revealed to become reality.


9 minute read

Knowing someone’s most deeply held fantasies is a privilege. I’d been seeing Rae for several months - visits that were sometimes intense and urgent, sometimes relaxed and fun, but always sexy as hell. We clicked on every level. The sex was amazing and we'd become close friends, confiding in each other our deepest secrets and desires. With what I knew, I was determined to make one of Rae's fantasies a reality. Rae and I had just enjoyed an awesome Saturday afternoon of sexy fun together. We'd finished with her laying on her back on the edge of the hotel bed. Her legs were up against my chest and my cock was buried deep in her ass. I was fucking her pussy with my fingers as she used her favourite clit stimulator to bring herself to a powerful orgasm. Moaning, her pussy pulsed around my fingers and her ass clenched and relaxed around my cock. As her climax subsided, she wiggled her hips. “Fuck me” she smiled at me. I picked up my rhythm again, pushing into her tight ass, and in a short time I was coming deep inside her. She smiled up at me mischievously as I withdrew, both of us literally tingling with pleasure, with a warm relaxed tiredness. Laying down alongside her, I stroked her breasts and kissed her neck. Even after a sweaty afternoon of energetic sex her perfume was still noticeable. Or maybe the exertion had even accentuated the scent. Hypnotic Poison, warm with subtle vanilla undertones, filled my nostrils as I nuzzled into her. Her nipples, long, in scale with her large breasts, had started to respond again to my touching and I knew I would have to pull back to avoid being late for what lay ahead. “How about a drink downstairs?” I suggested. “Great idea!” Rae responded, and was up in a flash, slapping my thigh as she jumped up. “Last one in the shower shouts”. she giggled, but I knew I’d be having the last laugh. I enjoyed watching her ass as she bounded to the bathroom, a stream of come dribbling down her leg. I had feasted on every part of Rae's body and I was still hungry for more. Making sure we didn’t get carried away in the shower was a feat of self-control, but soon we were dressed and heading to the hotel bar. Rae looked amazing in her outfit - black jeans and a black-grey fitting sweater, showing off her F-cup tits proudly. She oozed casual confidence. At the bar, I knew we had time for a quick drink. I was shouting but it was Rae's choice. Tequila shots and a beer each. It had been a big afternoon and we'd built up a thirst so we downed the shots and drained the beer quickly, standing at the bar. I bought a second round. We'd skipped lunch In favour of more time in bed together, so when the second round of shots went down we had a nice buzz on and went to a table, taking more time sipping our beers. We were joking around, talking about what we'd been up to and teasing each other about the other's filthiness. Truth be told, we bought it out in each other, but it was fun teasing each other. Rae was part-way through telling me jokingly what a pervert I was when she stopped mid-sentence. I saw her eyes widen and jaw drop open involuntarily. I followed her eyes and turned to watch a woman walking in. She looked like a 50's pin-up, combined with my own fantasy-picture of a sexy, head-mistress. She had pale skin, red hair, and an hourglass figure. She strutted in, impeccably made up, wearing a form-fitting black pant suit and strappy stilettos. As she walked up to the bar I was transfixed by the click of her heels on the floor tiles and the sway of her hips. She took a seat at the bar, her back to us, and ordered something. The barman scuttled around getting her drink ready and I turned to see Rae staring at her. “Like what you see?” I said, teasing her. “Fuck, you know I do!” Rae replied. We'd talked a few weeks earlier about Rae’s fantasy of being dominated by a woman, and the woman she’d described was sitting in front of us. Her name was Beth and she’d taken some finding, on my behalf, but once I’d found her she jumped at the chance to play with Rae. I hoped Rae would enjoy the surprise. If so, it was going to be a fun evening. We continued sipping our beers. Rae was looking increasingly agitated, wriggling on her seat. She looked flushed, and I was sure it wasn’t the alcohol. I moved seats, sitting next to her, so we were both facing the bar where Beth sat. “Imagine her in bed with you” I said quietly. Rae’s face snapped around glaring at me. “Whaddya think I’ve been doing for the last few minutes!” she said, slightly exasperated. “Look at that ass” I said in genuine appreciation. “I’d love to see that pushing down over your face. I can imagine her sitting on your face, twisting your nipples, and using your toys on your pussy” I said. “Oh fuck, yes please” Rae said, with a naughty giggle. I discretely moved a hand between her legs, one finger firmly running down the length of her pussy. I could feel the heat from between her legs through her jeans. She pushed against my finger. “Imagine her coming on your face,” I continued, “before bringing you to the edge of orgasm and holding you there for ages. Imagine how good it feels when you finally come. So intense you squirt with release” I suggested. Rae was breathing hard. “I’m so fucking wet just thinking about it,” she said quietly, breathlessly, to me with a mischievous grin. “We might need to go back to the room” she said finishing her beer and moving to stand. I pushed her back down onto her seat with my hand on her thigh, pushing my finger even more firmly along her pussy. I finished my beer too, and putting down the glass, squeezed her left nipple firmly. She moaned quietly. I leaned in to kiss her neck and whisper in her ear. “Go upstairs. Get into your black lingerie set. Lay out your toys on the bench under the TV. I want you on the bed, on your stomach, playing with your pussy.” She smiled and nodded. “Usual safe word?” I asked. “Ooooohhhh! she laughed, teasing me “are we gonna get kinky are we?” “If you’re lucky” I teased back. “Better safe than sorry”. Rae stared into my eyes. She kissed me sweetly. “Mushrooms” she said. “You know how much I hate mushrooms.” she said as she stood. She kissed me again, more intensely. “I’m gonna fuck you silly. See you soon.” she said, walking away with a sexy wiggle of her hips. She knew I’d be watching. Beth had been watching us in the mirror behind the bar. As Rae left, Beth turned on her seat and walked over to me with a broad smile. I stood and offered my hand to shake for our first meeting in person. She slapped it away and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “So nice to finally meet you Matt!” she said warmly, taking a seat. “I can’t wait to play with Rae. Does she have any idea?” I explained that we'd just been working ourselves up talking about it, as planned, but that no, Rae was none the wiser. Beth had ordered vodka shots and the barman came over, delivering them to our table. As he left, Beth spoke under her breath. “You’re both so naughty. I love it! Are you sure you’re not just doing this to fuck me though?” she asked matter-of-factly. “I’d love to fuck you,” I said, caught off guard, with total honesty “ but this is for Rae. I’ll be giving Rae the choice whether I even stay in the room.” Beth narrowed her eyes, measuring me up for a while, before smiling. “Rae’s a lucky girl. I hope she wants you stay.” she said. “I intend on us putting on quite a show. It’d be a shame if you weren’t there to enjoy it with us”. My expression probably gave away how much I hoped I’d be able to stay. Beth laughed, glancing at the bulge in my jeans. She reached out and held my chin in her hand. “Maybe you’ll both be my bitches” she said with a chuckle. She let go of my face, raised her shot glass and I did the same, touching with a 'clink'. “Here’s to the human body and great sex.” she toasted. “Cheers to that”, I added looking into her eyes, captivated. Downing our shots, I stood, and held out my hand. Beth looked at me in the eyes and opened her jacket slightly, giving me a great view of her cleavage and black bra under her white blouse. She took my hand and stood, and we walked to the lobby and lifts, more than one set of eyes on us as we left. In the lift and all the way to our room we held hands, seemingly equally nervous and excited. In the lift we'd gone over how it was going to unfold in the room. Outside our room door, Beth kissed me hard on the lips. “Here goes” she said, lifting her eyebrows and smiling. Looking around nervously she took off her jacket, handing it to me. She unbuttoned her pants and let me slide them down her legs and gather them up as she stepped out of them. She was wearing no underwear. Her shaved pussy inches from my face. It took all my self control not to bury my face between her legs as I knelt there. She smiled down at me knowingly. As I stood, she’d slipped off her blouse and unclipped her bra, handing them to me. I took a brief moment to admire Beth standing there naked in her stilettos in the hotel corridor before opening the door. We stepped inside as one, the door clicking shut behind us.

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