Written by Anonymous


Dear diary,

Ok, I know that I haven't written in you since a half-hearted attempt at the age of 8 but I've just returned from an amazing holiday with Matt and I need to write it all down, every little detail, so I don't ever forget it.

Let me set the scene for you, as a surprise Matt had arranged for our children to be looked after so we could spend a well-earned rest in a beautiful spot in the med. We were on our last day and had said hi and smiled at a few couples our age but hadn't made any real contacts, we were enjoying the chance to spend time as just us, as we had done all those years ago before the children arrived.

After a long day lazing in the sun we had decided to go back to the room to shower and read books and magazines for a while before going for a final meal in the town.

Our room was on the ground floor and our patio doors looked straight out onto the pool area. Matt was still in the shower so I decided to give him a nice surprise by putting on the new see-through chiffon nighie he had bought me, with my underwear under it of course. There were still a few sun bathers round the pool and with our doors open for air and the lightweight net blowing in the breeze I felt daring enough dressed like this.

I took a look at my body, I hadn't liked it for a while and now as I spent time studying it I felt a little guilty, with my golden tan my legs looked long and smooth and I still knew I could catch any bloke's eye with one of my sparkly eyed, white teethed smile – Matt had even laughed today as he caught me 'flirting', as he called it, with a guy round the pool who looked a similar age to us. Then there were my boobs, perhaps no longer on a stick for a body but they were still pretty impressive and over this week I'd grown to love my curvaceous body.

Matt walked and in and I stopped staring at my body and looked over to him and smiled. Without saying a word he looked me up and down, smiled and poured us two large, very strong glasses of Pimms. He was wearing just a towel wrapped around his waist and his body looked toned and healthy with its sun-tanned colour. He looked out our patio doors and smiled I followed his stare to see that he was looking at the only person left around the pool; a girl I'd noticed during the week. She had pulled her sun lounger round to face the last of the day's sun and as a result was directly facing our room, she seemed deep into the book she was reading and wasn't paying us any attention.

'Shall I? Questioned Matt, with his hands on his towel – I always teased him about his exhibitionist personality – he didn't often get the chance but when he could he would love to shock me by stripping naked near someone strange. I nodded and he let his towel drop to the ground. I knew that if the girl looked now she would see his pert bum but I was more surprised at his completely erect penis and realised he must be feeling the same way as I was feeling this evening.

'Now you' he commanded. I looked out the doors and saw that the girl had put down her book but was closing her eyes, so I stood up and undid my bra, removed the straps from my arms and let it drop on the floor. 'This ok for you?' I teased. 'It's a good start but I need that thong off as well please' came his reply. 'I need more alcohol for this' I joked and took a long swig of my Pimms. I looked over towards the girl and saw she was looking straight at us now, but with the light heady feeling of Pimms and the sexual charge in the room, I slowly started to move my thong down my legs, I stepped out of it, circled it round a few times and threw it towards Matt. We both laughed as we stood opposite each other, him naked and me wearing just the nightie that didn't hide a thing. The girl wasn't hiding the fact that she was watching us, now she was sitting up in her lounger with her legs tucked under her bottom and a smile on her face

'Let's give her something to watch, come here baby', Matt said as he dragged me towards him and kissed me deeply and longingly. At the end of the kiss we looked towards the girl and smiled at each other, 'more alcohol needed' I joked and took yet more of my Pimms. 'Let her see you', I dared Matt and he responded immediately by turning to face her so that she could see his totally turned on body. 'Why don't you invite her in for a drink' I laughed and before I could say that I was joking he had walked straight up to the patio doors and beckoned her to join us.

Without hesitation she picked up her book and bag and walked into our room. I suddenly felt vulnerable and embarrassed and started trying to hide my naked body beneath my nightie. 'Hi, sorry about this ...', I started but she smiled and put a finger to my lips to silence me, then she traced my lips with her finger slowly – her eyes locked into mine and without her uttering a word I knew she was telling me everything was alright and to just relax and enjoy myself.

Then she moved closer and gently kissed me on the lips, I kissed her back as she responded by cupping my face with her hands and kissed me more deeply and passionately and I kissed her back, her tongue softer and her lips fuller than I was used to with Matt, the whole experience was turning me on and I didn't want the kiss to end. She pulled away from me and in one smooth movement lifted her t-shirt up and over her head revealing two hand sized boobs with extremely erect nipples, a slim build and a white pair of string knickers.

She then gently lifted my nightie up and over my head, then took a step back and unashamedly stared at my naked body from head to toe – almost in a way that a child stares when they haven't learnt that society doesn't condone staring. She stepped forward and started to touch and explore my breasts, with gentle strokes and careful squeezing, I automatically found myself doing the same to her, it was so amazing to touch and explore another woman's body, her boobs were smaller than mine and I enjoyed touching the soft skin and feeling the slight weight of each boob in my hand as I cupped each breast and fondled her nipples with my thumbs, suddenly the realisation of what I was doing hit me and I started to giggle, she started to do the same, then whilst still holding each other's boobs we looked towards Matt and turned to face him so he could get to see us two naked women offering him such pleasures to watch.

I reached over and took a large swig of my drink at which time Matt came to his senses, got up from his chair and poured the girl her own glass which she took from him and also drank it down as if it was a glass of water.

I put down my glass and could really feel the warm, relaxing and heady feeling of the Pimms. I felt excited and liberated, I walked straight up to her and again placed my hands on the swell of her boobs then I ran one hand down her body and under her knickers to her lower hair, I looked her in the face and she smiled again so I moved one finger down over her hair and gently ran my finger along her wetness, to which she let out a faint gasp, I then brought my finger up to my mouth and tasted her – it was such an amazing taste, it tasted of nothing but at the same time tasted of expectancy and longing, it was so sacred and special to that person that I just had to have more, I grabbed my glass and took a long drink during which time Matt had walked over to the girl and slid her knickers down and off, I then guided the girl to the bed where she laid back on the bed with her legs bent and knees together, I looked her in the eyes and she obliged by opening her legs apart so that I could see her whole vagina.

I suddenly became aware of how men longed to have the privilege of getting this close to the female form and it made me feel sexier and more in control of what I wanted. I touched the outer lips and the whole area responded by opening out like petals of a rose, I bent down closer and ran my tongue deep along her inner lips and flicked her clit with my tongue, I could hear her gently moaning and gasping and her hips were lifting slightly towards me, encouraging me to play some more ...

Just at this point I heard a cough from an unknown male voice behind me, I immediately turned round to see the man I had flirted with round the pool earlier in the day. His skin was beautifully bronzed and he had dark eyes and a square chin which made him look like a movie star. He was wearing just three quarter length trousers but seeing his clothing made me suddenly aware of my own nudity.

I quickly sat up, crossed my legs and used my arms to attempt to cover my breasts. I looked round at the girl and was surprised to see that she had not tried to hide her modesty in the slightest and although now propped up on her elbows was still lying with her legs wide apart for all to see. The man walked over to her, bent down and gently licked and kissed her vagina then he rolled her onto her front and started playfully smacking her on her arse, 'I've been looking for you everywhere you little minx', he joked as he bent over and bit her arse while he massaged it roughly with his hands. He then rolled her back over, gave each nipple a quick kiss, helped her up and pulled her naked body into his arms as he kissed her deeply.

"I feel that I should make this up to you, would you let me now? She asked him. He smiled and she responded by undoing his trousers and pulling them down and off his ankles. She then knelt before him and took his erect penis in her hands, she placed kisses up and down it then licked it from the bottom to the top where her tongue remained to play with the tip of his penis. Then she placed her mouth around his it straight into her mouth and the man let out soft moans of delight as he opened his legs wider to steady himself.

With one hand she massaged the lower part of his penis while with the other hand she expertly ran her hand up his thighs and over his balls. I looked over at Matt and could see he was just staring at the action in front of us. Before long the man could hold on no longer and his body began jerking with orgasm as the girl gripped his bum with her hands and kept licking his penis until he cried for her to stop and pulled her up to him where they both giggled and he led her over towards where Matt sat.

He then turned his attention to me as I sat perched on the edge of the bed. 'Please do not hide those magnificent beauties', he said as he gently pulled my arms away from my breasts – 'may I?', he asked, and without waiting for a reply he slid my legs apart and knelt between them, then in the same way as his partner had, he took his time to stare at every inch of my body – he then picked up my foot and carefully licked and sucked my toes and massaged one and then the other foot, as he picked up each foot he pulled my legs wider apart and as he did so I was aware that he was looking straight at my now very open and wet vagina, as if reading my mind he passed me my glass so I could take another long sip, then he replaced the glass for me.

With slow expert movements he moved up my legs and pushed my inner thighs to their most open, the suspense was killing me, but still he only stared and breathed deeply, so closely to my most inner spot that I could sense his warm breath deep within. Missing the area I now so desperately craved him to touch he moved up my body, touching, stroking and massaging my stomach, hands, arms and neck – my nipples were now also craving his touch but he continued up my neck, touching my face and head, then he moved closer and whispered in my ear 'you look beautiful', with this he took one of my nipples into his mouth and whilst licking and sucking at it his other hand was playfully touching, pulling and squeezing my other nipple.

I don't know if it was the Pimms or the teasing or the flattery but the feeling was incredible and soon I felt my body starting to convulse in orgasm – not the sort of orgasm where you concentrate hard on the situation and the senses you are experiencing but a completely involuntary reaction which seemed to shake my whole body, I could hear myself moaning and gasping and I was aware that I was forcing my hips higher with such a desperate need for him to enter me.

Just as my orgasm was faltering he started kissing my stomach then my inner thighs as his hands still fondled my breasts. Then I felt his warm breath and his tongue licked my clit then sucked it and urgently his fingers followed by sliding up and down my whole vagina – the feelings were so intense that my body shook and I threw my arms back over my head as I gave in completely to the experience and orgasmed again – he kept going until I felt like I could not take anymore, then his tongue and fingers gently left me and my body started slowing down – I kept my eyes closed, enjoying the warm breeze from the open patio doors wash over me and the giddy feeling in my head which still had me spinning in all directions.

I realised I was lying there with my legs apart gently touching my breasts, I felt like the most beautiful, sexy woman that had ever been created. Then I sensed someone close by, a familiar hand stroked my face and then I felt those lips which had kissed me a million times before kiss my eyes and my ears and finally my mouth and with this I felt Matt's fantastic smooth penis push effortlessly inside me.

I opened my eyes and stared into his open smiling eyes as we gently rocked to and fro, it wasn't long until both our bodies began heating up towards the point of orgasm and he pulled me up to sitting position so our naked bodies touched as he kissed me harder and harder until we both reached the point of climax, then shattered by the experience we flopped back onto the bed.

'Hey, happy anniversary, baby' he whispered.

I had completely lost track of days, of course today was the last day of the holiday and it was our 7th anniversary. I suddenly remembered the couple and looked around at our now empty room – he smiled again, 'So, what present did you get me?'